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Strabonis illustrissimi scriptoris Geographia decem et septem libros continens.

First edition was published in Paris in the sixteenth century and the first with the preface by Thibaud Pigenat. Translation from Greek into Latin by Gregorio Tifernate a...

$5000 / ≈ €4679
Maker / Publisher: STRABO.
Place & Date: Paris, Hémon Le Fèvre, 1512


Claudii Ptolemaei Alexandrini mathematicor[um] ...Octo libri Geographie. . .

Third edition of "Géographie" by Ptolemy and published in Strasbourg. Illustrated with 50 maps engraved in wood. One of the more important maps is showing the ...

$85000 / ≈ €79536
Maker / Publisher: PTOLEMEE, C. / FRIES. L.
Place & Date: Strasbourg, J. Grüninger, 1522


DESCRIPTION DE TOUT LE PAIS BAS Autrement dict La Germanie Inferieure, ou Basse-Allemaigne…

First French edition. Illustrated with a coat of arms and portrait of Philips II, with a folding map of The Netherlands and maps and views of Brabant, Louvain, Brussel, A...

$4500 / ≈ €4211
Maker / Publisher: GUICCIARDINI, L.
Place & Date: Anvers. Guillaume Silvius, 1567


Strabonis nobilissimi et doctissimi philosophi ac geographi Rervm geographicarum commentarij libris XVII contenti, Latini facti Gvilielmo Xylandro Augustano interprete. . .

A few marginal annotations (pp. 109-111), in a 19th c. hand. Latin translation with a commentary by Wilhelm Holtzmann, also called Guglielmus Xylander. (1532-1576), libra...

$15000 / ≈ €14036
Maker / Publisher: STRABO / MÜNSTER, S.
Place & Date: Basle, Henri Petri, 1571


Theatrum praecipuarum urbium Ducatus Brabantiae. / bound with : [Hogenbergs Geschichtsblätter].

Volume including two series :1st series : [Schut, Pieter Hendricksz]. Theatrum praecipuarum urbium Ducatus Brabantiae… Illustrated with an engraved title page and 43 pl...

$6000 / ≈ €5614
Maker / Publisher: [SCHUT, Pieter Hendricksz.] / VISSCHER, N. J.
Place & Date: (Amsterdam), N. Visscher, 1657 / Cologne, 1566-1579


Cosmographie, ou description des quatre parties du Monde...

Fourth French edition (first French collective edition), considerably enlarged with the double-page truncated cordiform world map "Charte cosmographique", in us...

$5000 / ≈ €4679
Maker / Publisher: APIANUS, Petrus / FRISIUS, Gemma.
Place & Date: Antwerp, Jean Bellere, a l'Aigle d'Or, 1581


Novus de Leone Belgico eiusq topographia atq. Historica descriptione liber (…). Rerumque in Belgio maxime gestarum, inde ab anno Christi M.D.LIX. Usque ad annum M.D.LXXXVII perpetua narratione continatus.

ENLARGED EDITION, with 207 (of 208) engravings of a famous eyewitness account of the Dutch Revolt, with the famous "Leo Belgicus" map, here in its second state...

$39000 / ≈ €36493
Maker / Publisher: AITSINGER (EYZINGER), Michael von.
Place & Date: Cologne, Gerardus Campensis for Frans Hogenberg, 1588


Description de tovts les Pays-Bas, autrement appellez, la Germanie Inferieure, ov Basse Allemagne / par Messire Loys Gvicciardin [...]

Fine early edition of the French oblong edition of this famous description of the Low Countries. For the French edition most plates are newly engraved by Petrus Kaerius.....

$3500 / ≈ €3275
Maker / Publisher: GUICCIARDINI, L.
Place & Date: Arnhem, Janssonius, J.,1613


Nieuw Nederlandtsch Caertboeck. Waer in volkomentlijcker als oyt te voren vertoont werden de XVII. Nederlanden.

Rare first edition of this atlas of the provinces of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. Engraved title page, with : "Gedruckt t' Amsterdam by Abraham Goos Plaet...

$2750 / ≈ €2573
Maker / Publisher: GOOS, A.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1616


Composite atlas of the Low Countries.

