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Primae Partis Asiae.

The Very Rare First State. Turkey/ Holy Land/ Iran/ Iraq/ Arabia/ Afghanistan. A superb example of the rare 1578 edition of this fine map of the Middle East, spanning fro...

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$2900 / ≈ €2726
Publisher: DE JODE, C.
Date: Antwerp, 1578

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Ailhae Cidade de Goa Metropolitana da Indiae Partes Orientais que esta en 15 Graos da Banda da Norte.

A large, highly decorative antique and rare bird's eye view and plan of the isle and city of Goa, by Jan Huygen van Linschoten, on map: 1595. Engraver: Baptista van Doete...

Starting Bid: $2640

Date: Amsterdam, 1596


Constantinopolitanae urbis effigies ad vivum expressa.

Extremely rare panoramic view of Istanbul published by Rombout van den Hoeye. With a numbered key (1-29) to principal places in town and a Latin, Dutch, and French poem. ...

Starting Bid: $2200

Publisher: VAN DEN HOEYE, R.
Date: Amsterdam, 1650


Acamantis insula hogidi Cipro . . .

Decorative map of Cyprus. The remarkable Vincenzo Coronelli (1650-1718), was a Franciscan Friar and appointed General of the Order in 1701. He was cosmographer to the Rep...

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$2200 / ≈ €2068
Publisher: CORONELLI, V.
Date: Venice, 1700

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Constantinopolis Constantinopel.

Very rare and decorative panoramic view of Istanbul prepared by Friedrich Berhard Werner and published by Martin Engelbrecht. The engraving is done by Johann Georg Ringli...

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$2000 / ≈ €1880
Publisher: WERNER, F.B. / PINZ, J.G.
Date: Augsburg, M.Engelbrecht, ca.1730-1740

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Asia noviter delineata

This is a fine example of Willem Blaeu's iconic map of Asia flanked by pairs of carto-figures representing the various peoples of the continent and topped with nine views...

Starting Bid: $1800

Publisher: Blaeu, W.
Date: Amsterdam, 1635


Byzantium nunc Constantinopolis.

One of the finest and most sought-after views of Istanbul. Viewed from the village of Scutari, the City is shown with all its fortifications, the original Genoese distric...

Starting Bid: $1700

Publisher: BRAUN,G. / HOGENBERG, F.
Date: Cologne, ca 1574


Tabula Sexta Asia (Arabian Peninsula)

This is a very desirable  early Ptolemaic woodblock map of the Arabian Peninsula, here called Arabia Felix. The map is presented on a trapezoidal projection with paralle...

Starting Bid: $1600

Date: Strassburg, 1525


Ansicht der stadt Nangasaky. [Nagasaki - title also in Russian characters]

A lively scene in Nagasaki harbor. In the foreground, Japanese junks and the town of Nagasaki in the background, with the warehouses on Deshima, the trading post of the D...

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$1600 / ≈ €1504
Publisher: KRUSENSTERN, A.J.
Date: St.Petersburg, 1810-1814

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An early map of China (first edition 1606). One of the most sought-after maps of China, also showing Korea and Japan. Korea is shown as an island, and Japan is strangely ...

Starting Bid: $1600

Publisher: MERCATOR, Gerard / HONDIUS, Jodocus.
Date: Amsterdam, 1617-1634


To the Right Honourable William Lord Cowper, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain. This Map of Asia According to ye Newest and Most Exact Observations is Most Humbly Dedicated.

Very large, detailed and decorative map of Asia and the East Indies with insets of Nova Zembla, the British factories in Chusan and Amoy, the Hellespont, the Gulf of Smyr...

Starting Bid: $1440

Publisher: MOLL, H.
Date: London, ca. 1726


Noordoost Cust van Asia van Japan tot Nova Zemla.

An eye-catching chart of Japan, Hokkaido and the Islands to the North of Japan. In the lower left Korea and part of northern China. Korea has three names mentioned: "...

