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Africa ex magna orbis terre descriptione Gerardi Mercator. . .

A classic map of Africa. The map first appeared in Gerard Mercator’s Atlas sive Cosmographicae..., published posthumously in 1595. As stated in the title, this map is b...

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Publisher: MERCATOR, G./ HONDIUS, J.
Date: Duisburg and then Amsterdam, (1595) 1609 or 1619


Ile de S. Laurens, ou Madagascar, située dans L'Ocean Ethiopien, sur les Côtes de L'Afrique.

Detailed map of Madagascar and Réunion. Published by Pieter van der Aa in "Galérie agréable du monde", completed in 1729. The Galerie was a sixty-six volume ...

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Publisher: VAN DER AA, P.
Date: Leiden, 1729


[Attack of Dutch fleet commanded by Pieter van der Does of Gran Canaria in 1599].

Attack of Dutch fleet commanded by Pieter van der Does of Gran Canaria in 1599. Scarce print (150x177mm.) on a German text sheet taken from a first edition of Johann Ludw...

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Publisher: GOTTFRIED, J.L. / DE BRY, T.
Date: Frankfurt, M.Merian, 1633


Le Pays des Hottentots aux environs du Cap de Bonne Espérance. . .

A good engraved map of Cape of Good Hope. The geographical features are typical with somewhat exaggerated bays, inlets and prominent mountain ranges. The west coast of th...

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Publisher: BELLIN, J.N.
Date: Paris, 1748



A very fine view of Cairo.

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Date: Paris, ca 1780


Von dem land Africa / Egypten

A very early and attractively coloured map of Northern Egypt. Includes the sources of the Nile, the pyramids, the ruins of Thebe, Cairo, and the Sinai desert. A full leaf...

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Publisher: MÜNSTER, Sebastian
Date: Basel, 1578


L'Afrique Dressée Sur les Relations et nouvelles decouvertes . . .

Map of Africa surrounded by a decorative border representing the arms of different cities in Europe, Asia and Africa. Danet was the son-in-law of N. de Fer, whose maps he...

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Publisher: DANET, G.
Date: Paris, 1732


Carte du Congo et du Pays des Cafres.

Large map of the Southern part of Africa, including Madagascar. With the imprint "Chez l’Auteur sur le Quai de l’Horloge (imprint erased after Horloge) avec Priv...

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Publisher: DE L'ISLE.
Date: Paris, January 1708


Vera effigies et delineatio Infulce Ascenstio. . . (St. Helena)

Striking view of the Island of Ascuncion (St. Helena).Theodore de Bry, a German engraver and book dealer, began a compilation of early voyages in 1590 and had published s...

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Publisher: DE BRY, Th.
Date: Frankfurt, 1609


Cape Colony.

A decorative steel engraved map from the famous Victorian publisher John Tallis and Company, published ca.1851. Drawn and engraved by J Rapkin, while the four corner vign...

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Publisher: TALLIS, John.
Date: London, Edinburgh, Dublin, 1851


South Africa.

An informative map of South Africa, when it was under British influence. The various districts are highlighted in different outline colors mountains, rivers, coastal town...

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Date: London, ca 1860


Isle D'Auphine, communement Nommée pae les Europeens Madagascar. . .

One of the most UpToDate maps of Madagascar, also showing the Comoros Islands in the North West and the Reunion Island in the South East.With decorative title cartouche r...

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Publisher: SANSON, N. / MARIETTE, P.
Date: Paris, 1667


Insula D. Helenae sacra coeli dementia et aequabilitate . . .

From Linschoten, Itinerario. 3 Renaissance cartouches, 1 compass rose and many sailig ships. -

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Date: Amsterdam, 1589


Carte de l'Egypte et le Cours du Nil.

An uncommon and rarely offered map of Egypte. Carte de l'Egypte et le Cours du Nil, with a detailed legend and ancient inset maps of the delta. The inset maps describe...

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Publisher: Covens / Mortier
Date: Amsterdam, 1730


Guineae Nova Descriptio

Copperengraving published in; "Teatro Belgico" van Gregorio Leti, Amsterdam 1690. Latin text on verso. With highly decorative cartouches, a jumping sea monster...

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Publisher: W. de Jonge
Date: Amsterdam, 1690


Carte de La Barbarie de La Nigritie et de la Guinée.

A detailed engraved map of north west Africa including the Canary and Cape Verde Islands. Engraved by Inselin. Address and date changed, now with the imprint "A Pari...

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Publisher: DE L'ISLE, G.
Date: Paris, August 1707

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Description Des Quadrupedes, Oiseaux & Reptiles Les Plus Curieux Qui Se Trouvent Dans La Guinee . . .

Decorative copperplate engraving showing quadrupeds, reptiles and birds of Guinea, including a scene with elephants. From Chatelain's monumental 7 volume "Atlas Hist...

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$55 / ≈ €52

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Publisher: CHATELAIN, H.
Date: Amsterdam, 1720

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Insula S. Laurentii.

Miniature map of Madagascar, with four inset maps. From the French reissue of the account of early Dutch voyages first published in 1608 by Commelin. The French translati...

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$75 / ≈ €71

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Publisher: DE RENNEVILLE, R.A.C.
Date: Amsterdam, E. Roger, 1702

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Carte d'Afrique

Fine detailed map of Africa. Prepared by J.B.Poirson and Herison. Upper left hand corner 2 blocks listing the foreign English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish posse...

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$85 / ≈ €81

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Publisher: JEAN.
Date: Paris, 1798

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Carte de la barbarie, Nigritie et de la Guinée avec les pays voisins . . .

This great map of western Africa is based on Guillaume Delisle's map. It covers from the Barbary coast to below the equator. There is a mass of geographic detail and nota...

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$150 / ≈ €143

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Publisher: CHATELAIN, H.
Date: Amsterdam, 1720

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Karte von Afrika Nach den neuesten Entdeckungen und Ansichten mit besonderer Rücksicht auf Karl Ritter’s Erdkunde

This very rare, extremely large map of Africa depicts the knowledge of Africa in the first quarter of the XIX century. It seems to appear very seldom on the antiquarian m...

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$250 / ≈ €238

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Publisher: Berghaus, H.
Date: Stuttgard, 1826

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Novissima et Perfectissima Africae Descriptio…

Attractive and very detailed map of the Africa, derived from Frederick de Wit’s map. The decorative cartouche includes Moorish traders, Black Africans, a child riding a...

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$600 / ≈ €570

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Publisher: DANCKERTS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1690

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Africa ex magnae Orbis Terrae Descriptione.

Very rare separately published "Lafreri" map of Africa. The title in typical Italian scrollwork surmounted by two Cupids in the lower Atlantic. A dedication to ...

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$2750 / ≈ €2613

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Publisher: MAZZA, Giovanni Battista / RASCIOTTI, Donato.
Date: Venice, ca. 1590

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