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Leaf on vellum from an antiphonary.

A more than 600 years old antiphonary leaf, written in Besançon, in 1370. Musical notation on 4 bars, the staves are in red and the notes in black: numerous pen-flourish...

$1750 / ≈ €1509

Place / Date: Besançon, 1370


Miniature of Suffrages to the Saints.

A fantastic miniature (70 x 50 mm.) in an arched compartment showing the Suffrages to the Saints. Depiction of the (50) martyrs being burnt before King''s orders. The sty...

$4500 / ≈ €3881

Publisher: BOOK OF HOURS.
Place / Date: France, Bretagne or Normandy, c. 1480


Leaf on vellum from an Italian manuscript Book of Hours.

A leaf from an Italian Book of Hours, written on vellum in the neighborhood of Ferrara, around 1480.The decorations of this leaf are extraordinary : the bouquet of flower...

$750 / ≈ €647

Publisher: BOOK OF HOURS
Place / Date: Italy, Ferrara, ca.1480


Neo-Gothic Canon Altar. 3 pieces painted on parchment.

A set of 3 framed Neo-Gothic Canon Altar pieces, each panel in manuscript on parchment and written in red and black ink, decorated with beautiful golden, blue or red init...

$3500 / ≈ €3019

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Place / Date: France, ca. 1880-1900