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Calendrier de la cour, tiré des éphémérides, pour l'Année bissextile.. / Notebook bearing silver plates with the VOC monogram.

A personal gift, only made for the trustees of the V.O.C. The silver plate was probably made by Drick van Hengel and Company because an entry in the diary of mintmaster J...

Estimate: $3600 - $4500
$4500 / ≈ €3911

Publisher: HÉRISSANT, Ve.
Date: Paris, 1787


Le Bon Electeur.

Original etching and aquatint on vellum paper. Initials and date in lower part of the print.Bon Electeur is plate number 5 from Ambroise Vollard's Les Réincarnations du ...

Estimate: $360 - $375
$375 / ≈ €326

Publisher: ROUAULT, G.
Date: Paris, 1918


Leaf on vellum from a manuscript Book of Hours.

RECTO: Six 1-line initials in liquid gold on colored grounds and five line-fillers in same.VERSO: Five 1-line initials in liquid gold on colored grounds and one 2-lines i...

Estimate: $300 - $400
$400 / ≈ €348

Publisher: BOOK OF HOURS
Date: France, 1520-1550


Amieux Freres, sardines et toute conserves.

Chromo lithographed poster of Les Maîtres de l'Affiche being plate n°183. The "Les Maîtres de l'Affiche" contained 256 small for lithographic prints of the b...

Estimate: $250 - $300
$300 / ≈ €261

Date: Paris, Imprimerie Chaix, 1899


A Map of the British Empire in AMERICA with the French, Spanish and Hollandish Settlements Adjacent Thereto. by Henry Popple. / Nouvelle Carte Particuliere de L'Amerique . . .

The four sheet Dutch edition of Popple's monumental map of North America, in mint condition. Encompassing the West Indies, Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Central America.T...

Estimate: $12000 - $15000
$15000 / ≈ €13038

Publisher: POPPLE,H / MORTIER, J.& C.
Date: Amsterdam, ca. 1737


Tabula Russiae.

A re-issue, by Willem Blaeu, of Hessel Gerritsz' rare and influential map of Russia. This fine map was compiled from manuscripts brought back from Russia, by Isaac Massa ...

Estimate: $1800 - $2200
$2200 / ≈ €1912

Publisher: BLAEU, W.
Date: Amsterdam, 1650


Ducatus Mediolanensis.

A very nice map of Italy, centered on Milan, prepared by Johannes Septala. Very decorative title cartouche on the left side. A sea monster and a ship are depicted on the ...

Estimate: $250 - $350
$350 / ≈ €304

Publisher: ORTELIUS, A.
Date: Antwerp, 1598


Florentini Dominii Fidelissima et nova descriptio.

The map is centered on the city of Florence and extends to Liguria, the Apennine Mountains, the Adriatic Coast, Siena and Lago di Perugia. The map is based upon Stefano B...

Estimate: $450 - $750
$750 / ≈ €652

Publisher: ORTELIUS, A.
Date: Anvers, 1598


Five Art déco labels.

5 Lithographed perfume labels laid on original cardboard sheet. A striking example of commercial artworks produced by the artist and graphic designer Robert Pichon and hi...

Estimate: $60 - $75
$75 / ≈ €65

Publisher: PICHON, Robert (Workshop).
Date: Paris, between 1925 and 1930


Art déco label for Georges Salomon Paris.

Lithographed perfume label "Savon Cold cream N°1531 - Georges Salomon Paris" laid on original cardboard sheet. A striking example of commercial artworks produc...

Estimate: $60 - $75
$75 / ≈ €65

Publisher: PICHON, Robert (Workshop).
Date: Paris, between 1925 and 1930


Art déco label Biette Savon - Tein de fleur.

Lithographed perfume label " Biette Savon - Tein de fleur" laid on original cardboard sheet. A striking example of commercial artworks produced by the artist an...

Estimate: $60 - $75
$75 / ≈ €65

Publisher: PICHON, Robert (Workshop).
Date: Paris, between 1925 and 1930


Art déco label for Parfum Mary France.

