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Paulus Swaen Buy or Bid sale is now online

In our BUY or BID system, you never pay more than the Buy price and you can make bids at any price you think are right and fair.

This Buy or Bid sale contains 1000 fine maps, prints, posters, and medieval manuscripts, all sold with a certificate of authenticity.
The closing of the sale is on Tuesday 28 June at 4PM USA Eastern Time or
Amsterdam at Tuesday 28 June 22.00
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Sale is online
Buy or Bid sale is now Online

offering 1000 maps of the World - America - Asia - Europe - Australia - Africa - Medieval Manuscripts - Prints - Posters, etc.
You may purchase an item at the Buy price and the sale is over.
In our BUY or BID system, you never pay more than the Buy price and you can make offers at any price you think is right and fair.

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Connecticut and Parts adjacent at Amsterdam. - COVENS / MORTIER jr. (Amsterdam, 1780)
A very nice example of this early map of the state of Connecticut and Long Island originally published in New Haven by Bernard Romans and later in Amsterdam.

BidAsk spread $ 22,500 - 30,000

The Covens and Mortier edition of Romans' map is the only surviving evidence of what was almost certainly the now lost second state of Romans' map of Connecticut, prior to the revisions in Litchfield County and New London County.
The Covens & Mortier edition is identical to the first state, except that it adds these contour lines. [MORE]


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