A composite atlas comprising 18 double-page engraved maps by or after Hessel Gerritsz, Theodoor Galle, Jacob van Deventer, Gerard Mercator, Peter Verbiest, Jean Surhon, C...

$100000 / ≈ €93572
Maker / Publisher: GALLE, Theodoor.
Place & Date: [Antwerp, c. 1633


Carte Generalles des Royaumes & Provinces, de la haute et basse Allemagne, Reveües et Corigées, par le Sr. Tassin, Geographe Ordinaire de Sa Ma.té.

Illustrated with 51 (of 52) maps of The Netherlands, Belgiem, Germany, France, Poland, Bohemia...Christophe Tassin, who was active from 1633 till 1655, was appointed 'roy...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: TASSIN, Christophe.
Place & Date: Paris, [Sébastien Cramoisy], 1633


La Flamboyante Colomne des Pays-Bas. Autrement dict les XVII Provinces. Chez Jacob Colom.

Rare atlas of the Low Countries, by Jacob Colom, in an early – first- French edition. The atlas was first printed in Dutch (1635) and than in 1636 in French, using the ...

$3000 / ≈ €2807
Maker / Publisher: COLOM, J. A.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1636


Histoire de la Navigation.

A fine example of Linschoten's classic illustrated travelogue to the East and West Indies, termed by Lach “the most important of the firsthand accounts published indepe...

$70000 / ≈ €65500
Maker / Publisher: LINSCHOTEN, J.H.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, Evert Cloppenburgh, 1638


[Two vomlumes, with two Leo maps] De Bello Belgico, Decas Prima / Decas Secunda.

With 2 engraved titles of the 'Leo Belgicus', with one paw resting on a shield bearing the title, large woodcut printer's device on the colophons, and 30 richly engraved ...

$7500 / ≈ €7018
Maker / Publisher: STRADA, Famiano.
Place & Date: Rome, Franciscus Corbelletus, 1632-1647


Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae, dat is, Het Reysboeck der heyligher Schrift

This is a scarce 1648 Dutch edition of Büntings "Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae" printed in Leeuwarden. The book includes 6 folding maps and 2 plates. The book ...

$3000 / ≈ €2807
Maker / Publisher: BÜNTING, H.
Place & Date: Leeuwarden, de Vries, Jan Jansz., 1648


Chorographica descriptio provinciarum, et conventum fratrum minorum S. Francisci Capucinorum...

All maps are good and dark impressions. Several maps with slight foxing and browning, the folding map with 2 splits (top right part 10 cm and lower left part 6 cm into en...

$15000 / ≈ €14036
Maker / Publisher: MONTECALERIO, Ioannis. A / GUCHEN, Maximus.
Place & Date: Turin, 1649


Geographisches-Toneel, Of uitgezochte kaarten, Tot gemak der Officieren, Reisigers en Liefhebbers.

Pocket atlas, not in Koeman, but similar to Koeman III, p. 99 (Rat 1) of which our atlas is a later edition.Illustrated with 41 engraved maps, of which two are in origina...

$2000 / ≈ €1871
Maker / Publisher: RATELBAND, Johannes.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, D. Weege, 1653


L'Affrique En Plusieurs Cartes Nouvelles, et exactes, &c.

Edition illustrated with 18 maps in original outline colors dated 1656. No date and title page and maps not numbered (according to Pastoureau 1 C, maps are numbered).Nico...

$2400 / ≈ €2246
Maker / Publisher: SANSON, N.
Place & Date: Paris, l'Auteur, after 1662


Novus Atlas Absolutissimus... Die Wasser-Welt, oder See-Atlas.

Volume IX (Sea-Atlas) of the "Novus Atlas Absolutissimus". German text, letterpress title on slip within hand-colored engraved architectural border, heightened...

$32500 / ≈ €30411
Maker / Publisher: JANSSONIUS, J.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, Janssonius heirs, 1657 [after 1664


Diverses cartes et tables pour la géographie ancienne, pour la chronologie et pour les itinéraires et voyages modernes.

Edition without date. Variant edition containing three parts : "Cartes géographiques dressées pour bien entendre les Historiens… / La Chronologie en plusieurs Ta...

$7500 / ≈ €7018
Maker / Publisher: DUVAL, P.
Place & Date: Paris, l'Auteur, no date ca.1669


French composite atlas made up of rare maps published by Parisian editors from the 17th century , mainly by G. Jollain including scarce maps of America.