Starting Bid: $1400

Publisher: GOOS, P.
Date: Amsterdam, 1666


Indiae Orientalis nec non Insularum Adiacentium Nova Descriptio.

Detailed map of East Indies, extending from India to northern Australia. A decorative title cartouche, comprised of a carved stone block, surrounded by oriental figures, ...

Starting Bid: $1400

Publisher: VISSCHER II, N.
Date: Amsterdam, c. 1670


India Orientalis.

Published in Hondius' editions of the Mercator Atlas from 1606 onwards, showing the Indian subcontinent, the Malay Peninsula, Siam and Cambodia, China and the Philippines...

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$1350 / ≈ €1269
Publisher: MERCATOR, G. / HONDIUS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1630

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Indiae Orientalis nec non Insularum adiacentium.

Fine map of South East Asia from India to New Guinea with Japan and the southern tip of Korea in the upper right. The map leaves the question of Torres Straits unanswered...

Starting Bid: $1100

Publisher: VISSCHER, N.
Date: Amsterdam, 1680


Pecheli, sive Peking, Imperii Sinarum Provincia Prima.

A map by Joan Blaeu of the Chinese province of Peking. Title in an elaborate cartouche with Chinese gentry and exotic birds at bottom right: 'Pecheli, sive Peking, Imperi...

Starting Bid: $1000

Publisher: BLAEU, Joan.
Date: Amsterdam, 1655


Chorographia Terrae Sanctae.

A large, marvelously detailed map of the Holy Land, engraved by Pieter Verbiest, whose imprint appears at bottom left.Full title on top: 'Chorographia Terrae Sanctae in A...

Starting Bid: $1000

Publisher: QUARESMIUS, Franciscus.
Date: Antwerpen, 1639


Imperii Sinarum nova descriptio.

Schenk and Valk's rare early 18th century issue of Janssonius milestone map of China, Korea and Japan after Martino Martini. Engraved by Johannes van Loon. The overall ba...

Starting Bid: $1000

Publisher: JANSSONIUS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, ca. 1660


A scarce Real Compañia de Filipinas 250 Pesos deed issued in 1785

A scarce Real Compañia de Filipinas 250 Pesos deed issued in 1785. Share nº 27324, hand signed by several company officials.Engraved by Fernando Selma (1752-1810) after...

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$960 / ≈ €902
Date: Spain, 1785

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Penisola Dell India di la dal Gange Diusa ne i Regni, che in essasi contengono et accresciuta di varie notizie. Da Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola e conforme le Relationi di alcuni Padri della Compa di Giesu di Monsu Tavernier . . . 1683

Giacomo Rossi's fine late 17th century map of Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and part of Sumatra.. Engraved by Franciscus Donia. Issued in Il Mercurio geografico In lower ...

Starting Bid: $960

Publisher: DE ROSSI, G.
Date: Rome, 1683-1688


Constantinopolis. Konstantinopel.

Rare and decorative city view of Constantinople, Istanbul, Turkey. Engraved by Alexander Glaser after F.B. Werner by J.G. Ringlin drawing, published in “Europäische St...

$900 / ≈ €846
Publisher: J. G. RINGLIN / F. B. WERNER
Date: Augsburg, ca. 1740

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Carte de l'Ile de Java: partie Occidentale, partie Orientale, Dressée tout nouvellement sur les Mémoirs les plus exacts, Avec une Table des principales villes de cette Ile. . .

One of the finest large-scale maps of Java, giving good information regarding the VOC settlements An inset plan of Batavia and clearly indicated rice fields, mountains, f...

Starting Bid: $880

Publisher: CHATELAIN, H.
Date: Amsterdam, 1720



Gastaldi prepared this map and it was the first separate map of any Southeast Asian island based on actual observation. The general contour of Sumatra is remarkably good ...

Highest Bid:
$870 / ≈ €818
Publisher: GASTALDI, G./ RAMUSIO, J. B.
Date: Venice, 1556

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Gezicht op het Meer Tokaitç / Biwa-ko.

