How to accept a bid

In the consignor center, you can see all items and received bids in the current Buy or Bid sale.

 Once the Buy price is accepted by a buyer, the item is sold, and the sale for that item has closed.
If a visitor does not wish to pay the Buy price, he may also bid lower on any item.

The 'BidAsk Spread' is used to define the gap between the minimum Accept Bid Price (your reserve) and the Buy price of the item.
If a visitor places a bid within the 'BidAsk Spread', the item will be shown with a bid Accepted label on your Sellers Page.
As long as the Buy price has not been paid, the item will be made available at the closing of the sale at the highest received bid.

The seller has the option to reduce the Accept Bid price during the sale and up to 2 hours after the closing of the sale.

Consignor Center
A link to the list of your items in the sale is shown in the Consignor Center. You are able to see all items or filter only those items that have received bids.

Lowering the Accept Bid price during the sale
In case you want to lower your Accept Bid Price (reserve) during the sale, you can find your Items in 'Buy or Bid' in the consignor center. Click on EDIT where you can update the 'Accept Bid' price.
In this case, the bidders and watchers are receiving a status update by email. Slightly lowering the 'Accept Bid' price can be an efficient way to move the bidding process when you have several watchers but bidding is slow or has stopped.

Accepting a bid during the sale
When you accept the Bid price, the item will be listed with an Accepted label, and the item will be made available for this amount at the close of the sale if no higher bid is received.
Because you reduced the original 'Accept Bid' price, the bidder is given the option of adding the item to his final invoice. He can do so up to 24 hours after the closing of the sale.
When you accept a bid, but afterward, a new bid has been received, the new bid is a final sale.

Go to Items with Bids and look for your Accept Bid Price (reserve) and the Current Bid. For those items, you want to accept the bid you click on ACCEPT button, where you can match your Accept Bid Price with the received bid.

Accepting a bid within 2 hours after the closing
You have 2 hours after the closing to go over your Items With Bids, and you click on ACCEPT on those items you want to accept the bid.
The bidder will then receive an email and has up to 24 hours after the closing the choice to add this item to his final invoice. Because you accepted a bid under the original BidAsk spread, the bidder may refuse your reduced price!

NOTE : If you have reduced your reserve and accepted bids below the BidAsk Spread, you have to wait 24 hours after the closing (Wednesday at 22.00) to know the definitive result of the sale.

On Wednesday at 4 PM USA Eastern (Amsterdam 22.00) you know the definitive sold items. For those who ship, please send them the following day by DHL or another courier service to our Amsterdam branch.

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