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Asia noviter delineata

This is a fine example of Willem Blaeu's iconic map of Asia flanked by pairs of carto-figures representing the various peoples of the continent and topped with nine views...

Starting Bid: $1800

Publisher: Blaeu, W.
Date: Amsterdam, 1635


To the Right Honourable William Lord Cowper, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain. This Map of Asia According to ye Newest and Most Exact Observations is Most Humbly Dedicated.

Very large, detailed and decorative map of Asia and the East Indies with insets of Nova Zembla, the British factories in Chusan and Amoy, the Hellespont, the Gulf of Smyr...

Starting Bid: $1440

Publisher: MOLL, H.
Date: London, ca. 1726


L’asie Par P. Duval Geographe ord du Roy.

This fascinating map of Asia covers a wide expanse starting in western Russia and stretching eastward to the island of Hokaido, here labeled as Iesso. Eastern Europe, Ana...

Starting Bid: $800

Publisher: DUVAL, P.
Date: Paris, 1664


Exactissima Asiae Delineatio in Praecipuas Regiones Caerterasque Partes divisa et denuo in lucem edita . . .

Attractive and very detailed map of the Asian continent and East Indies, derived from Frederick de Wit’s map. The extent of European knowledge of the region is depicted...

Starting Bid: $560

Publisher: DANCKERTS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1690


Asia Concinnata Secundum Observationes Academiae Regalis Scientiarum . . .

A rare issue by the German publisher Jeremias Wolff of de l’Isle’s map of Asia. Japan is connected to the mainland by a country identified as Terra Yeco, northwest is...

Starting Bid: $480

Publisher: WOLFF, J.
Date: Augsburg, 1710


Asia and its islands according to D'Anville : divided into empires, kingdoms, ... with the European possessions and settlements in the East Indies... the discoveries made in the Eastern parts by the English under Captn. Cook, Vancouver & Peyrouse

Large wall map of Asia, including parts of Eastern Africa, Alaska, and an unfinished New Guinea. Published by Laurie & Whittle after Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anvi...

Starting Bid: $480

Publisher: LAURIE, R. / WHITTLE, J.
Date: London, 1799


Asia secundum legitimas projectionis stereographicae.

Highlighted area covers part of Spain, eastern coast of Ireland to western part of Papua New Guinea and the Asian continent from the Northern Polar Sea to the Indian Ocea...

Starting Bid: $280

Publisher: HOMANN HEIRS.
Date: Nurenberg, 1744



Map of Asia still showing Corey as an island. Including Americas West coast.More about Western mapping of Korea maps. [+]

Highest Bid:
$200 / ≈ €188
Publisher: SANSON, N./ MARIETTE, P.
Date: Paris, 1650

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Rare map of Asia, published by Jollain in 1667. The name of Korea placed in the sea in between Korea and Japan. In top right part of North America. Published in "Tr...

Starting Bid: $200

Publisher: JOLLAIN, G.
Date: Paris, 1667


Imperii Russici et Tatariae Universae.

An interesting map of the Russian Empire circa 1740: Greater Russia and the rest of Asia, Tartaria India, China, Japan, from North Cape, the Arctic Ocean to Bering Sea an...

Starting Bid: $200

Publisher: Homanns Erben, after HASE, Johann Matthias.
Date: Nürnberg, 1739