View of Lake Biwa near Kyoto.Von Siebold was born in Wurtzburg, in Germany, and worked for the Dutch government as a doctor in Java. In Japan, where Von Siebold arrived i...

Starting Bid: $800

Publisher: VON SIEBOLD, P.Fr.B.
Date: Leiden, 1832-1852


Estats de l'empire du grand seigneurs des turcs. . .

The map represents the Ottoman Empire based on Sanson's 1654 map. The Arabian Peninsula is shown with much detail including towns, villages, mountains and watercourses an...

Starting Bid: $800

Publisher: JAILLOT, H. / MORTIER, P.
Date: Amsterdam, 1692


Tabula Indiae orientalis.

Detailed map of East Indies, the first of three maps of the East Indies that de Wit produced. It extending from Persia to northern Australia including the Philippine arch...

Starting Bid: $800

Publisher: De WIT, F.
Date: Amsterdam, 1662


L’asie Par P. Duval Geographe ord du Roy.

This fascinating map of Asia covers a wide expanse starting in western Russia and stretching eastward to the island of Hokaido, here labeled as Iesso. Eastern Europe, Ana...

Starting Bid: $800

Publisher: DUVAL, P.
Date: Paris, 1664


China Veterebus Sinarum Regio nunc Incolis Tame dicta.

Decorative map of China, Japan and Korea and the north portion of the Philippines. Also depicting the island of Formosa. The map depicts the eastern part of China (bounde...

Starting Bid: $800

Publisher: JANSSONIUS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1636


Opulentissimum Sinarum Imperium juxta Recentissimam Delineationem in suas Provincias Disterminatum

A superb and detailed map of China, Korea, Taiwan and southern tip of Japan. Large, ornate decorative, cartouche symbolizing European trade with the East.Comes from M. Se...

Starting Bid: $800

Publisher: SEUTTER, M.
Date: Augsburg, 1730


[Phuket - Harbour]

Scarce Japanese chart of Phuket prepared by Daisuke Soejima Daikin and probably the first detailed chart of the region made just after the capture of Thailand by the Japa...

$750 / ≈ €705
Date: Japan, August 1942

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Abriß der weltberühmten Statt Ierusalem. . .

A large copper engraving of the city and its surroundings filled with wonderful details: buildings, hills, walls, etc. With long text and explanations below the plan. A v...

Starting Bid: $680

Publisher: LOTTER, T. C.
Date: Augsburg, ca 1750


China Veteribus Sinarum Regio nunc Incolis Tame dicta

Willem and Johan Blaeu's map of China, with Japan and Korea. With the Great Wall forming the northern boundary of China and the fictitious lake Chiamay.Title in a cartouc...

Highest Bid:
$625 / ≈ €588
Publisher: BLAEU, J.
Date: Amsterdam, ca. 1640

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Carte géographique contenant le Royaume de Siberie . . .

Very rare and highly detailed map of Siberia subdivided in three provinces, namely Tobolsk, Jenissejesk, Irkutsk, and outer parts of the Tartary. In upper right corner in...

Starting Bid: $600

Publisher: LOTTER, T.C.
Date: Augsburg, 1770- 1780


Hierosolymia, Clarissima totius Orientis civitas. . .

Two bird's eye perspectives on one sheet. The left plan shows ancient Jerusalem at the time of Christ.A contemporary view of Jerusalem appears to the right with an attrac...

Starting Bid: $600

Publisher: BRAUN,G. / HOGENBERG, F.
Date: Cologne, 1582


Cyprus Insula / Candia, Olim Creta.

Two maps on one sheet. Copper engraving illustrating Cyprus and Crete, with Latin text on verso. From 1584 onwards editions of the Ortelius atlas no longer included this ...

Starting Bid: $600

Publisher: ORTELIUS, A.
Date: Antwerp, 1575


Exactissima Asiae Delineatio in Praecipuas Regiones Caerterasque Partes divisa et denuo in lucem edita . . .

