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Plan de la Baye de Ville Franche et de celle de St. Souspir.

An attractive chart centered on the Mediterranean. With scale and large compass-rose. Dated 1727, with the privilege of the King. From : Recueil des Plusieurs plans des p...

$300 / ≈ €273

Publisher: MICHELOT, H. / BREMOND, L.
Date: Marseille, 1730


Miniature of The Crucifixion of Christ.

Page fragment from a Book of Hours with a miniature of the Cruxifiction with Saint Mary and Mary Magdalene in prayer in front of Jesus hung on the cross. This miniature c...

$2500 / ≈ €2278

Publisher: Master de Liénart Barronnat
Date: Paris, 1492 - 1494


Venecie. [Venice] Foliu XLIIII

A very fine of Venice (192x525mm.) Verso a view of Padua. Schedel's view of Venice is one of the earliest obtainable views of the city. The view is based on the view of ...

$3500 / ≈ €3189

Publisher: SCHEDEL, H.
Date: Nuremberg, 12 July 1493


Nova Europae Descriptio Auctore Jodoco Hondio.

Very decorative map of Europe decorated with many ships and sea monsters.

$1400 / ≈ €1276

Publisher: HONDIUS, J.
Date: Amsterdam,1630


Hendrik Doeff and his dog.

Because of the scarcely of impressions from abroad many of the Nagasaki subjects, prints and paintings are copies. The lack of understanding usually makes these impressio...

$6500 / ≈ €5922

Date: Nagasaki, c. 1820-1830


Carte géologique détaillée. Beyrouth.

Geological or soil map showing part of Lebanon with Beyrouth , including in top a colored legend with signs of the different geological ages. Provenance : Fondation P. Fa...

$300 / ≈ €273

Publisher: DUBERTRET, Louis.
Date: Liban, Service geographique des F.F.L., 1945.


Stockholm, ville capitale du royaume de Suède.

A very decorative and extremely raretown-viewof Stockholm, including a numbered key ( 1- 2 ) in lower part. Engraved by Pierre-Alexandre Aveline. With "fait par Avel...

$450 / ≈ €410

Publisher: AVELINE, P.A.
Date: Paris, ca.1692


Il Governo di Guascogna con porzione del Governo di Guienna.

Rare regional map of France of the Périgord, Guienne, Gascogne and the Béarn published by Carli Pazzini in Siena.

$225 / ≈ €205

Publisher: PAZZINI, C.
Date: Siena, 1792


Gouvernement general de Champagne. . .

Fine map of Champagne with a decorative title and scale cartouche.Alexis-Hubert Jaillot (1632-1712), was a French cartographer. He joined the Sanson heirs and redrew Nico...

$300 / ≈ €273

Publisher: JAILLOT, H. / MORTIER, P.
Date: Amsterdam, 1692


ANNA IWANOVNA - Anna Ioannovna imperatricea i camoderschiza wserossinskaja (rossice). Anna Joannowna imperatrix totius Russiae

Extremely rare half portrait print of Anna Ivanovna (7 February [O.S. 28 January] 1693, Moscow – 28 October [O.S. 17 October] 1740) reigned as Duchess of Courland from ...

$1500 / ≈ €1367

Publisher: STENGLIN, J.
Date: St. Petersburg, 1743


ELISABETH I. - Elisabet imperatriza wseros sinskaja petra welikago dscherj (rossice). Elisabetha imperatrix. Omnium Russiarum Petri. Magni. Filia.

Extremely rare half portrait print of Elizaveta Petrovna (29 December [O.S. 18 December] 1709 – 5 January 1762 [O.S. 25 December 1761] ), also known as Yelisavet and El...

$1500 / ≈ €1367

Publisher: STENGLIN, J.
Date: St. Petersburg, 1743


FJODOR JOANNOWITSCH - Feodor Ioannowitsch zar i camoderschez wserossinskij (rossice). Feodor Ioannowicz tzaar et autocrator totius Russiae Joann Alexiewicz tzaar et autocrator totius Russiae.

Extremely rare half portrait print of Czar Fyodor I Ivanovich (31 May 1557 – 16/17 January 1598) was the last Rurikid Tsar of Russia (1584 - 1598), son of Ivan the Terr...

$1500 / ≈ €1367

Publisher: STENGLIN, J.
Date: St. Petersburg 1743


ALEXEI I. - Alexei Michailowitsch zar i camoderschez wserossinskij (rossice). Alexei Michailowicz tzaar et autocrator totius Russiae.

Extremely rare half portrait print of Czar Alexei Michailowicz..Aleksey Mikhailovich Romanov ( 9 March 1629 (O.S.) – 29 January 1676 was the Tsar of Russia during some ...