Lithographed perfume label "Parfum Mary France" laid on original cardboard sheet. A striking example of commercial artworks produced by the artist and graphic d...

Estimate: $60 - $75
$75 / ≈ €65

Publisher: PICHON, Robert (Workshop).
Date: Paris, between 1925 and 1930


Art déco label for de Neuville, Paris.

Lithographed perfume label " Savon extra fin au jasmin N°1727 " laid on original cardboard sheet. A striking example of commercial artworks produced by the art...

Estimate: $60 - $75
$75 / ≈ €65

Publisher: PICHON, Robert (Workshop).
Date: Paris, between 1925 and 1930


Art déco label Paul Tranoy, Paris.

Lithographed perfume label " Lilia Savon extra fin soap - Œillet (carnation) Paul Tranoy Paris N°725 " laid on original cardboard sheet. A striking example of...

Estimate: $60 - $75
$75 / ≈ €65

Publisher: PICHON, Robert (Workshop).
Date: Paris, between 1925 and 1930


[Il mondo a pezzi - Europa].

Satirical representation of the division of the world by the main European powers. At the center of the scene a globe on which is written "MONDO Maledeto Interesse ...

Estimate: $2500 - $3000
$3000 / ≈ €2608

Publisher: MITELLI, G.
Date: Bologna, 1690



Satirical broadside hand colored allegorical profile of Napoleon published by Ackermann, London. The letter press text underneath ends with the following explanation : &q...

Estimate: $450 - $500
$500 / ≈ €435

Publisher: ACKERMANN, R.
Date: London, ca. 1814


Le Théâtre du monde dédié au roi contenant les cartes générales et particulières des royaumes et états qui le composent.

The present example of the Théâtre du monde is the reissue of 1746 by Jean-Baptiste Nolin II. This scarce atlas is illustrated with 123 maps mostly double-page, in orig...

Estimate: $120000 - $135000
$135000 / ≈ €117344

Publisher: NOLIN, J.-B.
Date: Paris, 1746


Chorographica descriptio provinciarum, et conventum fratrum minorum S. Francisci Capucinorum...

All maps are good and dark impressions. Several maps with slight foxing and browning, the folding map with 2 splits (top right part 10 cm and lower left part 6 cm into en...

Estimate: $17000 - $18500
$18500 / ≈ €16080

Publisher: MONTECALERIO, Ioannis. A / GUCHEN, Maximus.
Date: Turin, 1649


Carte d'unne partie de l'Arabie Septentrionale Pour suivre les Voyages de Mr. G.A. Vallin. . .

This is the original hand drawn map by Victor Adolphe Malte-Brun of "Carte d'unne partie de l'Arabie Septentrionale Pour suivre les Voyages de Mr. G.A. Wallin",...

Estimate: $2750 - $3000
$3000 / ≈ €2608

Publisher: MALTE-BRUN, V.A.
Date: Paris, November 1855


Africa Tertia pars Terrae.

This map of Africa has an unusual shape, tapering to a narrow angle in the south. Numerous rivers appear in West Africa and as tributaries to the Nile, and mountain chain...

Estimate: $900 - $1250
$1250 / ≈ €1087

Publisher: BÜNTING, H.
Date: Magdeburg, ca 1597


Vue et description des principales villes de l'Armenie et de la Georgie avec les habillements des femmes du pays, et ceux des prêtres et religieux armeniens. . .Tom: V N° 11 Pag: 28

View and description of the principal Armenian and Georgian cities with illustrations of Armenian women's garments as well as priests' and monks' clothing. The views are ...

Estimate: $240 - $250
$300 / ≈ €261

Publisher: CHATELAIN, H.
Date: Amsterdam, ca 1720


TYO SYEN Corée par les Missionnaires de Corée de la société des missions etrangéres.

A very nice map and rare map of Korea. Prepared by R.P.Carceri who was an missioner active for de la Sociéte des Missions Etrangères.Published as a supplement to Journa...