Attractive and very detailed map of the Asian continent and East Indies, derived from Frederick de Wit’s map. The extent of European knowledge of the region is depicted...

Starting Bid: $560

Publisher: DANCKERTS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1690


Calechut Celeberri mum Indiae Emporium/ Ormus/ Canonor, St.Georgii.

Four panoramic town-views on one sheet: The upper approximately two-thirds of this double page sheet contains a fine panoramic view of Calicut which is on the west coast ...

Highest Bid:
$550 / ≈ €517
Publisher: BRAUN, G. / HOGENBERG, F.
Date: Cologne, 1580

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Tartariae Sinensis mappa geographica ex Tabulis specialibus RRPP Iesuitarun nec non Relationibus R.P. Gerbillon / per Dom d'Anville, . . . primum A° 1732 nunc se Nunc secundum LL. projectionis . . . descripta per Tobiam Mayer

A very attractive map of Korea and Manchuria on the mainland and two islands of 'Ezo' and Sakhalin, prepared by Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville (1697-1782) and Johann...

Starting Bid: $500

BidAsk spread:
$600 - $750

Publisher: HOMANN, J.B.
Date: Nuremberg, 1749


China Veteribus Sinarum Regio nunc Incolis Tame dicta.

Fine map of China, based on the first of Blaeu's maps of China. In the west by the Great Wall is shown, among Taiwan is named Pakan al I. Formosa, although Tayoan is name...

Starting Bid: $500

Publisher: MERIAN, M.
Date: Frankfurt am Main, 1638


Terra Sancta que in Sacris Terra Promissionis ol: Palestina

This map of Palestine extending from the Lebanon mountains to the Dead Sea is based on the large map by P.Laicksteen and Chr.'s-Grooten in the latter part of the sixteent...

Highest Bid:
$500 / ≈ €470
Publisher: MERCATOR, G. / HONDIUS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1630

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Cyprus - Insular Aliquot Aegaei maris antiqua descrip.

Ten maps on one sheet. With large map of Cyprus. Provenance: This map is from the personal collection of dr. Marcel van den Broecke, author of Ortelius Atlas Maps An...

Starting Bid: $500

Publisher: ORTELIUS, A.
Date: Antwerp, 1595


Kaart van de Gaspar Straaten volgens opnemingen van J.Stolze, D.Ross, enz.

Very large and rare chart centered on the strait between Bangka's southeastern seacoast and Belitung's western shores.Short front views of the coastal relief are shown in...

Starting Bid: $480

Publisher: HULST VAN KEULEN, Wed.G.
Date: Amsterdam 1843


Tabula Tartariae et majoris partis regni Chinae.

Stretching from the Caspian Sea in the west to Formosa in the south-east. Including the peninsula of Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the east coast of Yedso. Decorated with fine...

Starting Bid: $480

Publisher: DE WIT, F.
Date: Amsterdam, 1680


Novissima totius Terrae Sanctae sive promissionis. . .

Engraved by J.B.Homann and published by David Funck. One of the very few maps engraved by Johan Baptist Homann, signed lower right.A rare map of the Holy Land, orientated...

Highest Bid:
$480 / ≈ €451
Publisher: FUNCK, D.
Date: Nuremberg, 1742

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Asia Concinnata Secundum Observationes Academiae Regalis Scientiarum . . .

A rare issue by the German publisher Jeremias Wolff of de l’Isle’s map of Asia. Japan is connected to the mainland by a country identified as Terra Yeco, northwest is...

Starting Bid: $480

Publisher: WOLFF, J.
Date: Augsburg, 1710


Terrae Israel omnis ante Canaan dictae.

A decorative, early map of Israel by Benedictus Arias Montanus, 1593. Full title is a cartouche with roll word at bottom left: 'Terrae Israel omnis ante Canaan dictae in ...

