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Hong Kong.

Decorative poster advertising flights to Hong Kong made by Georges Mathieu. The poster is one of a series of 15 composed of posters of Greece, Israel, Germany, Great Bri...

$950 / ≈ €889
Maker / Publisher: MATHIEU, G. / AIR France
Place & Date: Paris, 1967


A new & accurate map of the Empire of China from the Sieur Robert's Atlas. With improvements.

An excellent early engraving of China and Korea that appeared in Sieur Robert de Vaugondy's Geographical Dictionary (London: 1759). Decorative title cartouche on the uppe...

$450 / ≈ €421
Maker / Publisher: VAUGONDY, R. DE / GIBSON, J.
Place & Date: London, 1759


Charte von China und den angränzenden Ländern und Völkerschaften so wie den letzten Kaiser Tschien-Long. . .

Uncommon map of China on a scale of ca. 1:6,000,000. The map's complete title is “Charte von China und den angränzenden Ländern, und Völkerschaften so wie sie dem le...

$400 / ≈ €374
Maker / Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Place & Date: Parague, 1812
Selling price: $400
Sold in 2023


Description geographique, historique, chronologique, politique, et physique de l'empire de la Chine et de la Tartarie chinoise.

First edition of this cornerstone of any collection of books on China, which is also among the rarest and most desirable of important Americana, included in Rare American...

$30000 / ≈ €28072
Maker / Publisher: DU HALDE, Jean Baptiste.
Place & Date: Paris, P. G. Le Mercier, 1735


Nuova carta dell' Imperio della Chia e dei Paesi circonvicini. / Nueva carta de l'Impario de la Quina.

The map is of interest for the use of Mar di Corea" and "Mar Setentrionale del Giapone" in the sea between Korea and Japan.Rare early edition of Albrizzi's...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: ALBRIZZI, G.
Place & Date: Venice, 1740


Habillement de l'Empereur de la Chine & des Dames de son Palais..

This impressive engraving is a wonderful example of Chatelain’s elegant plates.Divided in 3 panels, showing examples of costumes of Chinese ladies and those of the king...

$150 / ≈ €140
Maker / Publisher: CHATELAIN, H.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, ca. 1728


A Map and History of Peiping; formerly known as Peking; capital of provinces, princedoms and kingdoms since 1121 B.C. . .

The uncommon second edition of this very decorative and informative pictorial map of Beijing and surrounding areas whimsically illustrates the Forbidden City, essential e...

$2000 / ≈ €1871
Maker / Publisher: DORN, F.
Place & Date: The Peiyang Press, Ltd. Tientsin-Peiping, 1936


Key Map of Hong Kong Relative to Canton and Macao.

A nice folded map of Hong Kong and the surrounding areas. Produced by the British Crown Lands Survey Office just after WWII. Physical features are shown by contour. Railw...

$750 / ≈ €702
Place & Date: Hong Kong, 1948


Partie de la Chine. N°.74 (Including South Korea)

Covering the Mouth of the Yangtze area in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and southwestern Korea with the island of Quelpart (Jeju-do). Shows explorers' routes, including La Perou...

$550 / ≈ €515
Maker / Publisher: VANDERMAELEN, Ph.
Place & Date: Brussels, 1825-1827


Map of China.

Showing China, Taiwan and Korea, divided into provinces with the main cities marked. The map is of interest for the use of Sea of Corea, the sea between Korea and Japan, ...

$400 / ≈ €374
Maker / Publisher: NEELE, S. J.
Place & Date: London, 1804