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Carta dell' Isola di Taiti del Luogotennente J. Cook 1769.

An Italian edition of Bellin's map of Tahiti, in what is now French Polynesia, engraved by Robert Bernard, and created from James Cook's surveys of the region during his ...

Publisher: BERNARD /COOK
Date: Italy, ca 1769


Vue de la Baye de Matavai a Otahiti . . . / Branche d'un Arbre-a-pain avec des Fruits.

A pair of prints taken from a French edition of John Hawkesworth's 'Voyages' - an account of the journeys of Capt. James Cook, Vice Admiral John Byron and Joseph Banks, p...

Publisher: HAWKESWORTH, John
Date: London, ca 1774


Carte d'une partie de la Mer du Sud Contenant les Découvertes des Vaisseaux de sa Majesté...

Complete title : "Carte d'une partie de la Mer du Sud Contenant les Découvertes des Vaisseaux de sa Majesté le Dauphin, Commodore Byron, La Tamar, Mouats,...

$300 / ≈ €276
Publisher: Cook / Benard / Hawkesworth
Date: 1774
Selling price: $300
Sold in 2022


Plan de L'Isle de Paque / Plan de la Baie de Cook.

Two engraved maps and four coastal profiles of Easter Island in the Pacific. From the Atlas du Voyage de la Perouse. La Perouse set sail from France in 1785 to continue t...

Publisher: LA PEROUSE, J-F.
Date: Paris, 1797


Plan d'une partie de l'île de Maouna../ Plan de l'anse du Massacre…

Very rare first edition large copper engraved map of the Tutuila Island in American Samoa. It is located to the west of Fagasa and northwest of Pago Pago. La Perouse a...

Publisher: Perouse, J.F. de la / Robinson G.G.
Date: Paris, 1798


Carte de l'Océanie.

Probably a separate publication of this fine map of the Pacific. Signed and dated in lower left corner. Including Terre de Flinders , Terre de Baudin and supposed course ...

Publisher: VAN DER MAELEN, Ph.
Date: Brussels, 1830


Carte de L'Oceanie ou 5e Partie du Monde a l'usage des Colleges.

A rare map of Oceania by Selves. It is supposed that the map was produced for educational and instructional purposes. It is an early example of French lithography in map...

Publisher: SELVES, H.
Date: Paris, 1834


Carte générale de l'océan pacifique.

A fine sea chart depicting the Pacific Ocean, with nice detail of Hawaii. With a complete outline for Australia and Tasmania. It shows the south east Asian region and Sou...

Date: Paris, 1833 - 1834


Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

A large scale map of the environs of the Pacific Ocean, courtesy of the Johnston publishing house in Edinburgh. The map includes Australia, New Zealand, the western edge ...

Publisher: JOHNSTON, A.K.
Date: Edinburgh, ca 1844


Polynesia or Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

A decorative and attractive map of the Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The map extent shows parts of California, Papua New Guinea, eastern Australia, and southern Japan.The...

Publisher: TALLIS, J.
Date: London,1851


Western Pacific (Chart n°4), 1877 ( Ink stamp Imray and son London 1878)

Printed in lithography and pasted on blue paper. Generally very good condition. Published by Imray, 89 & 102 Minories, London 1864. In the upper margin, "Western...

Publisher: IMRAY AND SON, J.
Date: London, 1864,1877, 1878
Selling price: $650
Sold in 2023



French Chart of the Pacific Ocean on the Eve of the Great Voyages of Discoveries Fascinating sea chart, depicting the Pacific Ocean immediately before the wave of ex...

Publisher: Bellin/Maurepas
Date: Paris, 1742-56