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Tabu nova partis aphri.

Ptolemy's double-page wood-engraved map of southern Africa. The map is a derivative of the Waldseemüller map of 1513, with the addition of three kings on their thrones, ...

$4200 / ≈ €3930
Maker / Publisher: PTOLEMY, C. / WALDSEEMÜLLER, M.
Place & Date: Lyons, M. Servetus, 1535
Selling price: $4200


Tabula nova partis Africae.

Wood block printed map of southern part of Africa, the second earliest map to focus on the southern part of the Continent. The map is prepared by Lorenz Fries after Marti...

$5000 / ≈ €4679
Maker / Publisher: FRIES, L. / WALDSEEMÜLLER, M.
Place & Date: Vienna, Trechsel, G., 1525 -1541
Selling price: $2200


An early map of 'modern' southern Africa: Africa Nova Tabula.

An uncommon map showing all of Africa from the Horn of Africa and the Bight of Benin southward to the Cape of Good Hope. The information to produce this map was based on...

$300 / ≈ €281
Maker / Publisher: GASTALDI, Giacomo
Place & Date: Venice, 1548
Selling price: $300
Sold in 2011


Africa nuova tavola.

Uncommon first edition of this early map of south Africa. Madagascar is called Isola de S. Lorenzo and is oddly shaped.The origin of the Nile conforms to the Ptolemaic co...

$400 / ≈ €374
Maker / Publisher: RUSCELLI, G.
Place & Date: Venice, 1561
Selling price: $400


Africa nuova tavola

Decorative colored 16th century map of South Africa by G. Ruscelli. From the latin Ptolemy edition of Gastaldi-Ruscelli by V. Valgrisi, printed in Venice 1562.

$425 / ≈ €398
Maker / Publisher: Ruscelli, G.
Place & Date: Venice, 1562
Selling price: $425
Sold in 2009


De Africae Regionibus

Munster's uncommon woodcut map of Southern Africa. Although numerous editions of the Cosmography were printed over the span of 50 years, this map appeared in only one edi...

$400 / ≈ €374
Maker / Publisher: MUNSTER, S.
Place & Date: Basle, 1572
Selling price: $400


Insula D. Helenae sacra coeli dementia et aequabilitate . . .

From Linschoten, Itinerario. 3 Renaissance cartouches, 1 compass rose and many sailig ships. -

Maker / Publisher: LINSCHOTEN, J.H. van/ DOETECUM
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1589


Dell ‘Isola Di San Lorenzo, Madagascar.

A beautiful map of Madagascar, from "L'Isole piu Famose del Mondo" - the most famous islands of the world by Thomas Porcacchi and engraved by Girolamo Porro. Th...

$100 / ≈ €94
Maker / Publisher: Thomas Porcacchi .
Place & Date: Padua, 1590
Selling price: $100
Sold in 2018


Regnum Monomotapae.

Metellus Rare Map of Southern Africa, from a 1598 Latin edition of Botero's "Theatrum Principum Orbis Universi". Modelled on the southern section of Mercator's ...

$1850 / ≈ €1731
Maker / Publisher: METELLUS
Place & Date: Cologne, 1598
Selling price: $1850
Sold in 2008


Delineatio orarum maritimarum, terræ vulgo indigetatæ terræ do Natal, item Sofalæ, Mozambicæ & Melindæ, insulæque Sancti Laurentii. . . / Affbeeldinghe der custen des landts genaempt terra do Natal, item van alle de custen...

A superbly decorative early chart engraved by Arnold van Langren showing the African coastline of the Indian Ocean from the Cape to Natal, Mozambique and Madagascar. Tool...

$4000 / ≈ €3743
Maker / Publisher: VAN LINSCHOTEN, J.H.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1598
Selling price: $4000
Sold in 2022