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[Planisphère] - Crédit Lyonnais - Fondé en 1863. Afrique du Nord à Union Française.

Original pictorial lithographed advertising poster showing western part of Africa. Published by the French bank Crédit Lyonnais.Design by Lucien Boucher who is a famous ...

$900 / ≈ €846
Publisher: BOUCHER, L.
Place, Date: Paris, 1950


Réseau aérien mondial.

"Sur les ailes d'Air France, découvrez le monde à votre tour" lithograph poster from AIR France. A great mid century design by Air France advertising poster b...

$1600 / ≈ €1504
Place, Date: Imprimerie Perceval Paris, ca. 1940-1950


Tiger tamer.

Showing a tiger tamer with two tigers who apparently have more interest in his erotic, scarily dressed assistance.

$400 / ≈ €376
Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Place, Date: ca. 1950


Coast to Coast.

A game board that features a map of the U.S. with a built-in spinner. Players travel a circular track around the map visiting landmarks as they go. A fun way to learn geo...

$100 / ≈ €94
Place, Date: New York, ca. 1950


Prosperity - The Fruit of Cooperation.

NATO poster for European Cooperation by Brian E. Dear. On the poster the slogan "Prosperity the fruit of cooperation". The poster is showing a hand holding an a...

$500 / ≈ €470
Publisher: DEAR, B.
Place, Date: Kühn & Zoon Rotterdam, 1950



Danish poster depicting a child sitting on a globe, threatened by a black snake. Designed by Aage Sikker Hansen and printed Andreasen & Lachmann in Copenhagen, Denmar...

$450 / ≈ €423
Publisher: HANSEN, A. S.
Place, Date: Copenhagen, ca. 1950


Marshall Hjälpen.

Marshall Plan poster made by Gusta Aberg, showing barbed wire cut by pliers with slogan on pliers: Marshall Hjälpen This is one of the 25 finalists in the 1950 “Intra-...

$230 / ≈ €216
Publisher: ABERG, G.
Place, Date: Kühn & Zoon Rotterdam, 1950


AIR France - Réseau Aérien Mondial.

Original pictorial lithograph advertising planisphere poster from AIR France. The poster has a black back ground. In the lower right below the border '016/P/AF Printed in...

$2000 / ≈ €1880
Publisher: BOUCHER, L.
Place, Date: Imprimerie Perceval, Paris, ca. 1950


French Line First Class Bagages de Cale.

French Line First Class Bagages de Cale sticker for the journey Havre- Southhamptons New-York. It used to be stuck on luggage. The Compagnie Générale Transatlantique is...

$75 / ≈ €71
Place, Date: Paris, ca. 1950



This is an original lithography for the Revue Verve, printed on arches for "Le Cirque" (The circle).Verve is an artistic and literary review founded in Paris in...

$1500 / ≈ €1410
Publisher: LEGER, F.
Place, Date: Paris, 1950