Starting Bid: $480

Publisher: ARIAS MONTANUS, Benedictus.
Date: Leiden, 1593


Asia and its islands according to D'Anville : divided into empires, kingdoms, ... with the European possessions and settlements in the East Indies... the discoveries made in the Eastern parts by the English under Captn. Cook, Vancouver & Peyrouse

Large wall map of Asia, including parts of Eastern Africa, Alaska, and an unfinished New Guinea. Published by Laurie & Whittle after Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anvi...

Starting Bid: $480

Publisher: LAURIE, R. / WHITTLE, J.
Date: London, 1799


Xantung, e Peking Provincie della China, divise nelle sue Reggioni. . .

A very detailed map of the Xantung (Shandong) and Peking (Hebei) provinces in China, based on Johannes Blaeu and the Jesuit Martino Martini. With a decorative title carto...

Starting Bid: $480

Publisher: CORONELLI, W. M.
Date: Venice, 1690


Iunan, Queicheu, e Quangsi Provincie della China . . .

A striking early map of the Chinese provinces of Iunan (Yunan), Queicheu (Guizhou), e Quangsi (Guangxi). With a highly decorative title and mileage-scale cartouches. In t...

Starting Bid: $480

Publisher: CORONELLI, V. M.
Date: Venice, 1698


Damascus, Urbs Nobilissima ad Libanum Montem, Totius Syriae Metropolis.

One of the finest and the earliest printed views of Damascus, Syria. Damascus was settled around 5000 BC and considered as the cradle of civilization.The view comes from ...

Starting Bid: $480

Publisher: BRAUN, G. & HOGENBERG, F.
Date: Cologne, 1575


Tabula X. Asiae hae sunt e cognitis totius orbis.

The earliest printed representation of India west of the Ganges River in Ptolemy's time. Considerable detail of river systems and mountain ranges.The first issue of this...

Starting Bid: $440

Publisher: PTOLEMY,C.
Date: Lyons, M. Servetus, 1525


A large Draught of the East End of Java and Madura. . .

Oriented with west at the top, this large-scale and detailed chart of the Bali Strait and Java Sea, shows the eastern ends of Java and Madura, and the western end of Bali...

Highest Bid:
$400 / ≈ €376
Publisher: MOUNT and PAGE.
Date: London 1745

1 bid  

Bay of Bengal, compiled chiefly from government survey.. [2 sheets]

Large scale chart in 2 sheets focused on the Bay of Bengal.It covers Sri Lanka, the whole Indian eastern coast, the seacoast of Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand as far as...

Starting Bid: $400

BidAsk spread:
$500 - $1200

Date: London (1863), corrections to 1871


(2 charts of Shri Lanka) Mer des Indes - Ile de Ceylan - Partie Nord. Détroit de Palk et Golfe de Manaar.. [with] Partrie Sud...

Two very large charts representing the northern and southern part of Sri Lanka and giving details about the Indian seacoast around the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait....

Starting Bid: $400

BidAsk spread:
$500 - $750

Date: Paris, 1866


Terra Sancta sive Palaestina. . .

Map of Palestine divided among the Tribes on both sides of Jordan and into Kingdoms of Judah and Israel. Cartouche at bottom right features a small map of the Exodus.T.C....

Highest Bid:
$400 / ≈ €376
Publisher: LOTTER, T. C.
Date: Augsbourg, 1770

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Tabula Asiae XI.

Attractive early woodblock map of the Indian Ocean, extending from Southeast Asia to the Ganges River and north to the Himalayas.In upper left inset panel of tiger, cocke...

Highest Bid:
$400 / ≈ €376
Publisher: MÜNSTER, S.
Date: Basle, H. Petri, c. 1552

1 bid  

Ware affbeeldinge wegens het casteel ende stadt Batavia. . .

A reduced version of Clement de Jonghe (1650) plan of Jakarta from 1650. The town plan has a vignette at the bottom showing Jakarta from the sea with the volcanoes Mount ...