$1500 / ≈ €1367

Publisher: STENGLIN, J.
Date: St. Petersburg, 1743


IWAN ALEXEJEWITSCH - Ioann Alexejewitsch zar i camoderschez wserossinskij (rossice).Joann Alexiewicz tzaar et autocrator totius Russiae.

Extremely rare print of Czar Ivan Alexejewitsch, who was the brother of Peter the Great.Johann Stenglin was a well known engraver, born at Augsburg in 1715, he studied un...

$1500 / ≈ €1367

Publisher: STENGLIN, J.
Date: St. Petersburg 1743


[64] Syrie/ Tripoli

Charming little charts of the harbour of the town of Tripoli, Syria in modern Lebanon. Showing town and harbour plan, with soundings, anchorages, rocks, shoals, fortifica...

$80 / ≈ €73

Publisher: ROUX, J.
Date: Marseille, 1764


Punishment of a criminal in China.

Punishment of a criminal in China from Linschoten's famous voyages to the East of 1583-92 here published by De Bry the year after they first appeared as a separate book. ...

$150 / ≈ €137

Publisher: DE BRY, Th.
Date: Frankfurt, 1599


Paris, Lutetia, Parisii, Ville Capitale du Royaume de France.

View of Paris seen from the hill "Belleville based on that of Merian (1616) but updated with the new gates Saint-Denis and Saint-Martin. With a key 1-78 and A-Z. Sur...

$4200 / ≈ €3827

Publisher: AVELINE, P.
Date: Paris, after 1676


Nice Vue prise audessus de Montalban.

Beautiful view of Nice from the book "l'Italie à vol d'oiseau".

$450 / ≈ €410

Publisher: GUESDON, A.
Date: Paris, 1850


Lutetiae Parisiorum Universae Galliae Metropolis Novissima & Accuratissima Delineatio per Jacobum de la Feuille.

Bird-eye view of Paris,with key to the different locations.

$3750 / ≈ €3417

Publisher: DE LA FEUILLE, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1696


Tabula Russiae ex autographo, quod delineandum curavit Foedor filius Tzaris Boris desums... - Domino regionum Iueriae Kartalinie et Groefiniae Tzari etc: dedicata ab Heselo Gerardo M.DC.XIIII

A re-issue, by Willem Blaeu, of Hessel Gerritsz' rare and influential map of Russia. Dutch text on verso, extending west to east from Emden to Aspachan and north to south...

$3000 / ≈ €2733

Publisher: BLAEU, W.
Date: Amsterdam, 1635


An embassy from the East-India Company of the United Provinces, to the Grand Tartar Cham, Emperor of China deliver'd by their excellencies, Peter de Goyer and Jacob de Keyzer, at his imperial city of Peking. . .

Very rare first English text edition of this most important and early resource on China and the Chinese. Three parts in one folio by John Macock for the author.Part I: An...

$9000 / ≈ €8200

Publisher: NIEUHOF, J.
Date: London : Printed by the Author at his house in White-Friers, 1669


Le comte d'Artois dresse sur les memoires les plus nouveaux. . .

Map showing the north of France, showing St Omer, and Arras, etc. The map notes Nicolas Sanson as the mapmaker and claims that the map was published by Alexis-Hubert Jail...

$300 / ≈ €273

Publisher: SANSON, N. / JAILLOT, H.
Date: Amsterdam, 1693


Bressia vulgo Bresse. [colored by Van Santen]

Title cartouche with putti and surveyor with surveying instruments. Upper right-hand corner Geneva, lower left Lyon and in the center Bourg-en Bresse. Upper right-hand co...

$1200 / ≈ €1093

Publisher: BLAEU, W.
Date: Amsterdam, 1650


Reis-kaart van het Britsche gezantschap van Hang-choe-foe naar Quang-choe-foe of Kanton in China.

Uncommon map of eastern part of China, showing a journey of the English Embassy from Hangzhou (south of Shanghai) to Guangzhou (Canton). The maps is giving a wealth of in...

$600 / ≈ €547

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Netherlands, c.1800


Typus Galliae Veteris, Ex conatib' Geograph. Abrah.Ortelii.

A very decorative map with countries of ancient France prepared by Abraham Ortelius and published by one of the most famous map publishers, Willem Blaeu.

$375 / ≈ €342

Publisher: BLAEU, W.
Date: Amsterdam, 1645


Langwasser Stanislau Neu Brandenburg Mei 1942 Juni 1945

Map met reproducties van crayontekeningen van Krijgsgevangenschap in Langwasser, Stanislau en Neu-Brandenburg, Mei 1942 -juni 1945.Uitgegeven april 1948 door het Minister...

$60 / ≈ €55

Publisher: Ministerie van Oorlog
Date: Den Haag, April 1948


Maldivae Insulae.

