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Do you have quality antique maps, old master prints, or posters in your collection or stock:
Not sure who to sell to and where to go to get the best price?

We have been in business for more than 42 years. Among our clients are collectors, museums, and dealers from around the world who are constantly looking for fine-quality merchandise.
With Real-Time Bidding, collectors can participate in the Buy or Bid sale from anywhere in the world, bid, and make purchases easily and quickly from their computers.

We will gladly consider any collectible maps, atlases, prints, posters, or Medieval manuscripts for consignment to a future sale or direct purchase. The minimum value per item has to be $ 250.
In order to properly evaluate your item, we need to know as much information as possible.
We suggest that you provide us with a description and picture of the item or send us an email with a picture to
Do not ship materials to us without having contacted us beforehand.

Founder and current owner Pierre Joppen, with 42 years of map dealing experience. Roland Boelen who is our Amsterdam-based manager and Ian Williams from the UK who has 30 years of map cataloging experience are happy in selling your maps and prints. Contact Us

Next Buy or Bid sales:
The following dates are reserved in 2023.

The advantages we offer:
* People from around the world can see a zoomable high-resolution image of each item in full color from the comfort of their own homes.
* You as a seller can set a minimum and maximum price - below which your item will not be sold.
* We have been in the map business for 42 years and among our clients are collectors, museums, and dealers around the world who are constantly looking for fine quality merchandise.
* We advertise in magazines like IMCoS Journal, Caertthresoor, B.I.M.C.C. and Fine Books.  Fine Books and collections
* The items do not suffer from the wear and tear of being handled by hundreds of people during viewing days.
* You are able to submit the item descriptions online.
* With one click you are able to re-list unsold items in the next sale.
* If an item does not sell there are no costs.
* On your "Consignor Center"Consignor center you can track online the received bids of your items.
* You will get paid 30 days after the closing of the Buy or Bid sale. Sales may be offset against acquisitions.
* We use image software, making it possible to show our customers even the finest detail even at a low internet connection.
* The deadline for receipt of materials is two weeks in advance of the scheduled sale opening date.

We can assist you with your inquiries in English, French, German and Dutch.

The seller's commission is for:
- Lot value up to $ 10,000 - 15% of the hammer price.
- For electronically consigned items we charge for a lot of a value up to $ 10,000 - 12%.
- Lot value $ 10,001 up - 8% of the sale price.
- There is a minimum fee of $15.00 per lot.
- The minimum individual lot value is $ 250.
- Commission is only due when the lot sells.
- Sellers can set a minimum reserve price - below which their item will not be sold. 
- A reserve price can be adjusted up to 2 hours after the sale closes.
- You will get paid within 30 days after the closing of the Buy or Bid Sale.

Please read the complete terms and conditions for selling in the Buy or Bid sale.

How to submit item descriptions

There are several ways you can submit item descriptions:
1./ Adding items one by one using a submission form. Click here for info about successfully listing your items.
2./ For those who already have their item descriptions stored in a database we can likely import them from your CSV export file.
Read more about listing your items in our Buy or Bid sales.