A rare French composite atlas including 90 maps, published by Parisian publishers from the 17th century, mainly by Gérard I Jollain, or by maps bought from Dutch publish...

$95000 / ≈ €88893
Maker / Publisher: JOLLAIN, G.
Place & Date: Paris, ca. 1675


Introductio in universam geographiam tam veterem, quám novam... et tabulis geographicis aucta studio & operâ Johannis Bunonis. . .

Engraved title with minor ink dash, title with former owner's signatures Joannes Steuchig, (could be the Swedish archbishop Johannes Steuchius (1676-1742). D. Hildebrand ...

$3000 / ≈ €2807
Maker / Publisher: CLUVERIUS, P.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1676


De Bello Belgico decades duae ab excessu... [including lion map]

Included in Famiani Stradae Romani è Societate Jesu de Bello Belgico Decas duae... .Published by Johann Godfried Martin Schönwetter. The book was first published in 165...

$3500 / ≈ €3275
Maker / Publisher: STRADA
Place & Date: Frankfurt am Main, Schönwetter, 1699


Introduction à la géographie en plusieurs cartes avec leur explication. Par les Srs Sanson Géographes Ordinaires du Roy. Dédiée à Monseigneur Jean Paul Bignon.

An extremely rare scientific atlas, published in 1707, followed by 29 maps published and oft corrected by P. Moullart-Sanson, with 18 maps relating to the Americas.First ...

$7500 / ≈ €7018
Maker / Publisher: SANSON, les Srs. / MOULLART-SANSON, Pierre.
Place & Date: Paris, Dans le Cloître de St Nicolas du Louvre, 1707


Introduction a la Geographie..

Second edition of this charming travel compendium illustrated with a fine world map in two hemispheres prepared by de l'Isle. California as an island. The hemispheres are...

$2000 / ≈ €1871
Maker / Publisher: DE FER, N. / DANET
Place & Date: Paris, 1717


Le Nouveau et Curieux Atlas Geographique et historique, ou Le Divertissement des Empereurs, Roys, et Princes. Tant dans la Guerre que dans la Paix. Dédié A Son A.R. Monseigneur le Duc d'Orléans Regent du Roîaume de France.

Charming world atlas with double hemisphere world and the North American map feature the Island of California.. In Asia and the Pacific, Australia is incompletely mapped ...

$2300 / ≈ €2152
Maker / Publisher: CHIQUET, J.
Place & Date: Paris, chez Chereau, 1719


Le Nouveau et Curieux Atlas Geographique et historique, ou Le Divertissement des Empereurs, Roys, et Princes. Tant dans la Guerre que dans la Paix. Dédié A Son A.R. Monseigneur le Duc d'Orléans Regent du Roîaume de France.

Charming world atlas with double hemisphere world and the North American map feature the Island of California. In Asia and the Pacific, Australia is incompletely mapped a...

$2300 / ≈ €2152
Maker / Publisher: CHIQUET, J.
Place & Date: Paris, 1719


Le Nouveau Theatre du Monde, ou la Geographie Royale composée de nouvelles cartes tres-exactes..

Pieter van der Aa (1659 1733) was a prolific late seventeenth and early eighteenth-century publisher. His output was not just restricted to atlases: he also produced topo...

$29500 / ≈ €27604
Maker / Publisher: AA, P. van der.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1720


[12 volumes] Recueil des voyages qui ont servi à l'établissement et aux progrez de la Compagnie des Indes Orientales, forméedans les Provinces-Unies des Païs-Bas...

An important richly illustrated compendium of the first Dutch voyages to East India, of great interest for the history and establisment of the Dutch global trade, particu...

$5000 / ≈ €4679
Maker / Publisher: DE RENNEVILLE, R.A.C.
Place & Date: Rouen, Pierre Le Boucher, 1725


Beschrijving van Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indien. Vervattende een Naukeurige en uitvoerige verhandelinge van Nederlands Mogentheyd [...] met meer dan thien honderd en vyftig Prentverbeeldingen verrykt...

"The most comprehensive work on Asia published in Europe during the early colonial period" (Landwehr). The first book to give a comprehensive account in text an...