Very fine early miniature map of Maldives Islands. East is at the top. Title cartouche on the lower right corner. A dolphin and two ships are depicted.First published in ...

$150 / ≈ €137

Publisher: LANGENES, B.
Date: Amsterdam / Frankfurt, 1609


Group of 21 watercolors of scenes in Iceland, included are vulcanos like Eyjafjallajokull, Öræfajökull, etc.

A group of water colors made during visits of the artist F. de Boungne to Iceland, among them are contemporary artistic impressions of the now world-famous volcano Eyjafj...

$4500 / ≈ €4100

Publisher: DE BOUNGNE, F.
Date: Iceland, 1933-1944


Extract uit de Resolutien door Heeren Bewindhebberen der Oost-Indische Compagnie gecommitteerd ter Vergadering van 17e binnen Amsterdam genomen op Donderdag

Contains a list of resolutions dated from 27th November 1783 and reports about the dumping of oil, tar etc. into the sea.

$225 / ≈ €205

Publisher: VOC.
Date: Amsterdam, 1751


Extract uyt de Resolutien, door de Vergadering der Heeren Zeventienen, van de Generale Nederlandsche O. I. Compagnie binnen Amsterdam, genomen op Woensdag den 2 April 1774.

Contains a list of resolutions dated from 2nd April 1774 and concerning health care. Boarding crew had to be examined by the ship's surgeon. People with illnesses were to...

$1400 / ≈ €1276

Publisher: VOC.
Date: Amsterdam, 1751


Belgica Foederata. . .

Decorated with a cartouche showing the coats of arms of Zeeland, Holland, Utrecht, Friesland, Groningen and Overijssel. T.C. Lotter married M. Seutter's daughter in 1740 ...

$900 / ≈ €820

Publisher: LOTTER, T. C.
Date: Augsburg, ca.1760



A very nicely crafted sloop compass in original box. The compass is gimbaled and is executed in beautiful red copper. Made and signed by F.J. Kloos & Son of Rotterdam...

$1500 / ≈ €1367

Publisher: KLOOS, F.J.
Date: Rotterdam, 1850-1875



A sloop compass in original box. The compass is gimbaled. The compass works fine.

$650 / ≈ €592

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: c. 1890-1900


Nova tabula geographica complectens borealiorem..

A finely engraved pair of maps designed to be cut and joined together to provide a continuous coastline of North America from the Carolinas to Newfoundland and along the ...

$3500 / ≈ €3189

Publisher: VISSCHER, N. / SCHENK,P.
Date: Amsterdam, 1720


Hern Johann Baptisten Taveniers..Vierzig Jaehrige Reize..

This German edition includes Tavernier's map of Japan in a reduced form (210x315mm) and contains legends about the country's nature, e.g., where gold is mined and plottin...

$7500 / ≈ €6833

Publisher: TAVERNIER, J.B.
Date: Nuremberg, 1681


Account of a voyage of discovery to the west coast of Corea.

BRITAIN'S FIRST ACCURATE ACCOUNT OF KOREA & OKINAWANS. With an appendix containing charts and various hydrographical and scientific notices by captain Basil Hall and ...

$5000 / ≈ €4555

Publisher: HALL,B.
Date: London, 1818


Manuscript atlas.

Charming manuscript atlas with 6 maps, pen and ink and water color, showing France, Europe, Africa, Palestine, North America and South America.The atlas is done by a youn...

$2200 / ≈ €2004

Publisher: BERNARD.
Date: France, 1835


Recueil de divers voyages faits en Afrique et en l'Amerique, qui n'ont point esté encore publiez.

First edition of this collection of significant and interesting voyages, edited by a scholar and book collector who served in the employ of Louis XIV before being appoint...

$5000 / ≈ €4555

Publisher: JUSTEL, H.
Date: Paris, Louis Billaine, 1674


Souvenirs des Pyrénées. Vues prises aux environs des eaux thermales de Bagnères-de-Bigorre, Bagnères-de-Luchon, Cauteretz, Saint-Sauveur, Barèges, Les-eaux-Bonnes, Les-Eaux-Chaudes & Pau.

The thermal baths Bagnères de Bigorre, Bagnères de Luchon, Cauteretz, Saint-Sauveur, Barèges, Les Eaux-Bonnes and Pau in the Pyrenees. Beautiful collection of 24 litho...

$800 / ≈ €729

Publisher: PETIT, V.
Date: Pau, A.Basset, ca. 1860


Atlas géographique des quatre parties du monde.

Interesting atlas printed during the French Revolution (1789-1799) by Ph. Dezauche. The title cartouche of the newly made map (6bis) "Carte de France, suivant sa nou...

$17500 / ≈ €15944

Publisher: L'ISLE, G. de. / BUACHE / DEZAUCHE.
Date: Paris, Dezauche, De L'Isle et Buache, 1789-1799