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Quad's : reduced in size Ortelius´ map, of Iceland. With German text on verso, from Geographisch Handtbuch. Signed by the engraver Johan Bussemacher.Matthias Quad was o...

Date: Cologne, 1600
Selling price: $1900
Sold in 2023


South America.

This is John Tallis’ pretty map of South America. The map is surrounded by a number of topical steel engraved vignettes and the whole is surrounded by a decorative vine...

Publisher: TALLIS, John.
Date: London, 1851
Selling price: $50
Sold in 2023


A Humorous Diplomatic Atlas of Europe and Asia. / 滑稽欧亜外交地図 / Kokkei Ō-A Gaikō Chizu.

A wonderful example of the rare 1904 Kisaburo Ohara satirical 'Octopus Map' of Europe being swallowed by an octopus (Russia). Composed at the outbreak of the Russo-Japane...

$4750 / ≈ €4368
Publisher: OHARA, K.
Date: Tokyo, April, 1904
Selling price: $4750
Sold in 2023


Bootlegger's Map of the United States

This awe-inspiring pictorial map was originally published in the Washington Post by a staff cartoonist Edward Gerstell McCandlish (1887 - 1946) who at the time was known ...

Publisher: Designed by: Edward McCandlish Published By: Griswold Press
Date: Detroit, 1926
Selling price: $800
Sold in 2023


The Wonderground Map of London.

A large and pictorially striking 'Wonderland' advertising poster on behalf of the London Underground, published in the late 1920s. The poster was very popular, and ran fo...

$4000 / ≈ €3678
Publisher: GILL, MacDonald.
Date: London, ca 1927


Cockeyed Map of Hollywood

This charming pictorial map of Hollywood and the surrounding areas focuses on the entertainment industry, including big movie studios, restaurants, hotels, and clubs. Not...

Publisher: John Groth
Date: 1935


Philippines Islands.

Pictorial map of Philippines Islands, from the famous illustrator, Ruth Taylor White and published in "Our USA: A Gay Geography".Ruth Taylor White was among the...

Publisher: WHITE, R. T.
Date: Boston, Little, Brown and Company, 1935
Selling price: $250
Sold in 2018


Philippines Islands.

Pictorial map of Philippines Islands, from the famous illustrator, Ruth Taylor White and published in "Our USA: A Gay Geography".Ruth Taylor White was among the...

Publisher: WHITE, R. T.
Date: Boston, Little, Brown and Company, 1935
Selling price: $175
Sold in 2017


A Map and History of Peiping; formerly known as Peking; capital of provinces, princedoms and kingdoms since 1121 B.C. . .

The uncommon second edition of this very decorative and informative pictorial map of Beijing and surrounding areas whimsically illustrates the Forbidden City, essential e...

$2000 / ≈ €1839
Publisher: DORN, F.
Date: The Peiyang Press, Ltd. Tientsin-Peiping, 1936


A Map and History of Peiping

A fascinating pictorial map of Beijing that was published by Frank Dorn and the Peiyang Press. Ltd of Tientsin and Peiping in 1936 The map widely regarded as an iconic wo...

Publisher: Dorn, Frank
Date: Beijing, 1936


Carriers of the New Black Plague.

A powerful satirical commentary on totalitarian control of speech from the first issue of Ken Magazine. "Caught here in all their peculiar beauty by the soul searchi...

$70 / ≈ €64
Publisher: KEN MAGAZINE.
Date: USA, 1938
Selling price: $70
Sold in 2021


The Odyssey of F.D.R.

This persuasive map titled "The Odyssey of F.D.R." is best described within as a "free-wheeling trip through the headlines of the last seven years." I...

Publisher: ALAJALOV, C.
Date: New York, 1939


Republic of Panama with the Canal Zone

This striking large decorative map of Panama was created in 1941, just before the outbreak of WWII. when the canal under US control. Starting in 1903, a large area of ce...

Publisher: John F. Herman and Clark Teegarden
Date: Seattle, 1940


Pictorial Map of Washington & Oregon

A delightful art-deco style pictorial map of Washington and Oregon illustrating the abundant natural resources of the two states that reside within the Pacific Northwest ...

Publisher: Antonio Petrucelli
Date: New York 1940


US ZONE. Bavaria, Hesse, Wurtemberg, Baden.

An unusual decorative pictorial map, from the years immediately following World War II, depicting the American Zone of Occupation in southern Germany. It portrays rural ...

$450 / ≈ €414
Publisher: ROTH, John.
Date: Munich, 1940


[Mussolini Celebrates Pearl Harbor] Grande Carta Del Pacifico

A world map issued four days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which led England and the United States to declare war on Japan, this message from Mussolini, cele...

$500 / ≈ €460
Publisher: VISCEGLIA, E.
Date: Rome / Milan, 1941



Very decorative, informative map of Madagascar. The map is filled with buildings, animals, figures and two locals in their typical dress.In lower left corner "Imprim...

$60 / ≈ €55
Publisher: JYLBERT
Date: France, 1943
Selling price: $60
Sold in 2018


World Map of the Major Tropical Diseases

This is a striking map published by Life Magazine in the 1940s depicting the distribution of major tropical diseases throughout the world. The disturbing imagery used to ...

Publisher: Artsybasheff, B.
Date: New York, 1944


William Gropper's America Its Folklore

This is a dynamic pictorial map painted by the politically radical artist William Gropper. The map would later become heavily scrutinized by Joseph McCarthy and the House...

Publisher: William Gropper
Date: New York, 1946



color printed pictorial map of Africa, with decorative title cartouche and borders, depict countries, regions, major cities, animals and wildlife. Includes decorative com...

$110 / ≈ €101
Publisher: LIOZU, J.
Date: Paris, 1951
Selling price: $110
Sold in 2018


Slovenija - Jugoslavija

A fine tourist pictorial map of Slovenia. On the backside with a map showing roads and railroads. Also text information in english, french and german. 

Publisher: KOPAC, V.
Date: Ljubljana, 1954


Beatles Map - The Beatles Trail - City of Liverpool

This is a one-of-a-kind pictorial map of Liverpool that celebrates the history of the Beatles. Published by the city of Liverpool Public Relations Office in 1974, this ma...

Publisher: City of Liverpool Public Relations Office
Date: Liverpool, 1974


Map of the Imperialist Division of China

Unusual, large silkscreened map of China based on the serio-comic map drawn in 1899 by Tse Tsan-tai, Chinese patriot and co-founder of Hong Kong's South China Morning Po...

Publisher: After Tse Tsan-tai
Date: China, C. 1960-1980
Selling price: $100
Sold in 2023


Persische Teppichknüpfgebiete und Stämme.

Map of Iran and neighboring countries in German language, published in limited edition probably in France : "Gravée à l'eau-forte et au burin. Edition limitée&quo...

$1500 / ≈ €1379
Publisher: ANONYMOUS.
Date: France ?, after 1935 - before 1991