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Carta Marina Universalis 1530 [Facsimile atlas]

Having completed the 1522 edition of Ptolemy, Fries turned his attention to Waldseemuller's 1516 wall-map of the world [Carta Marina]. Fries' version, also a woodcut, was...

$450 / ≈ €414
Publisher: Laurent Fries
Date: Munich ca. 1926
Selling price: $450


Iconographie van Antwerpen.

Important and monumental work on Antwerp! Folio sized plates and maps, loosely inserted in original plain wrappers with printed descriptions. Inside a contemporary half b...

$95 / ≈ €87
Publisher: CORNETTE, A.H.
Date: Antwerp, 1933
Selling price: $95
Sold in 2013


Decorative Printed Maps from the 15th - 18th Centuries.

From the Superintendent of the Map Room, British Museum, and a leading expert in antique maps. This illustrated book provides a survey of maps printed from copper plates ...

$50 / ≈ €46
Publisher: SKELTON, R.A.
Date: London: Staples Press, 1952
Selling price: $50
Sold in 2013


Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (facsimile atlas) and The History of Abraham Ortelius and His Theatrum Orbis Terrarum.

This is the complete, original-size facsimile atlas of the hand-colored 1570 Latin edition of Ortelius's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, held at the University Library of Leiden...

$650 / ≈ €598
Publisher: ORTELIUS, Abraham
Date: Lausanne: Sequoia SA, 1964
Selling price: $650
Sold in 2014


California as an Island: A Geographic Misconception Illustrated by 100 Examples from 1625 to 1770.

Highly influential reference work. Clean, tight copy with a few notes in light pencil on title page. Map Collectors Circle Series, no 8, 1964.

$45 / ≈ €41
Publisher: TOOLEY, R.V.
Date: California, 1964
Selling price: $45
Sold in 2011


Theatrum Orbis Facsimile of Coronelli GoresCoronelli, Libro Libro Dei Globi, Venice 1693 (1701)

From the "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Series of Facsimile Atlases, 1969. A scarce book. The facsimile of Coronelli's Libro Dei Globi of 1693 (1701) is part of the four...

$215 / ≈ €198
Publisher: Coronelli, Vincenzo. with foreword by Helen Wallis
Date: Chicago & London, 1969
Selling price: $215
Sold in 2013


Africa On Maps Dating From The Twelfth To The Eighteenth Century.

A fine copy of this important work showing and describing antique maps of Africa dating from the twelfth to the eighteenth century by the leading German authority on anti...

$260 / ≈ €239
Publisher: KLEMP, Egon
Date: New York: MacGraw Hill, 1970
Selling price: $260
Sold in 2014


Facsimile-Atlas to the Early History of Cartography With Reproductions of the Most Important Maps Printed in the XV and XVI Centuries.

An important and useful work with 102 plates and 84 additional maps printed before 1600, including the 1400 edition of Ptolemy.This is an over-sized (tall folio), 3 pound...

$75 / ≈ €69
Date: New York, 1973
Selling price: $75
Sold in 2020


The Mapping of Australia.

The definitive book about maps of Australia by R. V. Tooley. Includes many illustrations, also including early South-East Asia maps. Holland Press Cartographica. Vol I.

$95 / ≈ €87
Publisher: TOOLEY, R. V.
Date: London, 1979
Selling price: $95
Sold in 2020


The Mapping of the World: Early Printed World Maps 1472-1700.

The standard and essential reference work on antique world maps, including works by Ortelius, Mercator, Hondius, Blaeu, DeWit, Visscher, Speed, Coronelli, and many others...

$350 / ≈ €322
Publisher: SHIRLEY, R. W.
Date: Holland Press, London, 1983
Selling price: $350
Sold in 2018


Atlantes Colonienses:: Die Kolner Schule der Atlaskartographie 1570-1610.

A classic and extremely rare reference. Meurer thoroughly covers the German School of Cologne mapmakers of the late 1500s and early 1600s. ILAB Breslauer Prize honorabl...

$195 / ≈ €179
Publisher: Meurer, Peter.
Date: Bad Neustadt: Pfaehler, 1988
Selling price: $195
Sold in 2013


The Complete Set of 'The Map Collector Magazine'.

Issue No.1 (Dec. 1977) through Issue No. 74 (Spring 1996) with index issues, one for issues 1-20, one for issues 21-30, one for issues 41-50, one for issues 51-60. Tring,...

$825 / ≈ €759
Publisher: Tooley, R.V. / The Map Collector Publications
Date: Tring, Herts. U.K. : Map Collector Publications Ltd., 1977-1996
Selling price: $825
Sold in 2013


73 of 74 issues of The Map Collector Magazine.

Issue No.1 (Dec. 1977) through Issue No. 74 (Spring 1996) with 4 index issues, one for issues 1-20, one for issues 21-30, one for issues 31-40, one for issues 41-50, one ...

$850 / ≈ €782
Publisher: The Map Collector Publications
Date: Tring, Herts. U.K, 1977-1996
Selling price: $850
Sold in 2015


Columbian Atlas of the Great Discovery.

A huge hardcover book from the 'Nuova Raccolta Colombiana' series by Osvaldo Baldacci. An English edition. Published on occasion of the quin-centennial of the discovery o...

$375 / ≈ €345
Publisher: BALDACCI, O.
Date: Rome, 1997
Selling price: $375
Sold in 2017


Maps in the Atlases of the British Library: A Descriptive Catalogue c. AD 850-1800. Vol I & II with CD index.

4to, 1,923 pages with CD-Rom index, red cloth. This monumental study describes the map contents of over 3,000 pre-1800 atlases, including general works of geography, his...

$250 / ≈ €230
Publisher: SHIRLEY, Rodney.
Date: London: The British Library. 2004
Selling price: $250
Sold in 2013


Printed Maps of America, Vols 1-3

Three editions dealing with America. Map Collectors' Circle Series Nos. 68, 69 and 80. Printed Maps of America. Parts 1,2 and 3. Soft Covers. Each publication measures 9...

$90 / ≈ €83
Publisher: Tooley, R.V.
Date: London: 1971-1972.
Selling price: $90


The AE Nordenskiold Collection: Annotated Catalogue of Maps made up to 1800.

Scarce! Complete set of books: volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5/1, and 5/2, plus accompanying softbound overview of collection. This is not often found for sale as a complete set,...

$650 / ≈ €598
Publisher: Mickwitz, Ann-Mari and Leena Miekkavaara
Date: Helsinki University Library: Stockholm, 1979-1995
Selling price: $650
Sold in 2013