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Paulus Swaen Inc. specializes in maps, atlases, globes, travel posters, master prints and decorative prints from the 16th - 18th century.  We specialize in antique maps of all parts of the world, produced by renowned cartographers, such as Ortelius, Mercator, Blaeu, Janssonius, Hondius, Visscher, de Wit, etc.
Last but not least vintage posters, modern and old master prints and Medieval manuscripts are offered in our BuyNow catalog!

A certificate of authenticity will be produced for every sold item and we lifetime guarantee the items we sell.
The high standard of quality of our collection of maps and atlases is world-renowned.

The firm was founded in 1978 in the Netherlands by Pierre Joppen, who is still the company owner. The Gallery was housed until the middle of 1997 in a lovely old building in Geldrop in the Southern part of The Netherlands. Paulus Swaen Inc is since 1996 been incorporated in Florida USA where we started to produce our catalogs on the Internet.

 In 2022 we started with a unique selling and buying format: Buy-or-Bid Sales.
This activity was continued in 2024 under the name  www.rarepapersales.com

BuyNow Gallery
In our online BuyNow catalog, we offer fine maps, atlases, globes, and travel books. The items are available for direct sale and no commission is added.
Please have a look at the BuyNow Gallery catalog or check out our gallery highlights.
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buy or bid

Buy-or-Bid Sale
With the arrival of the metaverse and web3, we think we are at a crossroads with new opportunities to sell maps and prints differently, with new ways to contact our collectors and create new map lovers.
We started in June 2022 to organize "Buy or Bid" sales with monthly general sales.

Items will be listed for seven days, and you may purchase an item at the Buy price at any time, and the sale for this item has closed.
If you do not wish to pay the Buy price, you may also bid/offer lower on any item.
Items that do not sell at the Buy price will be made available at the highest accepted bid after the close of the sale.
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The Map Bar
Take a break and pop in at The Map Bar, the metaverse meeting point, with plenty of antique maps on the wall. Each Tuesday 1.00PM EST (7.00 PM Amsterdam) you meet and speak with other collectors or you will have a chat with a stranger about other things in life. (and you can access it through a browser, so no headset is required).  POP IN AT THE MAP BAR

Meta Map.gallery
What was born as an idea from science fiction has long since become reality. The metaverse is more than just virtual reality, augmented reality, extended reality, or cyberspace - it’s all of those things at once.
Walk around in one of our Paulus Swaen metaverse galleries and discover our maps of the Ukraine, World, Hong Kong and Africa.


We provide auction estimates free of charge, from photographs sent via our online form or as an email attachment. Such auction estimates are not for valuation purposes and are subject to revision on inspection of the object.
We do not evaluate maps and atlases published in the 20thcentury.
Please click here to do a valuation.

Map fairs and meeting in person
We used and hope again soon to travel around the globe, doing Antiquarian Map fairs in Amsterdam (7 September 2024) and Paris (9 November). 
Therefore the best way to contact us is using the contact form or give us a call at USA +1 (727) 687 3298 or Amsterdam +31 20 2255198 .

We are members of I.M.Co.S., B.I.M.C.C., and the Philip Lee Phillips Society, Library of Congress.

We have created some short but informative articles for those interested in the backgrounds of maps and prints. Our unique HiBCoR grading system can help the starting map collector to set his focus.

We find that many of our clients these days come from the corporate sector. Many business headquarters would rather have antique maps on the walls of their boardrooms than abstract modern art because they tend to fit into the traditional office environment.

When collecting items in the range of over 500 dollars, or more commonly in the thousands of dollars, our personal feeling is that it is better to buy first-class quality. While it might seem attractive to buy a heavily restored copy for less than the cost of a top-quality item in original colors, in the long run, you're much better off with first-class quality.

More than 45 years of experience have taught us when selling an item of good quality, you only have to take a price then it is easy to make a deal. Remember this when selling your collection!

The best way to contact us is still using our contact form

Paulus Swaen, Inc.
901 North Hercules Avenue, Suite A
Florida 33765, USA
email : paulus@swaen.com
Tel. +1 727 687 3298

Pierre Joppen - is the president and founder of Paulus Swaen and since its foundation in 1978 Pierre has specialized in maps, atlases, and globes from the 16th to 18th century. His knowledge of early Dutch mapmakers and coloring techniques by 18th-century colorists such as Dirk Jansz. van Santen is world-renowned. Originally trained as a graphic designer, he has a keen eye for the aesthetic aspect of engraving and map-making.