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Giuseppe Zocchi

The painter Giuseppe Zocchi (Fiesole 1716/7 - Florence 1767) was the most important exponent of Florentine vedute painting. Between 1739 and 1741 he sojourned in Venice, which was a fundamental experience that marked his training. In 1740 he executed frescoes for Gabriello Riccardi. In 1754 Zocchi was appointed as painter for the laboratory of semi-precious stones, and he provided the designs for over sixty pictures which were produced by the Opificio delle Pietre Dure. As well as being an engraver, he was also a book illustrator.

His work "his illustration forms part of a "selection" of views of Florence drawn by Giuseppe Zocchi produced by the press of the Florentine printer Giuseppe Allegrini, which were commissioned and financed by the Marquis Andrea Gerini, and dedicated to Maria Teresa of Austria. The series, which was designed to "set before the eyes of curious observers, especially foreign, the most noble and charming views", had such success that it very soon became a prototype for other similar editorial initiatives, undertaken in Rome, Venice and other European cities.

The original plates of the Scelta di XXIV Vedute immediately underwent two further printings in Florence, by Giuseppe Bouchard, in 1754 and in 1757. A posthumous edition was also printed by Giuseppe Zocchi's brother Cosimo, again in Florence, around 1770. From then on, up to the late nineteenth century, there were innumerable further editions, with rare variations.

Reference : C. Danielson, L'iconografia storica del palazzo, in Il Palazzo Medici Riccardi di Firenze, edited by G. Cherubini and G. Fanelli, Firenze, Giunti, 1990, p. 299.

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