Starting Bid: $400

Publisher: VANDER AA, P.
Date: Leiden, 1719


Kaart van Het Noordelijk Gedeelte Van Het Eiland Borneo.

A very detailed map of Northern Borneo including Brunei, taken from the "Atlas der Nederlandsche bezittingen in Oost-Indië", which was published by Departement...

Starting Bid: $400

Date: The Hague, 1883-1885


Damascus – Urbs Nobilissima ad Libanum Montem, Totius Syriae Metropolis.

Striking town plan of Damascus shows the fortified walls of the City and various buildings, public squares and other places of interest, with costumed locals and camels i...

Highest Bid:
$400 / ≈ €376
Publisher: BRAUN,G. / HOGENBERG, F.
Date: Cologne, 1618

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Carte générale de la mer des Indes dressée par P. Daussy et P.E. Wissocq, grave par Chassant, ecrit par J.M. Hacq.

Magnificent and detailed large-scale chartdepicting the Indian ocean, with east coast of Africa, Madagascar, Arabian Peninsula, India, China, etc .Including the West coa...

Starting Bid: $400

Date: Paris, 1837-1869


Orbis Per Creationem Institutus.

This is a very unusual map depicting the region from Asia Minor to India and including all of the Arabian Peninsula within a circle. The Garden of Eden is prominently dis...

Starting Bid: $400

Publisher: HOOGHE, R.
Date: Amsterdam, 1700


Carte de la Mer Rouge, depuis Moka jusqu's Gedda. . . .

Chart of the Red Sea. With 3 inset maps of Shake Omare, Goofs and Gedan. D'Après De Mannevillette (1707-1780) was one of France's first hydrographers. When the first edi...

Starting Bid: $400

Date: Paris, 1753


Carte des Isles du Japon Sequels est remarque la Route..

This uncommon map of Japan, which is reduced version of his larger map, contains comments about the nature of the country. For instance, Ocsaqui (Okazaki, near Nagoya) is...

Starting Bid: $400

Publisher: TAVERNIER, J.B.
Date: Paris / Amsterdam, 1679


Hunouang, e Sucuhen, Provincie della Cina. . .

A striking, early map of the Chinese provinces Szechwan and Hunan provinces. It shows the city of Chungking along the Yangtze River. With highly decorative title and mile...

Starting Bid: $400

Publisher: CORONELLI, V. M.
Date: Venice, 1698


Plan de la Ville et du Chateau de Batavia en l'Isle de Java.

Detailed dual language plan of Batavia, the capital of the Dutch East Indies.Batavia, today’s Indonesian capital of Jakarta, was the center of Dutch economic activity i...

Starting Bid: $400

Publisher: VAN DER A, A.
Date: Paris, 1719


Carte Des Iles Sumatra, Java et Bornéo et des Mers Environnantes.

Large and early French sea-chart of the East Indies, including Singapore. Based upon the work of James Horsburgh, the hydrographer of the English East India Company.The l...

Starting Bid: $392

Date: Paris, 1839


Terrae Sanctae Tabula e Scripturae Sacrae, Flavii Josephi, Eusebii et Divi Hieronymi . . . Delineata.

A very fine map centered on Palestine on both sides of the Jordan, divided among the Tribes and according to the division into provinces of the Roman time.Very nice title...

Highest Bid:
$385 / ≈ €362
Publisher: LATTRÉ / DE L'ISLE, J.N.
Date: Paris/ Bordeaux, 1771-1783

2 bids  

A Plan of the city and harbour of Macao A colony of the Portugueze, situated at the southern extremity of the Chinese Empire. . .

A fine large scale plan and sea-chart of Macao. Show the area in good detail, including hills, buildings, depth soundings,... an index identifies forts, parishes, college...

Starting Bid: $384

Publisher: STAUNTON, G.
Date: London, 1796


Iudaea seu Terra Sancta quae Hebraeorum sive Israelitarum. . .

Map of the Holy Land divided among the Tribes as well as in two kingdoms, Judah and Israel. The title cartouche shows Moses and Aaron. Lower right corner cartouche, which...

