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Shipping 03/15/2020
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Shipping fee
A flat shipping fee of $30.00 is added to each shipment. This covers :
International Priority shipping, Packing and Insurance (up to the invoice amount). If you buy 2 or more items, we charge only one shipping fee.
Maps and prints are usually shipped flat between card board or in a solid tube.

If the item(s) do fit in a A4 sized envelope a reduced shipping fee of 20$ applies.
Please advise if you do not want tracking & insurance in which case a 15$ rate applies.
For parcels of more than 1kg an additional fee applies. You are billed at prevailing postal rate.

Shortly after payment has been received we email you a shipping notification, please check carefully the shipping address !
Note : We print your shipping label from the shipping address onfile !
Please check and update your shipping address here and contact us immediately.
You will get a second email at the moment we are ready to ship out your parcel. When you change your shipping address at this stage you need to contact us immediately after the update.

Due to the large number of items to ship, it will take 7-10 days before all items are shipped. "International Registered Priority mail" takes, depending on your country of residence, 7-10 days to arrive.

The shipping date and a tracking number are sent at dispatch and are also noted in your invoice page, click on status
Only TNT, UPS, Fedex or Chonopost have real-time online tracking option.
Registered mail has limited online tracking.
You may trace a Registered Mail Parcel here

I need my parcel within 3-4 days.
If you need to have your item urgently we can ship by a 2-3 day courier service like TNT or Fedex, UPS. In addition your item is traceable online. The shipping cost for Europe, America and Africa is in total $75.00
Please update your shipping type here and select Chronopost in the field for "Shipping type".
Your tracking number will be E-mailed shortly before shipping.

If you have your own account with Fedex, TNT, UPS we can send using your account and no shipping fee is added to your bill.

Tracking "International Registered Priority mail"
Depending on the postal service of your home country, you are able to check online it's status.
Many postal services provide tracking once the parcel has arrived in your home country.
You may trace here !

Longer than expected Transit time
If you parcel happens to be in transit for 2-3 weeks you have to contact us and we will place an official parcel trace request at the local post office. Such an trace may take about 2 weeks before a response is received.
A possibility could be that your postman could not deliver your parcel and he did not leave a note or it has been lost.
You may find regular updates here !

Returning items
In case you need to return an item please make return arrangements first.
Please contact us or call + 1 (727) 498 4733 or UK +44 (0)79 3701 5242
hold option
Hold Shipment option
At no additional charge, Paulus Swaen allows you to put your shipping on hold. This can be incredibly convenient for people who want to buy several items at different auctions and ship them together. The service is free and you pay only one shipment fee.

Please contact us once you have paid your auction invoice. We will than activate the "Hold Shipment" option and will hold the item. No shipping fees are added to future acquisitions and we will be shipping only once you instruct us to do.

You may combine Gallery and Auction items and there is no time limit to this service.
Read more help

At activation the standard shipping fee (US$ 30) is added to your bill.

No shipping fees are added to future acquisitions and you may combine Gallery and Auction items and there is no time limit to this service.

If at future shipping the parcel can be shipped at a more economical shipping type; the difference will be refunded, accept for Australia and Asia which have a flat shipping fee of US$ 30.
We will be shipping once you instruct us to do so and this in combination with an ended auction. Generally we do not ship in between auctions as hold items are stored in our warehouse.