Estimate: $750 - $900
$900 / ≈ €782

Date: Lyon, 1872


Encyclopedie des Voyages. Tom 3 ASIE.

There are in this volume as many as 89 color plates, all done by the author himself. Containing dresses of people of China, Persia, Armenia, Philippines, Java, India, Tar...

Estimate: $1000 - $1100
$1100 / ≈ €956

Date: Paris, 1796


A manuscript leaf from a Book of Hours. (Calendar month of August)

RECTO : Calendar month of August with a 2-line initial in liquid gold on colored ground. colorful panel border in the left margin of acanthus leaves and flowers, with bla...

Estimate: $375 - $450
$450 / ≈ €391

Publisher: BOOK OF HOURS
Date: Paris, ca. 1450


Carte des Isles du Japon Esquelles est remarque la Route..

This uncommon map of Japan, which is on a fairly large scale, contains comments about the nature of the country. For instance, Ocsaqui (Okazaki, near Nagoya) is said to h...

Estimate: $4800 - $5000
$6000 / ≈ €5215

Publisher: TAVENIER, J.B.
Date: Paris 1679


Lutece conquise par les François sur les Romains ou second plan de la ville de Paris [...] par M.L.C.D.L.M.

Engraved plan of Paris, published in "Traité de la police de Nicolas de Lamare". Oriented to the North with a compass rose and equipped with a double scale (40...

Estimate: $60 - $75
$75 / ≈ €65

Publisher: DE LA MARE,
Date: Paris, 1729


Quatrième plan de la ville de Paris . . .

Engraved plan of Paris, oriented to the North with a compass rose (upper part) and equipped with a double scale (400 geometrical steps and 1000 not common) with a brief c...

Estimate: $120 - $150
$150 / ≈ €130

Publisher: DE LA MARE,
Date: Paris, 1729


Asia carta di ciasete piu moderna. (Japan)

Rare FIRST STATE of this important map for Korea and Japan map of the Blancus/Moreira type, but adds a huge 'Jesso' filling the top of this old map. The map is of interes...

Estimate: $10000 - $15000
$15000 / ≈ €13038

Publisher: DUDLEY, R.
Date: Florence, 1646-1647


Chungguk-do [Map of China and Korea]

Chungguk-do [Map of China] taken from a Korean printed Ch’onha chido [Atlas of all under Heaven] which is a 19th century version of the traditional Korean atlas produce...

Estimate: $1500 - $1750
$1750 / ≈ €1521

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Korea, ca. 1820


(Publicity mini poster) Riz Soleil Levant.

Original stone lithograph in-store small format display for Riz Soleil Levant, or basically Rice of the Rising Sun.The Chinaman is pouring a box of this rice over the ima...

Estimate: $60 - $90
$90 / ≈ €78

Publisher: COLLOT, A.
Date: Paris, ca.1933


Prosperity - The Fruit of Cooperation.

NATO poster for European Cooperation by Brian E. Dear. On the poster the slogan "Prosperity the fruit of cooperation". The poster is showing a hand holding an a...

Estimate: $450 - $500
$500 / ≈ €435

Publisher: DEAR, B.
Date: Kühn & Zoon Rotterdam, 1950


Protect the globe!, 1989.

USSR propaganda poster, with the slogan "protect de globe". A child holding a globe with flowers and birds.

Estimate: $90 - $100
$100 / ≈ €87

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Russia, 1989


Arabia. Sive Regio inter Mare Medium, Arabicum Sinum, . . .

Very detailed map of the Arabian Peninsular, covering the Caspian Sea in the upper right corner and Syria to the Indian Ocean, Somalia and parts of Persia, Syria and Kurd...

Estimate: $225 - $300
$300 / ≈ €261

Publisher: ARROWSMITH, John
Date: London, 1841



Steel engraved map of the Arabian Peninsular. It shows Arabia and Parts of Persia, Syria and Kurdistan. The regional boundaries are colored and relief shown by hachures. ...

