What guarantuee do I have ?

Paulus Swaen fully guarantees the authenticity and condition of each lot.
We have been in the map business for 45 years and are known for selling high-quality material and we try to sell as many as possible maps in original colors or original b/w condition.
- We do not sell reproductions.
- Defects in lots have been carefully noted.
- Any lot differing from the catalog description may be returned.
- There is no time limitation to this guarantee.

Please note that if no remarks are found regarding splits, tears, discoloration, etc., there are none to be found on the item!.
Our quality standards are high!.
A certificate of authenticity is provided for each acquired lot.

Certificate Do I get a Certificate of Authenticity?
Yes,  a certificate of authenticity is provided. Certificates are generated from the item description. Therefore for lots including multiple items, we generate only one certificate.

You can download and save the certificate (pdf format) on your computer. After this, you can print the certificate at your convenience. We advise printing an extra copy and keeping it with your insurance papers! You will find a link to generate the certificate in your invoice section. Please visit Your Invoices and select an invoice. Next to the price, you find the download link.
Alternatively, we can provide a printed certificate and include it in your shipment.

If you prefer us to print your certificate and include it in your shipment, please follow this link and select "Yes" for the option: Include printed certificate?.