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Pole arctique ou terre du Septentrion.

Rare map of the North Pole, published by Jollain in 1667. Published in "Trésor Des Cartes Geographiques Des Principaux Estats de Lunivers".This atlas is based ...

$450 / ≈ €450
Publisher: JOLLAIN, G.
Date: Paris, 1667



Attractive copper engraving, depicting Huron Indians or Wynadot / Wendat people hunting and gathering .From the French text edition of Description d'Univers, 1683. by All...

$75 / ≈ €75
Publisher: MALLET, A.M.
Date: Paris, 1683



A charming view of Quebec. Title in curtain draped at top. French text on verso.From the original 1683 text edition of "Description d'Univers. . ." by Allain Ma...

$150 / ≈ €150
Date: Paris, 1683


Carte du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France.

Fourth state of the map of Canada published by Delisle with the imprint "sur le Quai de l’Horloge a l’Aigle d’Or avec Privilege pour 20 ans, 1703". Beneat...

$500 / ≈ €500
Publisher: DE L'ISLE, G.
Date: Paris, 1703


Carte qui contient la manière.. Niagara..

A series of 12 engravings together with descriptive text, derived from the works of Lahontan and Hennepin, illustrating the methods of the Indians hunting buffalo and sim...

$400 / ≈ €400
Publisher: CHATELAIN, H.
Date: The Hague 1720


Carte du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France.

A later edition of Guillaume De l'Isle's map. It still includes the fictitious discoveries of Baron de Lahoutan: the legendary River Longue etc. The northwest corner of H...

$1100 / ≈ €1100
Publisher: COVENS, J. / MORTIER, C.
Date: Amsterdam, 1730


Karte von Hudsons Meerenge und Meer Busen.

Folding map of the Hudson Bay.

$250 / ≈ €250
Publisher: ELLIS, H.
Date: Göttingen : A. Vandenhoeck, 1750


Partie de l'Amerique Septent ...

A fine copy of this map of New Foundland, Nova Scotia and the course of the St.Laurence to Lake Ontario. An inset shows Bellini's famous and important map of the Great La...

$800 / ≈ €800
Publisher: VAUGONDY, R. de
Date: Paris, 1755


Vorstellung Einiger Gegenden und Plaetze in Nord-America unter Franzoesisch und Englische Jurisdiction Gehoerig zu Finden bey den Homaennischen Erben in Nurnberg Ao. 1756.

Three town plans on one sheet of eastern Canada, including Quebec, Louisbourg and Halifax towns which the English and French fought to conquer on the American continent f...

$1000 / ≈ €1000
Publisher: HOMANN HEIRS.
Date: Nuremberg, 1756


Carte Réduite De La Partie Septentrionale De L'' Isle De Terre Neuve..

A well engraved and highly detailed chart, corrected to 1767. Elaborate hand-colored cartouche, rhumb lines.Shows northern part of Newfoundland and southern coast of Labr...

$850 / ≈ €850
Publisher: BELLIN, J.N.
Date: Paris, 1767


The Coast of New Found Land From Salmon Cove to Cape Bonavista. . . [together with] The Coast of New Found Land from Cape-Raze to Cape St-Francis.

Two charts showing the coast of New Found Land from Salmon Cove to Cape Bonavista and from Cape-Raze to Cape St-Francis. With inset chart of Trinity HarborGrierson publis...

$2000 / ≈ €2000
Date: Dublin, 1767


Nieuwe kaart van Kanada . . .

Nice map of the Bay of Hudson, In Labrador, a small inset of Nova Scotia. The map is dated 1769. All text is in Dutch. The map shows the region shortly after the conclusi...

$500 / ≈ €500
Publisher: TIRION, I.
Date: Amsterdam, 1769


Plan der Stadt Quebec Haupstadt in Neu Franckreich oder Canada.

Town-plan of Quebec, with an inset view of the town in the lower right corner. In the upper right a recapitulation of the main military actions prior to the surrender of ...

$475 / ≈ €475
Date: Nurnberg, 1770


Grund Riss der Americanischen Insuln Cape Breton, St. Iean und Anticosti im Flusse S. Laurencii..

Map representing the eastern part of Nova Scotia, namely Cape Breton and Prince Edward Islands. With an inset map of Anticosti Island on top.

$450 / ≈ €450
Date: Nurnberg, 1770


[Upper sheet map only] The Provinces New York, and New Jersey with part of Pensilvania and the Province of Quebec.

Rare separately issued map, unfortunately only the upper part of the map. It is a variant of this important colonial map. The upper sheet showing the upper course of the ...

$750 / ≈ €750
Publisher: HOLLAND, S./ BROENNER, H.L.
Date: Frankfurt, 1777


Carte Des Parties Du Nord-Ouest De L'Amerique Suivant les Voyages de Middleton et d Ellis en 1742 et 1746..

Uncommon Dutch edition of this attractive map prepared by J. N. Bellin. Map of the Hudson Bay area. Bellin was quite confused about the settlements (York Factory, Port Ne...

$150 / ≈ €150
Publisher: BELLIN, J.N.
Date: Amsterdam, 1777


La Baja D'Hudson Terra di Labrador e Groenlandia.

Decorative map of Nova Scotia, Hudson Bay and part of Greenland. With many names of villages, as well engraved mountains and rivers are shown.Published in Zatta's "A...

$300 / ≈ €300
Publisher: ZATTA, A.
Date: Venice, 1778


[Canadian Indian traditional garments ].

Aquatint depicting Canadian Indian traditional garments engraved by Gallina. Plate N°32.From Giulio Ferrario's work Le Costume Ancien et Moderne ou Histoire du gouvernem...

$150 / ≈ €150
Publisher: FERRARIO, G.
Date: Milan, 1827


[Canadian Indians ].

Aquatint depicting a group of Canadian Indians engraved by Gallina. Plate N° 33 n°1.From Giulio Ferrario's work Le Costume Ancien et Moderne ou Histoire du gouvernement...

$100 / ≈ €100
Publisher: FERRARIO, G.
Date: Milan, 1827


[Seeking the North West Passage - the British Voyage to Spitzbergen, 1818].

Aquatint depicting British ships in an Arctic landscape with seals and boats engraved by Paolo Fumagalli, Plate N° 21 From Giulio Ferrario's work Le Costume Ancien et Mo...

$75 / ≈ €75
Publisher: FERRARIO, G.
Date: Milan, 1827


East Canada and New Brunswick.

This is John Tallis’ map of East Canada or what is now Quebec and New Brunswick. Includes Montreal, Quebec City, and the St. Lawrence River valley. Features five vignet...

$75 / ≈ €75
Publisher: TALLIS, J.
Date: London, 1851


Cunard to Canada.

Poster by Charles Eddowes Turner for Cunard lines. The poster shows The NEW SYLVANIA, one of the four new 22,000 - ton Cunarders which are the largest ever built for serv...

$1400 / ≈ €1400
Publisher: TURNER, C.E
Date: England, ca. 1930



Decorative poster advertising flights to Canada made by Georges Mathieu. The poster is one of a series of 15 composed of posters of Greece, Israel, Germany, Great Britain...

$250 / ≈ €250
Publisher: MATHIEU, G. / AIR France
Date: Paris, 1967