Estimate: $225 - $300
$300 / ≈ €261

Publisher: ARROWSMITH, John
Date: London, 1841


Méthode Pour Etudier La Geographie . . . & un Catalogue des Cartes Geographiques, des Relations, Voyages, & Descriptions les plus necessaires pour la Geographie.

Henri Abraham Chatelain, whose Atlas Historique was one of the most expansive encyclopedias of the age. First published in 1705, Chatelain's Atlas Historique was part of ...

Estimate: $45000 - $50000
$50000 / ≈ €43461

Publisher: CHATELAIN, H.
Date: Amsterdam: Chez Zacharie Châtelain, 1732 - 1739


[Manuscript map of Kangwon Province part of North Korea]

Detailed map of eastern part of North Korea, centered on Wonsan, previously known as Wonsanjin, Port Lazarev, and Gensan, a port city and naval base located in Kangwon Pr...

Estimate: $900 - $1250
$1250 / ≈ €1087

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: ca, 1820 - 1840


Folies Bergère - Hélène Martini présente Folie je t'adore. . .

A French Music Hall Poster, Signed Lower Right. The Théâtre des Folies Bergère is a famous Parisian performance hall inaugurated on May 2, 1869 and is still active. To...

Estimate: $110 - $150
$150 / ≈ €130

Publisher: ASLAN.
Date: Paris, 1977


Belgii novi, angliae novae, et partis Virginiae . . .

This example is state 3 of the original Janssonius plate, printed after Schenk acquired the plates at public auction in 1694 from the heirs of Jansson van Waesberge. The ...

Estimate: $4500 - $5000
$5000 / ≈ €4346

Publisher: SCHENK, P.
Date: Amsterdam, 1694


Singapore. - Sheet 134h Keppel harbour.

Map of Singapore. Map with legend and scale. According to a note "Prepared under the direction of the Surveyor General Malaya from the following sources materials : ...

Estimate: $600 - $750
$750 / ≈ €652

Date: Kuala Lumpur, 1958


COLLECTION OF HONG KONG MAPS, BOOKS & FLYERS. Including CHINA - HONGKONG surveyed by Captn. Sir Edward Belcher, in H.M.S. Sulphur 1841. Corrected to 1901.

A collection of 30 maps, prints, publications relating to Hong Kong. Including : - BELCHER, E. Sir, An updated version of this most important nautical chart of Hong Kong....

Estimate: $17500 - $25000
$25000 / ≈ €21730

Date: London, 1841 - 1901


Nieuwe Pas=Caart strekkende van Pta Cataon tot Pta. Lamtoan, langs de kusten van Cochinchina, Tonquin, Quangsi en Quantung [?] van Macao.

A finely engraved and detailed chart of Vietnam reaching till Macao and present-day Hong Kong..Very rare: only included in 6th volume (so-called secret atlas) of Van Keul...

Estimate: $12000 - $15000
$15000 / ≈ €13038

Publisher: VAN KEULEN, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1753


San Diego Bay. (Chart 5107)

Nautical chart of San Diego Bay of 1945. Printed in black, yellow and purple the "Seaward limit defensive sea area". The water area within the indicated limits ...

Estimate: $600 - $750
$750 / ≈ €652

Date: Washington, 1945


Carte Generale du Cours du Gange et du Gagra. . .

A large chart that is essentially six inset maps printed on one sheet by the Jesuit Joseph Tiefentaller in the latter half of the eighteenth century. The map is in French...

Estimate: $3500 - $4000
$4000 / ≈ €3477

Publisher: TIEFENTALLER, Joseph.
Date: Paris ca 1784


Large 13-person library (from Huxian Farmers' painting Exhibition)

A library with students with a western world map at the wall. Published by Shanghai renmin chubanshe (上海人民出&#29...

Estimate: $175 - $200
$200 / ≈ €174

Date: Shanghai, September, 1974 / Janury 1975


Karte von den Kusten von Arabien . . .