$25000 / ≈ €23393
Maker / Publisher: VALENTIJN,
Place & Date: Dordrecht /Amsterdam, 1724-1726


Avantures du Sr. C. Le Beau, avocat en parlement ou Voyage curieux et nouveau parmi les Sauvages de l'Amérique Septentrionale. Dans lequel on trouvera une Description du Canada… Ouvrage enrichi d'une Carte et des figures necessaires.

A description of Huron, Iroquois, and Algonquin customs, written in charming style and based, the Author claims, on observations made on a trip to America in 1729." ...

$2500 / ≈ €2339
Maker / Publisher: LE BEAU, C.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1738


(Chatelain "Atlas Historique" in 7 volumes.]

Henri Abraham Chatelain, whose Atlas Historique was one of the most expansive encyclopedias of the age. First published in 1705, Chatelain's Atlas Historique was part o...

$40000 / ≈ €37429
Maker / Publisher: CHATELAIN, H.
Place & Date: Amsterdam: Chez Zacharie Châtelain, 1732 - 1739


Atlas Minor praecipua Orbis Terrarum Imperia, Regna et Provincias Germinae Potissimum, tabellis 50 exacte delineatis fiftens usui militiae ducum ac peregrinantium maxime accommodatus opera.

This collection of highly attractive maps were drawn by Georg Matheus Seutter and his son Albrecht Carl. Georg Matheus was one of the most important German Cartographers ...

$5250 / ≈ €4913
Maker / Publisher: SEUTTER, G. M.
Place & Date: Augsburg, 1744


ATLAS RUSSICUS mappa una generali et undeviginti specialibus vastissimum Imperium Russicum cum adiacentibus regionibus [repeated in French].

After an unnumbered general map of Russia there are 13 numbered maps that cover European Russia (scale 1, 1.527.000). The other (last) 6 maps cover Asian Russia (Siberia,...

$40000 / ≈ €37429
Maker / Publisher: Akademie von Wissenschaften
Place & Date: St Peterburg, Akademie von Wissenschaften. 1745


Le Théâtre du monde dédié au roi contenant les cartes générales et particulières des royaumes et états qui le composent.

The present example of the Théâtre du monde is the reissue of 1746 by Jean-Baptiste Nolin II. This scarce atlas is illustrated with 123 maps mostly double-page, in orig...

$135000 / ≈ €126322
Maker / Publisher: NOLIN, J.-B.
Place & Date: Paris, 1746


Der curiose und ... Nüssliche Dollmetscher..

Rare atlas and containing geographical descriptions of all continents. Illustrated with 30 very finely engraved and beautifully colored maps in attractive original strong...

$6000 / ≈ €5614
Maker / Publisher: ERDMAN MACHENBAUER, J.A.
Place & Date: Augsburg, 1748


Comté d'Hollande, seigneurie d'Utrecht, comtés de Zelande, de Zutphen et duché de Brabant &c. Dressés sur les Mémoires faits par ordre des Estats Généraux et augmentés sur les Observations nouvelles.

Pocket atlas illustrated with a folded engraved title, a general map and 34 folded maps, including maps of the Netherlands, Belgium and parts of Germany.Provenance : Ex-l...

$2400 / ≈ €2246
Maker / Publisher: CREPY.
Place & Date: Paris, Crépy, ca. 1748


't Hooge Heemraedschap van Delfland met alle de Steden, Dorpen, Ambachten, Litmaten, Polders, (etc.).

The so-called Kruquius map is a wall-map of the Delfland water board district. The map consists of 25 engraved map sheets. Several maps flanked by fine large armorial car...

$4750 / ≈ €4445
Maker / Publisher: KRUIKIUS, N. / J.
Place & Date: Delft, 1712-1750


Cartes et tables de la géographie physique ou naturelle. Présentées au Roi le 15. Mai 1757.

A selection of maps demonstrating Philippe Buache's methods of constructing maps from the observations and reports of sailors and navigators of various parts of the world...

$8500 / ≈ €7954
Maker / Publisher: DE L'ISLE, G / BUACHE, P.
Place & Date: Paris, 1757


Kort begrip der oude en nieuwe staatkundige Geographie: behelzende eene beschryving der heerschappyen, in welken de aarde verdeeld is, haare gelegenheid. . .

