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Strabonis nobilissimi et doctissimi philosophi ac geographi Rervm geographicarum commentarij libris XVII contenti, Latini facti Gvilielmo Xylandro Augustano interprete. . .

A few marginal annotations (pp. 109-111), in a 19th c. hand. Latin translation with a commentary by Wilhelm Holtzmann, also called Guglielmus Xylander. (1532-1576), libra...

$15000 / ≈ €12937

Publisher: STRABO.
Place / Date: Basle, Henri Petri, 1571


Novus Atlas Absolutissimus... Die Wasser-Welt, oder See-Atlas.

Volume IX (Sea-Atlas) of the "Novus Atlas Absolutissimus". German text, letterpress title on slip within hand-colored engraved architectural border, heightened...

$40000 / ≈ €34499

Publisher: JANSSONIUS, J.
Place / Date: Amsterdam, Janssonius heirs, 1657 [after 1664


Tractatorum biblicorum hoc est variarum in diversas materias biblicas commentationum... Tomus VI.

Book (tome. VI) illustrated with 3 folding maps and 9 copper-plate Biblical engravings by the German master Joseph à Montalegre, including the rare map of the double-hem...

$7500 / ≈ €6469

Place / Date: Wustius & Andrae, Frankfurt am Main, 1696


Atlas composite.

A composite atlas including 93 double page maps on very sound paper and with fine contemporary out line color. The maps are dated between 1700 et 1727 except for one map ...

$35000 / ≈ €30186

Publisher: L'ISLE, G. de.
Place / Date: Paris, 1700-1727


ATLAS RUSSICUS mappa una generali et undeviginti specialibus vastissimum Imperium Russicum cum adiacentibus regionibus [repeated in French].

After an unnumbered general map of Russia there are 13 numbered maps that cover European Russia (scale 1, 1.527.000). The other (last) 6 maps cover Asian Russia (Siberia,...

$40000 / ≈ €34499

Publisher: Akademie von Wissenschaften
Place / Date: St Peterburg, Akademie von Wissenschaften. 1745


Le Théâtre du monde dédié au roi contenant les cartes générales et particulières des royaumes et états qui le composent.

The present example of the Théâtre du monde is the reissue of 1746 by Jean-Baptiste Nolin II. This scarce atlas is illustrated with 123 maps mostly double-page, in orig...

$135000 / ≈ €116433

Publisher: NOLIN, J.-B.
Place / Date: Paris, 1746


Atlas in elephant folio.

Most of D'Anville's atlases were made up for the individual customer, so it appears that no two are alike. Many of the 70 pages are multisheet maps, so the actual map she...

$20000 / ≈ €17249

Publisher: ANVILLE (Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'
Place / Date: Paris, 1771-1780


CH'ONHA CHIDO [Atlas of all under Heaven]

The Ch’onha chido [Atlas of all under Heaven] is a late 18th century copy of the traditional Korean atlas produced in the early Choson dynasty (1392-1910). One of the m...

$30000 / ≈ €25874

Publisher: Anonymous
Place / Date: Korea, ca. 1790


Atlas Universel de Géographie. Sixième partie - Océanique.

Volume 6 including detailed maps of Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Pacific islands, Indonesia and 3 maps of the Philippines. With title page and one general map.Supporte...

$5500 / ≈ €4744

Publisher: VANDERMAELEN, Ph.
Place / Date: Brussels 1827


Geographisk Hand-Atlas.

An very rare atlas. The maps have dates ranging from 1816 to 1848. Åkerland died in 1835 which means that some of the maps were updated after his death by others. The ti...

$3500 / ≈ €3019

Publisher: ÅKERLAND, E
Place / Date: A. Wiborgs förlag, Stockholm, ca. 1848


The Family Atlas Containing Eighty maps Constructed by Eminent Geographers. . .

Un unrecorded later edition of the S.D.U.K. Family atlas, with 80 plus one extra map. Most maps are single sheet but several are double page maps. Printed on heavy paper ...

$2000 / ≈ €1725

Publisher: S.D.U.K.
Place / Date: London Edward Stanford, 1874


Atlas des lignes télégraphiques aériennes construites en France de 1793 à 1852. 1892.

Original edition, containing 49 color lithographed planimetric maps, including 48 departmental maps on 44 plates and a large folding map of France.This historical atlas o...

$1500 / ≈ €1294

Publisher: KERMABON, Adhémar.
Place / Date: Paris, 1892