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The South East prospect of London, from the Tower to London Bridge.

Optical vue of the River Thames, looking to the west from the Tower of London to London Bridge and St Paul's; animated with a number of boats on the water.

Publisher: BOWLES, John
Date: Londo, circa 1750
Selling price: $185
Sold in 2022


Vue perspective de la Place des Peintres ditte Perlach du cote de la Basse Ville a Prague.

A so-called optical print of a square in Prague by Basset, a well-known publisher of optical prints, was established in rue S.Jacques in Paris. With brief key list.In the...

Publisher: BASSET
Date: Paris, 1760
Selling price: $400
Sold in 2014


Vue de Siam avec diverses Sortes des Ballons, ou Vaisseaux Chinoise a rame.

So-called optical print illustrating a parade of vessels. Engraved by F.X. Habermann (1721-1796). The Academie Imperiale was a well-known publisher of optical prints, est...

$600 / ≈ €552
Date: Augsburg, 1760


Vue et Perspective de la Trinité a Vienne.

Decorative perspective view of a square in Vienna centered on the column which represents the Trinity. Published by Charpentier, who was active in rue St.Jacques in Paris...

Date: Paris, 1760
Selling price: $125
Sold in 2022


A View of the Royal Hospital at Greenwich.

An optical print of the Christopher Wren Old Royal Naval College from the Thames.

Publisher: BOWLES, John
Date: London, circa 1770
Selling price: $185
Sold in 2022


Veduta della piazza del popolo in Romana

A very decorative, large view of the Piazza del Popolo after Piranesi. Colored in the art of the optical view of the time. Rarely encountered on the market.

Publisher: JEAN
Date: Paris, ca 1770


Vuë de la Nouvelle Yorck. Neu Yorck. Eine Stadt in Nord-America auf einer Insul Manatthan.

Fascinating optical print with a view of the harbor in New York, showing an idealized image of Manhattan at the outbreak of the American Revolutionary-War.Read more about...

Publisher: LEIZELT, Balthazar Frederic
Date: Augsburg, 1776
Selling price: $333
Sold in 2023


A View of the Royal Exchange , London. Vue de la bourse royal a Londres. . .

So-called optical print of London with a view of Cornhill and the Exchange, with St. Paul's visible in the distance - horse-drawn traffic laboring along the road.The imag...

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Paris, ca. 1780
Selling price: $85
Sold in 2023