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Nice Vue prise audessus de Montalban.

Beautiful view of Nice from the book "l'Italie à vol d'oiseau".

$450 / ≈ €421
Maker / Publisher: GUESDON, A.
Place & Date: Paris, 1850


Tabula Ducatus Brabantiae.

Detailed map orientated west to the top.

$450 / ≈ €421
Maker / Publisher: DE WIT, F.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1680


39e Vüe d'Optique Representant L'Hotel du Lord Maire de Londre.

So-called optical print illustrating a perspective view of Somerset House on the Strand in London.In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there were many popular speci...

$450 / ≈ €421
Maker / Publisher: DAUMONT
Place & Date: Paris, 1760


26e Vüe d'Optique Representant L'Abbaye de Westminster et de l'Eglise Ste. Marguerite à Londres.

So-called optical print illustrating a perspective view of the Westminster Abbey, in London.In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there were many popular speciality ...

$450 / ≈ €421
Maker / Publisher: DAUMONT
Place & Date: Paris, 1760


Military map of the countries between Odessa & Perekop with the stations of the Russian forces.

Rare colored linen-backed map showing Russian troop positions and Odessa Batteries. On the inside of the cover a list of "Wyld's list of recent publications : seat o...

$450 / ≈ €421
Maker / Publisher: WYLD, J.
Place & Date: London, ca. 1855


Wallis's Guide for Strangers Through London.

Engraved plan with original hand-coloring, with title and alphabetical list of the principal streets below. Published by Edward Wellis 42 Skinner Street.With "An alp...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: WALLIS, E.
Place & Date: London, E.Wallis, ca. 1840


Candia cum Insulis.. Corfu Zante, Milo, Nicsia, Santorini.

Four views on one sheet: A large map of Crete, with three smaller views across the top showing the Ionian Islands of Kerkira (Corfu), Cephalonia and Zakinthos (Zante.) Th...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: MERCATOR, G. / HONDIUS, J.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1630


De Texel Stroom met de gaten vant Marsdiep. [with] Caarte van De Mase ende het Goereesche Gat.

Two decorative charts on one sheet, one depicting Texel and the entrance of the Zuider Zee with an inset showing the north coast of West-Friesland, the other depicting th...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: GOOS, P.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1660


Descriptio Germaniae Inferioris.

The oval map is surrounded by a strapwork frame and the title, adorned with ribbons, is held aloft by two winged cherubs.According to P. Meurer based on de Jode's 12 shee...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: ORTELIUS, A.
Place & Date: Antwerp, 1587


[Page with imaginary towns in Hungary. ] CCLXVIII

Page with imaginary towns in Hungary (230x225mm.) This leaf is from an edition of Hartmann Schedel's Liber chronicarum or Nuremberg Chronicle. The Chronicle was published...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: SCHEDEL.
Place & Date: Nuremberg, 1493


Vue du Magazin de la Compagnie des Indes Orientales. . .

So-called optical print of the formerly the V.O.C. warehouse and arsenal for the Admiralty of Amsterdam, now-a-days the Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum).In the eightee...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Place & Date: France, 1780


Metileme. (Lesbos)

Very rare map of Lesbos published in the first edition of "Viaggio da Venetia, a Costantinopoli. Per Mare, e per Terra, & infieme quello di Terra Santa. Da Giose...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: ROSACCIO, Giuseppe.
Place & Date: Venice, Giacomo Franco, 1598


Carta militar das principaes estradas de Portugal.

Rare road map of Portugal in a scale of ca 1:470000. At the bottom right and left legends in Portuguese and French. Engraved by Romão Eloy de Almeida, who was a Portugue...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: DE ALMEIDA, R.E.
Place & Date: Lisbone, 1808


Amsterdam Ville du comté de Hollande. . .

A very decorative and very rare town-view of Amsterdam, including a numbered key ( A- T) in the lower part. Engraved by Pierre-Alexandre Aveline. With the signature "...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: AVELINE, P.A.
Place & Date: Paris, ca.1692


Le Cours de l'Elbe et de l'Oder où sont les Electorats de Saxe et de Brandebourg, les Duchés de Mekelbourg et de Pomeranie. . .

