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[East Asia]

Wood block printed map and one of earliest printed representation of East Asia and centered on Amenia, prepared Martin Waldseemüller. Based on the slightly larger map fr...

$2200 / ≈ €2200
Publisher: PTOLEMY,C ./ TRECHSEL, G.
Date: Vienna, 1525 -1541


India Orientalis.

The rare Samuel Purchas' edition of the Mercator/Hondius Atlas Minor atlas map. Thisearly map of the East Indies was published in his famous collection of voyages His Pil...

$300 / ≈ €300
Publisher: HONDIUS, J. / PURCHAS, S.
Date: London, 1625


Bagdad, in Babÿlonie of Chaldea nu Irak.

Magnificent early bird's eye- of Bagdad in Iraq. Etched by Gaspar Bouttats (1640-1695).The Antwerp based publisher Jacques Peeters published ca. 1690 a series of prints r...

$300 / ≈ €300
Publisher: PEETERS, J. / BOUTTATS, G.
Date: Antwerp, c.1690


Terki, ville de la Circassie, dans l'Asie.

A very detailed panoramic view of Terki in the Caucasus, the capital of one of the most powerful Dagestani potentates of southeast Asia.Foreground filled with locals.

$225 / ≈ €225
Publisher: AA, P. van der
Date: Leiden, c. 1719


[64] Syrie/ Tripoli

Charming little charts of the harbour of the town of Tripoli, Syria in modern Lebanon. Showing town and harbour plan, with soundings, anchorages, rocks, shoals, fortifica...

$80 / ≈ €80
Publisher: ROUX, J.
Date: Marseille, 1764


Carte de la Côte Orientale du Golfe du Bengale.

French sea chart of coast northeast of India. Latitude and longitude scales, compass rose and system of rhumb lines, soundings near coast and in bay areas.D' Après de Ma...

$200 / ≈ €200
Date: Paris, ca 1775


Turchia Nell' Asia antica, e moderna.

Rare map of Armenia, Palestine, Turkey and northern Arabia, from "Atlante Novissimo ad uso Dei Giovani Studiosi Contenuto In Carte XXVII.", published by Giovann...

$200 / ≈ €200
Publisher: ZEMPEL, G.
Date: Rome, 1780


Essai d'une nouvelle carte de la Mer Caspienne.

Map of the Caspian Sea including cities/towns and regions. Engraved by de master engraver Guill. De-la-Haye., dated "Novembre 1754". Most place names in French...

$75 / ≈ €75
Publisher: ANVILLE, J.B.D'
Date: Paris, c. 1786


[Abiti de' tibetani].

Aquatint depicting a group of Tibetans, in the early 1800s. Plate N°8.From Giulio Ferrario's work Le Costume Ancien et Moderne ou Histoire du gouvernement, de la milice,...

$100 / ≈ €100
Publisher: FERRARIO, G.
Date: Milan, 1827


Issidori mansiones parthicae a seleucia ad Alexandropolin archosiae.

Map showing Iran and the southern tip of the Caspian Sea. Published in 1855 by Karl Müller as part of his work "Geographi Graeci Minores".Muller wrote in Latin...

$35 / ≈ €35
Publisher: MULLER, K. W. L.
Date: Paris, Ambrosio Firmin Didot, 1855


Inde, Chine, Indo-Chine et Japon.

A decorative map of India, China, Japan and East Asia from Géographie Universelle, Atlas Migeon, published by J. Migeon. In lower right corner a view of Calcutta and to ...

$120 / ≈ €120
Publisher: MIGEON, J.
Date: Paris, 1874


[Escape map] N°34 Southeast Asia + Northeast Asia.

A fine "survival map" or "escape map" of China compiled for the U.S. Army Air Forces. South China side has an inset of Taiwan (Formosa). These light-w...

$125 / ≈ €125
Date: Washington, D.C. 1944


Political Map of Asiatic Coastal Area.

A strongly colored, large map of the Asiatic Coastal countries. All countries are color coded. Maps coverage is from China and Japan in the north, south to the tips of Su...

$450 / ≈ €450
Date: Chicago, ca 1952