Sixth edition- Interesting geographical compendium, prepared by Johann Hubner en W.A. Bachiene. Of particular interest is the section starting with pages 589 with "O...

$650 / ≈ €608
Maker / Publisher: HUBNER, J. / BACHIENE, W. A.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, Covens / Mortier, Utrecht, Poolsum, 1758


Etrennes interessantes des quartre parties du monde..

A charming almanac for the year 1778. The maps are engraved by Durand et Le Roy, and each map has the name of the author Giovanni Antonio Battista Rizzi-Zannoni. This cha...

$2500 / ≈ €2339
Maker / Publisher: DU CAILLE, Louis Alexandre
Place & Date: Paris, 1760


Ch'onha chido.[Atlas of all under Heaven]

A late 18th century Ch'onha chido atlas with 13 woodblock maps showing the World, China, Korea, Japan, Okinawa, and the 8 provinces. The seas are in black.

$5500 / ≈ €5146
Maker / Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Place & Date: Korea, ca. 1760


Atlas Geographicus portatilis XXIX mappis orbis habitabilis

Fine pocket atlas containing a world and celestial map, further maps of the four continents and of European countries. The map of America has a blank coastline north to C...

$2750 / ≈ €2573
Maker / Publisher: LOTTER, T.C.
Place & Date: Augsburg 1762


Histoire universelle depuis le commmencement du monde jusqu'a present. Tome Vingt-unieme. Portugais, Espagnols, Hollanois etc

Volume 21 of this informative publication with a description of the discoveries, conquests, and settlements by the Portuguese, Spaniards, English, and Dutch in Southeast ...

$1500 / ≈ €1404
Maker / Publisher: BELLIN, J.N. / ARKSTEE / MERKUS
Place & Date: Amsterdam, Leipzig, 1763


Almanach géographique ou petit atlas élémentaire composé de Cartes générales et particulières des différens Empires, Royaumes et Républiques de l'Europe. . .

Charming almanac with two engraved dedication and title page, portrait of Christian VII. Roy de Dannemarck et de Norvège.The map of Asia is of interest for the use of Ko...

$3000 / ≈ €2807
Maker / Publisher: DESNOS.
Place & Date: Paris, 1770


A view of the earth : being a short but comprehensive system of modern geography graphy ...

The Third Edition. First work with seven engraved maps (including a twin-hemisphere world map, continents), plate of a globe, engraved illustrations in the text including...

$1750 / ≈ €1638
Maker / Publisher: TURNER, R.
Place & Date: London, S. Crowder and S. Gamidge, 1771


Nouvel atlas geographique & historique.. / Nieuwe en geographische en historische Atlas..

This second edition of this charming travel compendium is becoming relatively scarce nowadays.Illustrated with a charming frontispiece, two uncolored plates of a sphere, ...

$2750 / ≈ €2573
Maker / Publisher: DE LET,H./ BAALDE,S.J.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1778


Ch'onha chido. [Atlas of all under Heaven]

A late 18th century Ch'onha chido atlas with 10 woodblock maps showing the World, China and the 8 province maps of Korea, bound into thicker mulberry paper covers. One ma...

$4500 / ≈ €4211
Maker / Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Place & Date: Korea, ca. 1780


Tablaeu de l'Univers premiere partie/ .. seconde partie.

Uncommon and interesting manual containing a double hemisphere world map (with fine outer decoration and showing an imagined great sea in West America, easily the size of...

$750 / ≈ €702
Maker / Publisher: DESOER, F.J.
Place & Date: Luik, Belgium, 1784


Atlas in elephant folio.

Most of D'Anville's atlases were made up for the individual customer, so no two appear alike. Many of the 59 pages are multi-sheet maps, so the actual map sheet count is ...

$21000 / ≈ €19650
Maker / Publisher: ANVILLE (Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'
Place & Date: Paris, 1771-1786


Cartes pour le tom V de mineraux. (Atlas des cartes des déclinaisons et inclinaisons de l'aiguille aimantée, rédigées d'après la Table des observations ...

Cartes pour le tom V de mineraux. (Atlas des cartes des déclinaisons et inclinaisons de l'aiguille aimantée, rédigées d'après la Table des observations magnétiques ...

