Consignments to Paulus Swaen

Paulus Swaen sells your property as a broker or agent. Sellers consign property to us to sell on their auctions and receive the sales proceeds, less a commission and other fees paid to Paulus Swaen. Our role is similar to a real estate agency: as the agency lists and sells a house or office building on your behalf, earning a sales commission, we “list” and sell your personal property, maps, prints, books, globes, posters and collectibles.

We also buy maps, atlases, prints, posters for resale.

You may email a clear photograph of each item, or a sample from a group of items if the property is from a large collection, and one of our representatives will provide a free preliminary auction estimate. Please be sure to include the dimensions, artist’s signature or maker’s mark, medium, physical condition and any other relevant information known to you.

pierre-joppen-100px.jpg We have 42 years of experience in building, buying and selling collectors' collections and we know the specific ways to draw the attention of potential buyers or new collectors.
With our network we can unburden you by, for example, helping with inventory, valuation, art photography and making a good description.

Pierre Joppen will be happy to assist you. Founder of Paulus Swaen and since the foundation in 1978 Pierre specializes in maps, atlases, and globes from the 16th to 18th century. His knowledge of Dutch early mapmakers, coloring techniques by 18th century colorists as Dirk Jansz. van Santen is world-renowned.

Selling your collection

If for some reason it has become time to sell part or all of your lovingly collected art collection, we will be happy to help you find new owners of the objects in your collection.

roland-boelen-100px.jpgOntzamelen (Un-collecting)
Selling a collection is completely different from building a collection! If you live in the Netherland you probably have heard about "Ontzamelen" which is a service founded by Roland Boelen. If your collection consists of art objects in general feel and you need for example, helping with inventory, valuation, art photography and making a good description contact Ontzamelen or Roland Boelen at +31 (0)6 51384297

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