What is my antique map worth ?

We provide estimates, free of charge, from photographs sent via the Internet. 

We are specialized in 16th - 19th century maps, atlases, globes. Medieval manuscripts and travel posters.
We do not valuate 20th century maps and prints.

It would be nice if one could obtain free appraisals, but it would also be nice to get free medical examinations or legal advice.
This free service is only free when you are considering selling your item.

We suggest that you fill in the form below, including the name of the maker or attribution, the exact wording of the title.
Please advise us if the item is for sale or a general inquiry.

Photographs are needed in our initial evaluation of an item.
Requests need to be done by completing the form below.

Requests by telephone or form submissions without picture are not honored!
Historical auction results are freely available for our registered users and can be obtained in our Catalog Archive.


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