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Aeneae Troiani Navigatio.

Early map of the eastern part of the Mediterranean depicting the journey of Aeneas from Phrygia (Turkey) to Rome.From the first French-text edition of Jodocus Hondius' At...

$250 / ≈ €216

Place / Date: Amsterdam, 1608


Sardinia / Sicilia.. / Corfu / Zerbi.. / Elba / Malta. . .

Six very fine and early maps on one sheet. Including the islands of Sicily, Corfu, Sardinia, Zerbi (Djerba), Elba and Malta.The map of Malta has a sinking ship at Cala di...

$1800 / ≈ €1552

Publisher: ORTELIUS, A.
Place / Date: Antwerp, 1570-1612


[Matching set of two charts] Pas Kaert der Middelandsche.

Two companion sea charts from Doncker's Nieuw Groot Stuurmans Straets-Book, the first depicting eastern half of Mediterranean covering Italy and Cyprus and entire eastern...

$1750 / ≈ €1509

Publisher: DONCKER, H.
Place / Date: Amsterdam, 1664


Pascaerte Van't Westelyckste der Middelandsche Zee. . .

An eye-catching of the western part of the Mediterranean Sea.Pieter Goos (ca. 1616-1675) was one of the most important cartographer, engraver, publisher and print seller...

$2000 / ≈ €1725

Publisher: GOOS, P.
Place / Date: Amsterdam, 1666


Isola di Corsica, Dedicata all' Em;mo e Rmo: Principe, il Sr. Cardinale Carpegna, Vicario di Sua Santita. Dal Cosmografo Coronelli.

One of the most decorative maps of Corsica, with in the upper right, a draped fabric that bears the map's scales is dressed with two angels, one holding the cross, a coat...

$1300 / ≈ €1121

Publisher: CORONELLI, V.
Place / Date: Venise, 1692


La mer Mediterranee divisee en ses principales parties ou mers. . .

Very large map centered on the Mediterranean. With a sub title along upper margin "La Mer Mediterranée divisée en Mer de Levant et de Ponant Subdivisées en Leurs ...

$1500 / ≈ €1294

Publisher: SANSON, N. / JAILLOT, A.H. / MORTIER, P.
Place / Date: Amsterdam, c.1705


Nieuwe en Nette Afteekening van het Eyland Corsica en het Eyland Elba vertoonende alle desselfs Havenen, Steeden en Rivieren . . .

Highly decorative large sea chart of Corsica, Sardinia and Elba, including multiple sailing ships, compass roses, cartouche, coat of arms, rhumb lines, topographical deta...

$4000 / ≈ €3450

Publisher: VAN KEULEN, G.
Place / Date: Amsterdam, ca. 1710


Carte des Isles de Maiorque Minorque et Yvice dediée A.M. le Comte de Maurepas Ministre et secretaire d'Etat. . .

Fine map of the Baleares with much detail, in lower part inset "Plan du Port de Mahon du Fort St. Philippe et ses Fortifications". The map is dedicated to Jean ...

$1750 / ≈ €1509

Publisher: COVENS, J. / MORTIER, C.
Place / Date: Amsterdam, after 1740


Plan du Fort St. Philippe dans Lisle Minorque pris par les François le 28 juin 1756.

Very fine water color of the fortification of St. Philip on the island of Minorca. The left a numbered key 1-16. The letter A indicating the French army. In lower part a ...

$3500 / ≈ €3019

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Place / Date: Minorca or France, c. 1756


Plan du port et ville de Mahon du fort st. Philippe et ses fortifications

Manuscript map of the Bay of Mahon from Fort Philip till the town of Mahon. A numbered key 1-62 in lower part.More about Invasion of-Minorca [+]

$6500 / ≈ €5606

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Place / Date: France, ca. 1780