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[Two Putti wrestling, while two putti try to stop them]

Fine print made by Bernardo Daddi (1512 - 1570) and published by Antonio Lafreri. Two Putti wrestling, while two putti try to stop them, and a small dog bites one on the ...

$750 / ≈ €683

Publisher: DADDI, B. / LAFRERI,A.
Date: Venice, 1550


Niche in the form of a cartouche.

A lavishly decorated etching by the famous brothers Joannes and Lucas van Doetecum, after Cornelis II de vriendt or better known as Cornelis FLORIS (1514 - 1572 or 1575)....

$500 / ≈ €456

Publisher: VAN DOETECUM, J. & L.
Date: Antwerp, 1556


Temperance (Temperantia) from The Virtues.

Very decorative engraving by Philip Galle (Haarlem 1537–1612 Antwerp) after Pieter Bruegel the Elder (Breda (?) ca. 1525–1569 Brussels). The print was published by Hi...

$9000 / ≈ €8200

Publisher: BREUGHEL, P.
Date: Antwerp, Hieronymus Cock, 1580


Virulus marinus. Cete (Whale and whaling scene)

Whale and whaling scene, set against a mountainous landscape in the manner of Pieter Brueghel the Elder. Plate number 1. The engraving is copied after Adrian Collaert pla...

$300 / ≈ €273

Publisher: COLLAERT, Adriaen (after)
Date: Antwerp, after 1598


Perspective print by Vredeman de Vries. 5

Engraving from Perspective, c'est a dire, le tresrenomme art du poinct oculaire d'une veue dedans ou travers regardante, estant sur une muraille unie, sur un tableau, ou ...

$175 / ≈ €159

Date: The Hague, 1604 - 1605


Eadem Aurantia Dimidiata.

Decorative engraving representing a citrus fruit. Taken from the book "Hesperides sive de malorum aureorum" by Giovan Battista Ferrari (Italian botanist, 1584-1...

$275 / ≈ €251

Publisher: FERRARI, G. B.
Date: Rome, Scheus, 1646


Tabula IV sequitur Farnesiana Posticus.

Ornamental representation of Temple St. Mariae in Rome by Petrus Aquila (1650-1692), after Annibale Carracci. Inscribed in the plate. "Petrus Aquila delin at sculp. ...

$500 / ≈ €456

Publisher: AQUILA, P.
Date: Rome, 1660


Piazza e tempio di Santa Maria della Rotonda gia l'Antico Pantheon.

Monumental engraving showing the Pantheon in Rome, in its setting, with below a ground-plan and elevation. Fountain in front, adjacent buildings and carriages and people ...

$2750 / ≈ €2505

Publisher: DE ROSSI, G.
Date: Rome, 1693


La Basilica Vaticana consacrata al Principe de gli Apostoli . . .

Monumental engraving showing the Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican, in its setting, with below a coat of arms with dedication to Cardinal Sigismondo Chigi. Obili...

$2500 / ≈ €2278

Publisher: DE ROSSI, G.
Date: Rome, 1693


Prospetto dell'anfiteatro Flavio . . . / Prospetto di Tutto l'Anfiteatro intiero . . . / Pianta dell' divisa nelli suoi / Spaccato, e veduta interiore dell' Anfiteatro.

Monumental engraving showing the Colloseum in Rome, in its setting, with below a ground-plan and elevation. Engraved and drawn by Alessandro Specchi (1668-1729), an engra...

$3000 / ≈ €2733

Publisher: DE ROSSI, G. / SPECCHI, A.
Date: Rome, 1703