$2500 / ≈ €2339
Maker / Publisher: BUFFON, Georges-Louis Leclerc, comte de.
Place & Date: Paris, 1783-1788


CH'ONHA CHIDO [Atlas of all under Heaven]

The Ch’onha chido [Atlas of all under Heaven] is a late 18th century copy of the traditional Korean atlas produced in the early Choson dynasty (1392-1910). One of the m...

$30000 / ≈ €28072
Maker / Publisher: Anonymous
Place & Date: Korea, ca. 1790


Boertige reis door Europa. . . [with] Europa volgens de nieuwste verdeeling. . .

Rare illustrated publication including a rare map of Europe as a regal queen with the title "Geheimzinnige toebereidselen tot eene boertige reis door Europa. [...] v...

$2000 / ≈ €1871
Maker / Publisher: BOHN, F.
Place & Date: Haarlem, 1794


Atlas géographique des quatre parties du monde.

Interesting atlas printed during the French Revolution (1789-1799) by Ph. Dezauche. The title cartouche of the newly made map (6bis) "Carte de France, suivant sa nou...

$17500 / ≈ €16375
Maker / Publisher: L'ISLE, G. de. / BUACHE / DEZAUCHE.
Place & Date: Paris, Dezauche, De L'Isle et Buache, 1789-1799


A new and easy introduction to universal geography: In a series of letters to a youth at school. . . The ninth edition, improved and considerably enlarged.

This is the interesting ninth edition, with 26 full-page maps as called for in "Directions to the binder". The ninth edition was improved and considerably enlar...

$800 / ≈ €749
Maker / Publisher: TURNER, R.
Place & Date: London, 1800


Voyage de découvertes aux Terres Australes. Historique. Atlas Deuxième partie.

First edition of the second part of the atlas by Freycinet, part of his important book "Voyage de découvertes aux Terres Australes". Illustrated with two foldi...

$7500 / ≈ €7018
Maker / Publisher: FREYCINET, L.
Place & Date: Paris, Langlois, 1811


Breves tratados de esfera y geografía universal, con algunas noticias históricas, en especial en lo perteneciente a España, para instruccion de la juventud.

Third edition of this popular Spanish Atlas for children, illustrated with 6 folding engraved "blind" maps, all finely colored by hand, in the main part in orig...

$750 / ≈ €702
Maker / Publisher: LOSADA, Juan Cayetano.
Place & Date: Madrid, Impreta de Collado, 1814


Grand atlas universel ou collection de cartes encyprotypes, générales et détaillées des cinq parties du monde.

Large folio atlas containing 8 general one-sheet maps, and 8 detailed four-sheet maps: Containing2 World maps- "Mappe-monde sur la projection de Mercator. Carte ency...

$6000 / ≈ €5614
Maker / Publisher: BRUE (Adrien Hubert).
Place & Date: Paris, Desray, 1816


Neptune des Côtes Occidentales de France.

Large maritime atlas illustrated with a handwritten title, a table and 47 single or double page charts. The charts show the western coasts of France as well as the Spanis...

$12000 / ≈ €11229
Maker / Publisher: Dépôt de la Marine.
Place & Date: Paris, 1776-1822


Bibliomappe. Chronologie Historique et Géographique par MM. Année et Vivien bound with : Bibliomappe, ou Livre-Cartes: Leçons Méthodiques de Chronologie et de Géographie, . . .

With 67 maps (1 folding) by A.M. Perrot. Published in Paris. Most maps have original color. The atlas is complete very rare, as it was issued in 15 separate installments ...

$1750 / ≈ €1638
Maker / Publisher: ANNEE et VIVIEN / [BAILLEUL, Jacques-Charles].
Place & Date: Paris, Renard, 1827 / 1824-1826


Les jeunes voyageurs en Europe, ou description raisonnée des divers pays compris dans cette partie du monde.

The second edition of this fine travel companion is illustrated with 16 very decorative maps, each map surrounded by local products and specialties of the region. Include...

$1200 / ≈ €1123
Maker / Publisher: (BRIAND, P.-C.).
Place & Date: Paris, Thiériot, 1827


Atlas Universel de Géographie. Sixième partie - Océanique.

