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Damascus, Urbs Nobilissima ad Libanum Montem, Totius Syriae Metropolis.

One of the finest and the earliest printed views of Damascus, Syria. Damascus was settled around 5000 BC and considered as the cradle of civilization.The view comes from ...

Starting Bid: $480

Publisher: BRAUN, G. & HOGENBERG, F.
Date: Cologne, 1575


Déde, near Tripoli.

Showing a few boats and harbour in Déde near Tripoli in Libanon, sketched on the spot by F.B. Spilsbury and drawn by D. Orme for "Picturesque Scenery in the Holy La...

Starting Bid: $24

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$30 - $75

Publisher: ORME, E.
Date: London, 1803



A large 17th century panorama of Aleppo in Syria. With numerous buildings and details, in the foreground with caravan trade merchants.From the famous account Reizen... do...

Starting Bid: $280

Publisher: DE BRUYN, C.
Date: Delft, ca. 1698


[65] Surie.

Charming chart of the harbour of the town of St Jean d'Acre in Syria. Showing town and harbour plan, with soundings, anchorages, rocks, shoals, fortifications and lightho...

Starting Bid: $40

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$50 - $120

Publisher: ROUX, J.
Date: Marseille, 1764