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Temperance (Temperantia) from The Virtues

Temperance (Temperantia) from The Virtues by Pieter Breughel. Antwerp, Hieronymus Cock, 1580

Original copperplate

Original copperplate.  Shows the coast of southern Morocco, the Sahara with the Canary Islands. Copperplates that had been used in the production of early maps are of the greatest rarity and few of any period are known to have survived. Because of the value of copper and its malleability, plates would often have their original engravings beaten out and then re-used for other projects. 

Carta geographica generalatus carlostatuensiscum adgacentibus confinis turcicis et venetis martinimis dolmatio istrensibus.

Carta geographica generalatus carlostatuensiscum adgacentibus confinis turcicis et venetis martinimis dolmatio istrensibus.

A first state celestial globe, 18inch / 46cm, by Gerard and Leonard Valk

VALK, G. / L. - [A magnificent 18 inch. (46 cm.) diameter celestial globe] URANOGRAPHIA / SYDERUM ET STELLARUM... VALK, G. / L. (Amsterdam, 1711)

The first sea atlas

A second and final French edition of this important sea atlas. Two engraved frontispieces, figure with volvelle, full-page figure, 48 double-page charts (one numbered 19.2) and two small maps, all engraved on copper, and 22 profiles engraved in wood, including 4 full-page.

Amstelodamum, Celebre Emporium Forma Plana

Very rare and decorative plan of Amsterdam with Visscher's imprint. With a panoramic view seen from the IJ and further insets of Council House, The Exchange, House of the Dutch East India Company and House of the West India Company.

Gerard Van Spaendonck

A native of Flanders, Gerard van Spaendonck studied under the decorative painter Guillaume-Jacques Herreyns in Antwerp in the 1760s. In 1769, he left for Paris and, having been appointed miniature painter to the newly crowned Louis XVI in 1774, he became a candidate for membership of the Académie Royale the following year, making his Salon début in 1777.

A rare and impressive pictorial Qing Empire map of the western part of Taiwan.

The late 19th century was a period of imperialist expansion throughout Asia. The Qing court realized it had to start defining its boundaries in order to protect its territory. But when the Chinese and the British sat down to negotiate the border, there were problems.

Indie moet vrij vecht ervoor.

KEELEY, P. - Indie moet vrij vecht ervoor. London, J.Haworth & Brother Ltd, 1944. War propaganda poster by Patrick (Pat) Cokayne Keely, who died in 1970, was a British graphic artist known for his Second World War posters for the Ministry of Information along with stylized commercial posters for publishers, the GPO and public transport.

COLOM, J. A. - La Flamboyante Colomne des Pays-Bas

COLOM, J. A. - La Flamboyante Colomne des Pays-Bas. Autrement dict les XVII Provinces. Chez Jacob Colom. Published in: Amsterdam, 1636 In 4to oblong. Rare atlas of the Low Countries, by Jacob Colom, in an early – first- French edition. The atlas includes 42 maps of the Low Countries and three genealogical plates. The plates on genealogy show over 100 portraits of the nobility of Holland and Flanders.