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MERCATOR, G. / HONDIUS, J.,  Portugalliae que olim Lusitania.., antique map, old maps MERCATOR, G. / HONDIUS, J. - Portugalliae que olim Lusitania..
Amsterdam, 1628, In attractive strong original colours.. 333x490mm. A good and strong impression. In mint condition. The cartouche is highlighted with gold dots !
The best-known map of Portugal, after Alvares Secco (1560), orientated west to the top of the sheet. Secco's map was copied by many mapmakers and publishers for upwards of a century.
Engraved by the master engraver Baptista van Doetecum. Richly embellished with cartouches, compass rose, sailing...
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$ 600
Approx. Euro 516  

Condition Rating: 1
DE ALMEIDA, R.E.,  Carta militar das principaes estradas de Portugal., antique map, old maps DE ALMEIDA, R.E. - Carta militar das principaes estradas de Portugal.
Lisbone, 1808, Uncoloured.. 720x136mm. Dissected and mounted on linen in 32 sheets. Original linen in good condition. Map with water staining and some light brown staining.
Rare road map of Portugal in a scale of ca 1:470000. At the bottom right and left legends in Portuguese and French. Engraved by Romão Eloy de Almeida, who was a Portuguese printer and went to Brazil in 1808, where he printed the first banknotes ... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 500
Approx. Euro 430  

Condition Rating: 4
North Pole
SANSON, N. / MARRIET, P.,  Les deux poles articque ou septentrional et antarticque.., antique map, old maps SANSON, N. / MARRIET, P. - Les deux poles articque ou septentrional et antarticque..
Paris, 1657, In original o/l colours.. 383x530mm. A good impression. Very good.
A double hemisphere map to the North and South poles. The North pole is connected to Greenland and Spitzbergen but there is little other detailed coastline in the polar area. Europe, Russia, Iceland and Canada are delineated.
The South pole is based on the great unknown South land of Magellan. ...
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$ 800
Approx. Euro 688  

Condition Rating: 3
HONDIUS, H. / DE WIT, F.,  Poli Arctici, et circumiacentium terrarum descriptio novissima. . ., antique map, old maps HONDIUS, H. / DE WIT, F. - Poli Arctici, et circumiacentium terrarum descriptio novissima. . .
Amsterdam, 1660, In original colouring.. 430x488mm. In attractive original colours with wide margins. Several places under laid due to oxidation of green part, no paper missing, overall in good condition.
A re-issue of the Hondius' plate. A particularly decorative map of the North Pole with Iceland. Several Dutch names in Labrador. The toponymy in Canada reflects the continuing English quest for the Northwest Passage and using Henry Briggs' depiction of Hudson Bay, showing a pair of bays in the botto... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 2,500
Approx. Euro 2,150  

Condition Rating: 4
Austria cities / portraits
BILLMARK, C.J.,  Salzbourg., antique map, old maps BILLMARK, C.J. - Salzbourg.
Paris, c.1859, Uncoloured.. 190x284mm. Lithography on tinted ground. Foxing, paper slightly browned.
Uncommon and decorative lithography published by Carl Johan Billmark and printed by Lemercier in Paris, 55 rue de Seine, the leading firm in Europe at that time.
From: Itinéraire Pittoresque de Stockholm à Naples? Dessinées d'apres nature en lithog. Par C.J.Billmark. Sold by J.C.Hedbom in...
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$ 50
Approx. Euro 43  

Condition Rating: 3
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