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Novus Planiglobii Terrestris per Utrumque polum conspectus.

In the last years of his life, Joan Blaeu commissioned a double hemisphere world map, based on the unusual polar projection. Probably, the terrible fire of February 22, 1...

Starting Bid: $3000

BidAsk spread:
$3900 - $5000

Publisher: VALK, G. / BLAEU, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1720


Planiglobii Terrestris Cum Utroq Hemisphaerio...

Extremely decorative, large world map surrounded by vivid engravings of natural phenomena such as waterspouts, a rainbow, earthquakes, and a volcano. Wind heads occupy th...

Starting Bid: $1350

BidAsk spread:
$1650 - $2900

Publisher: HOMANN, J. B.
Date: Nurenberg, 1730


Mappemonde ou Carte Générale de l'Univers...

Important, very large, very decorative oval shaped map of the world, showing the tracks of Captain Cooks three famous voyages.One of the first world maps to show Hawaii....

Starting Bid: $960

BidAsk spread:
$1200 - $1800

Publisher: LOTTER, M. A.
Date: Augsburg, 1782


Western Pacific (Chart n°4), 1877 ( Ink stamp Imray and son London 1878)

Printed in lithography and pasted on blue paper. Generally very good condition. Published by Imray, 89 & 102 Minories, London 1864. In the upper margin, "Western...

Highest Bid:
$650 / ≈ €609

BidAsk spread:
$800 - $1000

Publisher: IMRAY AND SON, J.
Date: London, 1864,1877, 1878

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Chart of Australia and the adjacent islands.

One of the largest sea-charts of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand ever made. A true working blueback nautical chart with a wealth of details and information. Filled wi...

Starting Bid: $600

BidAsk spread:
$750 - $1150

Publisher: IMRAY, J. & Son.
Date: London, 1866 updated to 1877


[Asia and part of Australia]

Engraved map of Asia, with an oversized Japan and part of Australia, called Neu Holland.. Hokaido is called "Sagalien" and the western outlines of "Compagn...

Starting Bid: $160

BidAsk spread:
$200 - $400

Publisher: KLEMM, J. F.
Date: Tübingen, Heerbrandt, 1790


Esquisse de la Baye Dusky dans la Nouvelle Zeelande.

A fine and unusual map of New Zealand and the Pacific islands including; Isles de Wallis, Turtle, Bocos, Palmerston, Sauvage, Pitcairn etc. It features large compass ros...

Starting Bid: $128

BidAsk spread:
$160 - $250

Publisher: BONNE, R.
Date: Paris, 1787


Plan de la Baye Dusky (Obscure) a la Nouvelle Zelande, 1773.

A map engraved by Benard with an inset of Pickersgill harbour. From the French edition of Cook’s Voyages, published in Paris in 1777 (only one year after the English ed...

Starting Bid: $75

BidAsk spread:
$100 - $200

Publisher: COOK, J.
Date: Paris, 1777


De Kust van Nova Guinea tot aan deze bogt . . .

Five views of the coast of New Ireland in New Guinea. Abel Tasman, but also Willem Schouten and Isaac le Maire, thought that this was the coast of New Guinea. In reality ...

Starting Bid: $64

BidAsk spread:
$80 - $150

Publisher: VALENTIJN, F.
Date: Amsterdam, 1726


Le Capitaine Wallis est attaqué dans le Dauphin par les Otahitiens. [Tome II Pl. 1ère.]

Scene of an attack by local Tahitians on Captain Wallis' Dolphin ship off Tahiti's shore. Samuel Wallis (1728-95), a Royal Navy Captain and a skilled navigator was given ...

Highest Bid:
$40 / ≈ €37

BidAsk spread:
$50 - $150

Publisher: COOK, Captain James.
Date: Paris, 1773

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Uncommon map of Pacific ocean prepared by Francesco Costantino Marmocchi. Above the map "Geografia Commerciale". From "Il Globo Atlante di carte Geografich...

Starting Bid: $12

BidAsk spread:
$15 - $50

Publisher: MARMOCCHI, F.C.
Date: Genova, Paolo Rivara fu Giacomo, 1858