Manuscript map of Arabia. A close copy of Bellin's map of the Arabian Peninsular. In the lower right margin "Tom A, vol V."A title cartouche in lower left corne...

Estimate: $2000 - $2500
$2500 / ≈ €2173

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Germany, ca. 1760



A lovely miniature map of the region of Armenia and Georgia, showing both parts of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. For such a small map it renders a wealth of detail, with...

Estimate: $250 - $300
$300 / ≈ €261

Publisher: MÜLLER, J. U.
Date: Ulm, 1692


India Tercera Nuova Tavola.

The 1598 edition of this early map of South East Asia. Just to the west and south of Malacca one will notice ‘Camatra’ (Sumatra) and Java. China with Canton in the up...

Estimate: $550 - $750
$750 / ≈ €652

Publisher: RUSCELLI, G.
Date: Venice, 1598


Nuremberga. Folio C.

Double page panoramic view of Nuremberg. Lettered above the view: "NVREMBERGA"; and with the names of the city's two most famous churches, S. Lorenz and S. Seba...

Estimate: $1200 - $1500
$1500 / ≈ €1304

Publisher: SCHEDEL, H.
Date: Nuremberg, 12 July 1493


Schaubild von Afrika mit bildlicher Darstellung der wichtigsten Bodenschätze und Wirtschaftgüter.

Decoratively designed economic map of Africa with pictorial representation of the most important mineral resources and economic goods for the respective area.In right han...

Estimate: $500 - $750
$750 / ≈ €652

Date: München, ca. 1939



A woodcut colored map of northern and central Europe. The first modern map of the area. Second printed map of the North, after the woodcut map published in the 'Ulm' Ptol...

Estimate: $4500 - $5000
$5000 / ≈ €4346

Publisher: SCHEDEL, H.
Date: Nuremberg, 1493


Sumatra Insula.

A miniature map of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula, including Singapore and the various islands directly south of it. Containing detailed geography and nomenclature aroun...

Estimate: $360 - $450
$450 / ≈ €391

Publisher: LANGENES, B.
Date: Amsterdam, 1609


Typus Frisiae Orientalis à Dullarto

One of the most decorative maps of East Frisia and its important shipping center of Emden and the Watten Islands, from the cartography of Ubbo Emmius, a local cartographe...

Estimate: $800 - $900
$900 / ≈ €782

Publisher: VISSCHER, C.J.
Date: Amsterdam, ca. 1624


Rowntree's Elect Cocoa.

Chromo lithographed poster of Les Maîtres de l'Affiche being plate n°168. The "Les Maîtres de l'Affiche" contained 256 small for lithographic prints of the b...

Estimate: $200 - $250
$250 / ≈ €217

Date: Paris, Imprimerie Chaix, 1899


Magnus Ducatus Finlandiae Auct. Andrea Bureo Succo.

The first printed survey map of Finland, composed by the Swedish cartographer Anders Bureus (1571-1661). The map was published in 1662 in the second volume of Joan Blaeu'...

Estimate: $2000 - $2500
$2500 / ≈ €2173

Publisher: BLAEU, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1660


Virulus marinus. Cete (Whale and whaling scene)

Whale and whaling scene, set against a mountainous landscape in the manner of Pieter Brueghel the Elder. Plate number 1. The engraving is copied after Adrian Collaert pla...

Estimate: $200 - $300
$300 / ≈ €261

Publisher: COLLAERT, Adriaen (after)
Date: Antwerp, after 1598


Aphricae Tabula I. (Mauritania - present-day Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.)

Double-page woodcut Ptolemaic-style map by Sebastian Münster figuring Mauritania, present-day Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, published in the edition of Strabo by Henri ...

Estimate: $200 - $300
$300 / ≈ €261

Publisher: STRABO / MUNSTER, S.
Date: Basle, Henri Petri, 1571


Le temple de la Mecque avec une description de tout ce qu'on y voit . . .