A detailed and scarce map showing the rivers Elbe and Oder in Germany and Poland. Dark engraving.This is one sheet of the four sheet wall map by Pierre Du Val entitled: &...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: DU VAL, P.
Place & Date: Paris, 1684



Very decorative and rare panoramic town view of Leisnig a.d. Freiberger Mulde.The engraver and publisher of prints, Mrs. Anna Beek of the Hague, enlarged the print and m...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: BEEK, A. / MERIAN, C.
Place & Date: The Hague, ca. 1642


A View of S. James's Palace Pall Mall. - Vues du Palais royal de S.Jacques Pall Mall.

So-called optical print illustrating a perspective view of St James's Palace, Pall Mall. The gatehouse of St James's Palace is on the left.In the eighteenth and nineteent...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Place & Date: Paris, 1753


Coloniensis Archiepisscopatus.

Extremely rare first edition of this beautiful map of Cologne and Dusseldorff.Jodocus Hondius Jr. planned to produce a new modern atlas less dependent on the Mercator pla...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: HONDIUS, J.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1629


Zeelandiae Comitatus.

Rare map of Zeeland, with inset view of the town of Middelburg topped with costumed figures. This is the second edition published by Claes Jansz. Visscher. The first edit...

$500 / ≈ €468
Maker / Publisher: KAERIUS, P. / VISSCHER, C.J.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1617-1631


Turin ville capitale du Piémont, et Résidence du Duc de Savoye. . .

A very decorative and rareof Turin, including a numbered key (A-M) in lower part. Engraved by Pierre-Alexandre Aveline. With "fait par Aveline avec privilege du Roy ...

$550 / ≈ €515
Maker / Publisher: AVELINE, P.A.
Place & Date: Paris, ca.1692


Russia & Poland.

Charming, folding map of Russia and Poland, giving a detailed overview of Europe from Baltic to Caspian Sea. Railways and rivers prominently delineated.In lower left a ke...

$550 / ≈ €515
Maker / Publisher: STANFORD, E.
Place & Date: London, ca. 1890


Ducatus Limburg.

A very rare issue of this map of Limburg. Cornelis Danckerts II. copied the folio map of H.Hondius.The publisher's address was placed in the lower right-hand corner. The ...

$550 / ≈ €515
Maker / Publisher: DANCKERTS II, C.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1636


Langley's New Travelling and Commercial Map . . .

A highly desirable, detailed and uncommon map of England and Wales, published by Langley and Belch. The map is flanked by a pair of large and detailed explanation tables,...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: LANGLEY, E. / BELCH, W.
Place & Date: London, 1817


Ducatus Lutzenburgi Novissima et Accuratissima Delineatio.

West to the top. Very detailed and fine map of Luxembourg, including the towns of Namur, Liege, Trier and Metz.

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: VISSCHER, N.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1680


Carte du Gouvernement de Provence, suivant les nouvelles observations...

Fine copper engraved and decorative map of the Provence region in the south of France. It includes the cities of Nimes, Viviers, Avignon, Aix and Nice. The pictorial cart...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: AA, P. van der
Place & Date: Amsterdam 1728


Carte de la France Divisée en 83 Départements et Subdivisée en districts avec les Chefs-lieux de Cantons Présentée à l'Assemblée Nationale et au Roi.

Spectacular folding wall map of France engraved by Barrier. Panels on both sides: "Tableau de la Division de la France d'après les décrets de l'Assemblée national...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: BELLEYME, P. de.
Place & Date: Paris, Belleyme, 1791


Bowles's new four-sheet map of England and Wales. . .

Bowles's new four-sheet map of England and Wales: Comprehending all the Cities, Boroughs, Market and Sea-Port Towns, Villages, Lakes, Rivers, Forests, Ruins, Canals, and ...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: BOWLES, C. / CARVER
Place & Date: London, 1801


Nova Maris Caspii et Regions Usbeck..

