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Regiones Sub Polo Arctico.

One of the many cases of duplication by the firms of Blaeu and Hondius/Jansson. In this case, Blaeu has copied Janssonius's map of 1637. It depicts rhumb lines radiating ...

$1350 / ≈ €1241
Publisher: BLAEU, W.
Date: Amsterdam, 1640


Nova Zemla.

Decorative sea chart decorated with hunters, polar foxes, polar bears and a sea monster.The scalebar in the lower right is in the form of a skewed 'checker-board', to ref...

$900 / ≈ €828
Publisher: BLAEU, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1650


Les deux poles articque ou septentrional et antarticque..

A double hemisphere map to the North and South poles. The North pole is connected to Greenland and Spitzbergen but there is little other detailed coastline in the polar a...

$800 / ≈ €736
Publisher: SANSON, N. / MARRIET, P.
Date: Paris, 1657


Poli Arctici, et circumiacentium terrarum descriptio novissima. . .

A re-issue of the Hondius' plate. A particularly decorative map of the North Pole with Iceland. Several Dutch names in Labrador. The toponymy in Canada reflects the conti...

$2500 / ≈ €2299
Publisher: HONDIUS, H. / DE WIT, F.
Date: Amsterdam, 1660


Pole arctique ou terre du Septentrion.

Rare map of the North Pole, published by Jollain in 1667. Published in "Trésor Des Cartes Geographiques Des Principaux Estats de Lunivers".This atlas is based ...

$300 / ≈ €276
Publisher: JOLLAIN, G.
Date: Paris, 1667


Two polar calottes from a globe.

Two polar calottes from 110 centimeters in diameter globe of 1688 including the northern part of Baffin Bay, Greenland, Iceland, Nova Zembla. Coronelli elected to follow ...

$2000 / ≈ €1839
Publisher: CORONELLI, V. M.
Date: Venice, 1696


La Terre du Nord.

Map of the Arctic Circle, set within a series of decorative borders, printed from a different copper plate. All counties that lie within or near to the North Pole are sho...

$1200 / ≈ €1104
Publisher: VAN DER AA, P.
Date: Amsterdam, 1713


This Draught of the North Pole is to show all the Countries near and adjacent to it . . .

The polar map shows the latest discoveries and routes of numerous explorers during their attempts to find a Northwest and Northeast Passage, including James, Hudson, and ...

$300 / ≈ €276
Publisher: MOLL, H.
Date: London, ca. 1728


Carte Phisique de la Mer Glaciale Arctique. . .

Very unusual thematic map designed to illustrate the watersheds of the world, after Buache and prepared by J.B.Nolin and published by Monhare for his Atlas Général a l'...

$300 / ≈ €276
Publisher: MONDHARE / NOLIN, J.B.
Date: Paris, 1783


Die Obere oder Nordliche Halbkugel der Erde auf den Horizont von Wien, Sterographisch Entworfen ... [together with] Die Untere oder Sudliche Halbkugel der Erde auf den Horizont von Wien, Stereographisch ...

A set of two uncommon large format maps of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, based upon the work of Johann Anton Ecker (1755-1820). First published in 1794, this is t...

$2000 / ≈ €1839
Publisher: ECKER, J. A.
Date: Vienna, Phil. Jos Schalbacher, 1800


Stanford's Map of the countries round the North Pole.

A scarce example of Edward Stanford’s map depicting the entire Arctic Region. In the Russia section, the map extends until the Caspian Sea.To the left an explanation of...

$500 / ≈ €460
Publisher: STANFORD, E.
Date: London, 1875


Région arctique.

Decorative map of the North Pole, prepared by Louis Vivien de Saint-Martin (* 22. Mai 1802 in Saint-Martin de Fontenay, died 3 January 1897 in Paris). He was one of the m...

$450 / ≈ €414
Date: Paris, Hachette, 1877


Régions Polaires.

Eight maps on one sheet, showing the North and South Poles, with adjective regions. Taken from "Atlas Universel" by Chesneau and Ch. Bonnesseur. Engraved by R. ...

$50 / ≈ €46
Publisher: HACHETTE
Date: Paris, 1931