Volume 6 including detailed maps of Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Pacific islands, Indonesia and 3 maps of the Philippines. With title page and one general map.Supporte...

$5500 / ≈ €5146
Maker / Publisher: VANDERMAELEN, Ph.
Place & Date: Brussels 1827


Manuscript atlas.

Charming manuscript atlas with 6 maps, pen and ink and water color, showing France, Europe, Africa, Palestine, North America and South America.The atlas is done by a youn...

$2200 / ≈ €2059
Maker / Publisher: BERNARD.
Place & Date: France, 1835


Aou, Tōkei. Kokugun Zenzu [Atlas of Provinces and Counties of Japan]. (volume 1 only)

First edition. Very attractive early Japanese Atlas of detailed maps of Japanese regions compiled by six Japanese civilians in the eighth year (1837) of the Tenpō era (...

$1750 / ≈ €1638
Maker / Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Place & Date: [Nagoya]: Tōheidō, Tenpō 8 = 1837


The Cerographic Missionary Atlas. [Imprint inside front cover:] Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1848, By Se. E. Morse & Co.,....

An unusually and quite early American atlas of areas where missionary activity was being, or could be conducted. Including two global hemispheres showing North and South ...

$1250 / ≈ €1170
Maker / Publisher: MORSE, S.E.
Place & Date: New York, 1848


[Collection of six maps of Australia and New Zealand.]

Collection of maps including 6 engraved maps by 19th century German, French and English cartographers depicting Australia and New Zealand.This made to order atlas contain...

$6500 / ≈ €6082
Maker / Publisher: Dumoulin-Dumont d'Urville / Kiepert, H./ Weiland, C.F.
Place & Date: Germany, 1832-1852


Atlas Sphéroïdal et Universel de Géographie. Dressé à l'aide des documents officiels, récemment publiés en France et à l'étranger.

World atlas divided in 6 sections : World and spheres, Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania, Illustrated with 63 maps in original colors, 22 double-page maps and 41 ...

$4000 / ≈ €3743
Maker / Publisher: GARNIER, F.A.
Place & Date: Paris, Veuve Jules Renouard, 1862


The Family Atlas Containing Eighty maps Constructed by Eminent Geographers. . .

Un unrecorded later edition of the S.D.U.K. Family atlas, with 80 plus one extra map. Most maps are single sheet but several are double page maps. Printed on heavy paper ...

$1600 / ≈ €1497
Maker / Publisher: S.D.U.K.
Place & Date: London Edward Stanford, 1874


内務省地理局 (Administratif atlas of the Empire of Japan.)

Atlas of Japan published by the Home Ministry shortly after the start of Meiji period. The atlas contains 16 double page maps, with the border in original out line colors...

$550 / ≈ €515
Maker / Publisher: Home Ministry (内務省, Naimu-shō)
Place & Date: Tokyo, Meiji 14 or 1881


Atlas des Missions Catholiques.

Vingt cartes teintées, avec texte explicatif par R. P. O. Werner de la Compagnie de Jésus. Traduit de l’Allemand, revu et augmenté par M. Valérien Groffier, auteur ...

$1000 / ≈ €936
Maker / Publisher: WERNER, R. P. O.
Place & Date: Lyon, 1886


Atlas des Missions de la Société des Missions-Étrangères. . .

This scarce atlas contains maps showing the locations of the Catholic missions belonging to the Société des Missions Étrangères in Asia. It covers India, Burma, Siam,...

$4000 / ≈ €3743
Maker / Publisher: LAUNAY, Adrien
Place & Date: Lille, 1890


The Royal Primrose Atlas. 'A Complete Desk Companion & Blotter Combining The Most Interesting And Up-To-Date Maps Showing Steamer Routes, Railways And Motor Roads.

Contains 17 maps, an introduction plus various diagrams and statistics throughout. End pages consist of promotional material for John Knight Ltd. (Est. 1817) Manufacturer...

$350 / ≈ €328
Maker / Publisher: KNIGHT, J.
Place & Date: London, ca. 1914


[Atlas] Images du Monde. Atlas Illustré.

In original green publishers green covered cloth covers, complete with a contents table and 33 pictorial maps of countries of the world (including continents and a world ...

$200 / ≈ €187
Maker / Publisher: SCHALL.
Place & Date: Paris, 1942