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Guyana, Surinam, Amapa.

Very rare Ottoman printed map of Guyana, Suriname and Amapa. With Trinidad, inset map of the mouth of the Rivers Essequibo, Courantyne, Suriname with Paramaribo, etc.From...

$1750 / ≈ €1750
Publisher: RAIF EFENDI
Place, Date: Üsküdar (Istanbul), 1803


The world, centering on the Persian Gulf.

World map in manuscript. Drawn on paper with watercolor, ink, gouache and gold highlighting. World map in manuscript with inscriptions in Arabic showing a map of the worl...

$18000 / ≈ €18000
Publisher: ISAL-ISTAKHRI, after
Place, Date: Ottoman province, c. 1820


[Title in Ottoman Turkish: SOUTHERN AFRICA].

A fine Ottoman map of Southern Africa from Ali Şeref Paşa’s rare "Yeñi coġrafya aṭlası", published by the press of Matbaa-i Amire, the successor of İb...

$350 / ≈ €350
Publisher: Ali ŞEREF PAŞA (also Hafız Ali Eşref, d. 1907).
Place, Date: Beyazit, Istanbul: Matbaa-i Amire 1311 or 1895