A detailed map of part of Russia, Central Asia centered on the Caspian, Uzbek territory to the east of the Caspian and northern Persia. A finely engraved, uncolored title...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: HOMANN HEIRS.
Place & Date: Nuremberg, 1735


Portugalliae que olim Lusitania..

The best-known map of Portugal, after Alvares Secco (1560), orientated west to the top of the sheet. Secco's map was copied by many mapmakers and publishers for upwards o...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: MERCATOR, G. / HONDIUS, J.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1628


Cajanie, ou Bothnie Orientale Tirée de celles d'Andr Burae et de Isaac Massa. . .

Map of the Northern part of Gulf of Bothnia, today's border area between Sweden and Finland. The map derive from the work of the Swedish cartographer Andreas Bureus and I...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: SANSON, N.
Place & Date: Paris, P.Mariette, 1666


Norlandiae et quibies Gestricia et Helsingicae regiones Auct: Andrea Buraeo Sueco.

Uncommon map prepared by Anders Bure (1571-1646) with a dedicational cartouche to Gabriel Bengtsson Oxenstierna.The Atlas Maior is the epitome of decades of achievement b...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: BLAEU, J.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1662


Traiectum ad Mosam. [Maastricht]

A birds-eye view of Maastricht seen from the south. Rising on Vrijthof square is the dominant complex of Sint-Servaas, in front of which - seen here in a distorted perspe...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: BRAUN,G. / HOGENBERG, F.
Place & Date: Cologne, ca. 1581


Mastric ou Maëstricht, Ville du Brabant-Hollandois. . .

A very decorative and extremely rareof Maastricht, including a numbered key (1-23) in lower part. Engraved by Pierre-Alexandre Aveline. With "Fait par Aveline avec p...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: AVELINE, P.A.
Place & Date: Paris, ca.1692


Saint Petersbourg. Maison de bienfaisance, appartenant à Mr Anatole de Demidoff. . .

Beautiful lithography showing the house of Anatole de Demidoff in Saint Petersburg.

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: BOURDIN, E.
Place & Date: Paris, c. 1850


Plan de la ville de Maestricht avec ses attaques commandées par M. le maréchal de Saxe, depuis le 15 avril jusqu'au 3 may 1748 . . .

A plan of Maastricht rising after the capture of the city by the French troops led by the Marshal of Saxony. The city was besieged between 15 April and 3 May 1748, during...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: JAILLOT, J.
Place & Date: Paris, 1781


Cust van Hollant Tussen de Maes ende Texel.

Uncommon chart of the coast of Holland, including the southern tip of Texel. East at the top. Two fine compass cards, soundings and a large Bree Veerthien offshore.Piete...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: GOOS, P.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1666


Marcomania hoggidi Merchesato de Moravia. . .

Although Komensky's map of Moravia was already known in his time, Coronelli used the obsolete map by Fabricius, with a lot of locations added by the publisher's unchained...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: CORONELLI, V.M.
Place & Date: Venice, 1696


Grande Pologne et Prusse avec les frontières de la Misnie, Lusace, Moravie et Lithuanie.

Detailed map of Poland and Prussia. Published by Pieter van der Aa who published a.o. "Naauwkeurge versameling der gedenkwaardigste zee- en land-reysen", a seri...

$600 / ≈ €561
Maker / Publisher: VAN DER AA, P.
Place & Date: Leiden, 1729



Based on classical authors' sources, specifically Virgilius, Plinius, Varro, Halicarnasseus, Festus and Ausonius.Philip Wingius in his letter to Ortelius from 1592 mentio...

$650 / ≈ €608
Maker / Publisher: ORTELIUS, A.
Place & Date: Antwerp, 1595


Le Duché d'Aiguillon Tracé Par le Sr. Du Vall.

Home of the "Cahors” This AOC is the most famous of the sub-regions and home to the popular variety Malbec. These inky wines have been adored for centuries, especi...

$650 / ≈ €608
Maker / Publisher: JANSSONIUS, J.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1650