Fascinating engraving depicting the Muslim Kaaba at Mecca. Below the main image are two smaller vignette images of people praying. In between the two vignettes is a key (...

Estimate: $800 - $1000
$1000 / ≈ €869

Publisher: CHATELAIN, H.
Date: Amsterdam, 1728


A.D. 1100. Period of the first crusade.

Plate from An historical atlas: in a series of maps of the world as known at different periods constructed upon an uniform scale and colored according to the political ch...

Estimate: $120 - $150
$150 / ≈ €130

Publisher: QUIN, E.
Date: London, 1830


Driving chart of Hartford and vicinity : 15 miles around.

Road map by Albert A. Hyde & Co. of Hartford and vicinity, with the Connecticut River in the center. Published by Albert A. Hyde & Co., in New York and lithograph...

Estimate: $500 - $600
$600 / ≈ €522

Publisher: HYDE & Co, A. A.
Date: New York / Philadelphia, 1884



Poster made for Hungarian Tourist association. The uncommon Dutch version of this fine poster to promote Hungary in the 1930's. Arisztid Uher was a graphic designer. He d...

Estimate: $300 - $400
$400 / ≈ €348

Publisher: UHER, A.
Date: Budapest, KLOSZ & Sohn., ca. 1930


Coast to Coast.

A game board that features a map of the U.S. with a built-in spinner. Players travel a circular track around the map visiting landmarks as they go. A fun way to learn geo...

Estimate: $90 - $100
$100 / ≈ €87

Date: New York, ca. 1950


[Russian Agitprop propaganda poster for 9 May]

Soviet propaganda poster celebrating Victory Day (Thursday 9 May). Showing a star with USA, English, French flags partly overlapped with Soviet flag and inscription in Ru...

Estimate: $60 - $100
$100 / ≈ €87

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Moskow, 1988



A panoramic view of the Helmond, seen from the Kromme Steenweg .

Estimate: $100 - $125
$125 / ≈ €109

Date: Arnhem, 1613


Peregrinationis Divi Pauli Typus corographicus. . .

A splendid map depicting the travels of Paulus. With two fine scenes in top. Showing the countries along the Mediterranean, including Cyprus and Italy. A first edition wi...

Estimate: $2100 - $2700
$2700 / ≈ €2347

Publisher: ORTELIUS, A.
Date: Antwerp, 1595


Primo saignare, deinde purgare, postea clysterium donare.

"Primo saignare, deinde purgare, postea clysterium donare. D'abord saigner, ensuite purger, postérieurement seringuer." (Louis-Philippe et le Postillon blessé...

Estimate: $1500 - $1750
$1750 / ≈ €1521

Publisher: DAUMIER, H.
Date: Paris, 1833


Posesiones de America : Isla de Cuba. . .

Wall size map of land areas showing all of Cuba, part of Florida Keys plus San Adios and Salvador Grande in the Bahamas.Minute topographical, political, and hydrographic ...

Estimate: $600 - $750
$750 / ≈ €652

Publisher: MADOZ, P. / COELLO, F.
Date: Madrid, 1853


Province de Fo-Kien.

Important map of Fujian Province, showing the east coast of China and the west coast of Taiwan. With a quite elaborately pictorial cartouche featuring a rococo chinoiseri...

Estimate: $900 - $1000
$1200 / ≈ €1043

Publisher: ANVILLE, J.B.D'
Date: Paris, P.G. Le Mercier, 1735


Nader prolongatie van het Octroy voor de Westindische Compagnie voor den tyd van nog dertig jaaren. . .

A proclamation by the Dutch States General, dated 1761, extending the charter of the Dutch West India Company for another thirty years. Like the 1730 proclamation, it has...

Estimate: $1200 - $1500
$1500 / ≈ €1304

Publisher: SCHELTUS, I.
Date: Amsterdam, 1761


Nouvelle carte de l'Isle de Java.

A very nice map centred on the island of Java.With French text in title cartouche and an additional title in Dutch underneath the map.Read more Early maps of South East A...