Starting Bid: $360

Publisher: SANSON, N. / JAILLOT, H.
Date: Paris, 1709


Constatinopolis. [Istanbul]

Panoramic town-view of Constantinople (Istanbul). Woodcut published in the so-called pirate edition of the "small Schedel" in Augsburg, 1497, Latin edition. Ori...

Highest Bid:
$360 / ≈ €338
Publisher: SCHEDEL, H.
Date: Augsburg, Johann Schönsperger, 1497

1 bid  

Carte de L'Empire des Turcs en Asie & en Afrique..

Including the Arabian Peninsular, Egypt, Cyprus and part of the Mediterranean.Zacharie Chatelain (d.1723) was the father of Henri Abraham (1684-1743) and Zacharie Junior ...

Starting Bid: $360

Publisher: CHATELAIN, H.
Date: Amsterdam, 1728



Early view of Macao after Barthelemy Lauvergne (1805-1875) and engraved in aquatint technique by Sigismond Himely (1801-1872). Published as plate 28 in Voyage autour du m...

Starting Bid: $350

Publisher: HIMELY, S.
Date: Paris, Finot, 1835


Isola Ceilon.

Attractive copper engraved map of Sri Lanka showing mountains, Towns and the Rama's Bridge (Ponte di Adamo). Included in "Atlante Novissimo che Contiene Tutte le Par...

Highest Bid:
$350 / ≈ €329
Publisher: ALBRIZZI, G.B.
Date: Venice, 1740

1 bid  

Zee-Togt van den Grooten Turk Uyt het Roode Meyr Tegen de Portugy fen na Indien tot aan Kaap Comorin Ondernomen.

Map of the Arabian peninsula, with Saudi Arabia, the Indian Ocean and India and Ceylon.Although not renowned for the originality of his work, Pieter van der Aa is highly ...

Highest Bid:
$345 / ≈ €324
Publisher: VAN DER AA, P.
Date: Leiden, 1706

2 bids  

Die innere Aussicht des Castells in Batavia . . .

Showing the inside-square of the V.O.C. headquarters in Jakarta.The hand colored engraving is much perforated and the windows are cut out, a thin transparent paper is mou...

Starting Bid: $320

Publisher: ACADEMIE.
Date: Augsburg, 1750


Japan ten tyde van Zin-mu-ten-won 660 v.c.

Showing Japan 660 B.C. Japan was known as "Jama-to v. Aki-Tsu-Sima". The southern tip of Korea is shown and labeled "Kan", the island of Tsushima is l...

Starting Bid: $320

Publisher: VON SIEBOLD, P.Fr.B.
Date: Leiden, 1832-1852


Carte de Tartarie.

Rare first edition "Chez l'Auteur Rue des Canettes préz de St. Sulpice". The "Rue des Canettes" address appears on the original versions of maps date...

Starting Bid: $320

Publisher: DE L'ISLE, G.
Date: Paris, 1706


Tartaria sive Magni Chami imperium.

Detailed and decorative map of Tartary and Northern part of China. Northern tip of Korea included. The Chinese Great Wall is depicted, with Central Asia, extending from M...

Starting Bid: $320

Publisher: BLAEU, W.
Date: Amsterdam, 1638


Les Vrays Indes dits Grands Indes ou Indes Orientales Par N. de Fer. Geographe de Sa Majeste Catoliques et de Monseigneur le Dauphin.

Detailed map on India, Thailand, the Malay Peninsular and the south coast of China up to Macao. The map was engraved by C. Inselin.

Starting Bid: $320

Publisher: FER, N. de
Date: Paris, 1705


Vue perspective de la grande Rue de Nanquin ancienne Ville de la Chine.

So-called optical print of a street in Nanking. The wide boulevard is lined with merchants displaying their wares with colorful flags and signs. The street is filled with...

Starting Bid: $320

Publisher: BASSET
Date: Paris, c.1780