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Horizon ring for globe.

Printed horizon ring for a 28cm diameter German globe. The ring is divided in quarters, and engraved two by two on one copper plate. The size of the paper is 44 x 33cm. T...

$950 / ≈ €903
Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Germany, 1720


NEWTON'S New and Improved TERRESTRIAL GLOBE Accurately delineated from the observations of the most esteemed NAVIGATORS AND TRAVELLERS to the Present Time. . .

A very impressive Victorian 20-inch Library globe on an exceptionally carved mahogany tripod stand with scrolling acanthus legs terminating in claw feet joined by turned ...

$20000 / ≈ €19006
Publisher: NEWTON and SON
Date: London, January 1, 1867


Jeu Royal de la vie d'Henri IV.

Large sheet with an animated Goose-game of 63 numbered squares, spiral, counterclockwise, centripetal focused on the French king Henri IV.André Basset offers the life of...

$750 / ≈ €713
Publisher: BASSET, P.A.
Date: Paris, ca. 1816-1820


A folding fan showing Cleopatra at the Gates of Alexandria, circa 1750-1760.

The fan shows Cleopatra at the Gates of Alexandria, where she welcomes Julius Caesar who came to visit her in 48BC. Her suite is made up of soldiers and maids. The arriva...

$1250 / ≈ €1188
Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: English, ca. 1750-1760


A half hour sand-glass.

The element common to celestial position-finding, the calculation of speed for dead reckoning and even everyday life at sea is the time: hence ways of determining and kee...

$1750 / ≈ €1663
Publisher: The Low Countries
Date: ca. 1790


Allegory of geography.

Two putty studying a terrestrial globe, one of them holding a pair of dividers. The information on the globe is clearly imaginary but the two cartouches and ships are typ...

$9000 / ≈ €8553
Publisher: KERKHOVE, Joseph Vanden
Date: Bruges, ca. 1700


[Macaire] Pensionnat Robert-Macaire. Mr le professeur. . . (Plate 4)

Macaire personified the clever businessman, who was willing at any time to throw moral and ethical principles overboard for a quick buck. His personality fitted exactly t...

$250 / ≈ €238
Publisher: DAUMIER, H.
Date: Paris, 1864


Réseau aérien mondial.

"Sur les ailes d'Air France, découvrez le monde à votre tour" lithograph poster from AIR France. A great mid century design by Air France advertising poster b...

$1600 / ≈ €1520
Date: Imprimerie Perceval Paris, ca. 1940-1950


An elegant couple with a caged bird in a landscape.

Folding fan made of skin sheet and mounted in English style, with a painted scene of an elegant couple with a caged bird in a landscape.Painted verso of a man among ancie...

$900 / ≈ €855
Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Paris, 1790


Country pleasures.

Folding fan made of double sheet of lithographed paper, enhanced with gouache and watercolor, with decoration of three cartouches with gallant scenes of French country pl...

$300 / ≈ €285
Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: France, ca. 1850-1860