Estimate: $180 - $200
$200 / ≈ €174

Publisher: HARREVELT, E. van / CHANGUION, D. J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1773


Gazette du Bon Ton Art - Modes Frivolités. (1912/1913 volume)

La Gazette du Bon Ton was a leading French fashion magazine that was published from November 1912 to 1925. The extremely rich and vivid colors were achieved through the l...

Estimate: $2750 - $3500
$3500 / ≈ €3042

Publisher: LEVY, E. / VOGEL, L.
Date: Paris, 1912-1913


Iava Maior.

Very fine miniature map of Java, engraved by Benjamin Wright (1575-1613). This early map contains detailed geography and nomenclature around the northern coastline of the...

Estimate: $360 - $450
$450 / ≈ €391

Publisher: LANGENES
Date: Amsterdam, Cornelis Claes, 1606


The Kingdome of China.

A most sought-after map of China. Decorative border vignettes including views of the cities of Quinzay and Macao along the top border with the wheeled wind machines and p...

Estimate: $5500 - $7000
$7000 / ≈ €6084

Publisher: SPEED, J.
Date: London, G. Humble, 1627


[Tableau Général de l'Empire Ottoman]. 11 plates with the panoramic view of Mecca.

A collection of 11 engraved plates (3 folding) from "Tableau Général de l'Empire Ottoman", Paris, Imprimerie de Monsieur, 1790, comprising the famous panorami...

Estimate: $4500 - $5500
$5500 / ≈ €4781

Publisher: MOURADJA D'OHSSON, Ignace.
Date: Paris, 1790


China Veteribus Sinarum Regio.

Based on Jesuit surveys, the map represents the next major revision in the cartography of China after Ortelius' 1584 map. Korea, however, is still an island, and Japan co...

Estimate: $1500 - $2000
$2000 / ≈ €1738

Publisher: JANSSONIUS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1640


Group of 51 art déco gouaches.

Group of outstanding "art deco" gouaches (unsigned) from the workshop of "R. Pichon. Ateliers de Dessin et Lithographie – 10, rue Rochechouart – Paris&...

Estimate: $17500 - $22000
$22000 / ≈ €19123

Publisher: PICHON, R. (Workshop).
Date: Paris, 1920-1930


Colossus Monarchic. Statua Danielis

Fantastic double page allegorical map of a colossus figure representing the great world empires as Daniel interpreted in Nebuchadnezzar's dream. The warrior stands stolid...

Estimate: $1750 - $2000
$2000 / ≈ €1738

Publisher: BAECK, E.
Date: Augsbourg, 1730


Descriptio Arabie / Arabia.

A rare miniature map of the Arabian Peninsular. Title cartouche on the lower right corner.First published in 1598 in his Caert-Thresoor, the plates were executed by the m...

Estimate: $360 - $450
$450 / ≈ €391

Publisher: LANGENES, B. / BERTIUS, P.
Date: Amsterdam, Cornelis Claes, 1606


The Dutch are attacked by giant crabs.

During their return voyage, the Portuguese were wrecked on a sandbank (the Seychelles?) From the debris they began building a smaller ship in which they hoped to return t...

Estimate: $80 - $100
$100 / ≈ €87

Publisher: DE BRY, Th.
Date: Frankfurt, 1598


Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographica Tabula.

A beautifully decorative world map taken from the 'English Atlas' by Moses Pitt and Steven Swart, based on an earlier engraved world map by Pieter van den Keere ca. 1630,...

Estimate: $5500 - $6000
$6000 / ≈ €5215

Date: Oxford, 1680


Limburgensis Ducatus Tabula Nova.

Map of Limburg, prepared by the Antwerp expert in law and mathematics Aegidius Martini. After 1600 Jan Baptist Vrients acquired the stock and the plates of Ortelius' Thea...

Estimate: $1200 - $1500
$1000 / ≈ €869

Publisher: ORTELIUS, A. / VRIENTS, J.B.
Date: Antwerp, 1606-1612