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Old Stocks and Bonds

Old Stocks and Bonds

Old Stocks and BondsOld stocks and bonds as collectibles

When stock market transactions were not yet highly technological done by
computers, securities literally traded securitised as physical certificates. Stocks and
bonds were passed from hand to hand as well as dividend coupons did after being
cut off from coupon sheets. Nowerdays physical certificates are only issued if issuers
want to create an additional positive marketing effect. However, in the 1970s
Scripophily became a popular hobby of collecting all those physical stock and bond
certificates as well as all similar securities, which don’t have any stock market value
anymore. Beside that old stocks and bonds could be a kind of investment in tangible
assets as well.

Old Bonds & Stocks department
Contact Volker Malik if you have further questions or if you want to consign items to next auction.
Volker Malik.

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