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Ailhae Cidade de Goa Metropolitana da Indiae Partes Orientais que esta en 15 Graos da Banda da Norte.

A large, highly decorative antique and rare bird's eye view and plan of the isle and city of Goa, by Jan Huygen van Linschoten, on map: 1595. Engraver: Baptista van Doete...

Starting Bid: $2640

Date: Amsterdam, 1596


Calechut Celeberri mum Indiae Emporium/ Ormus/ Canonor, St.Georgii.

Four panoramic town-views on one sheet: The upper approximately two-thirds of this double page sheet contains a fine panoramic view of Calicut which is on the west coast ...

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$550 / ≈ €517
Publisher: BRAUN, G. / HOGENBERG, F.
Date: Cologne, 1580

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Tabula X. Asiae hae sunt e cognitis totius orbis.

The earliest printed representation of India west of the Ganges River in Ptolemy's time. Considerable detail of river systems and mountain ranges.The first issue of this...

Starting Bid: $440

Publisher: PTOLEMY,C.
Date: Lyons, M. Servetus, 1525


Bay of Bengal, compiled chiefly from government survey.. [2 sheets]

Large scale chart in 2 sheets focused on the Bay of Bengal.It covers Sri Lanka, the whole Indian eastern coast, the seacoast of Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand as far as...

Starting Bid: $400

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$500 - $1200

Date: London (1863), corrections to 1871


(2 charts of Shri Lanka) Mer des Indes - Ile de Ceylan - Partie Nord. Détroit de Palk et Golfe de Manaar.. [with] Partrie Sud...

Two very large charts representing the northern and southern part of Sri Lanka and giving details about the Indian seacoast around the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait....

Starting Bid: $400

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$500 - $750

Date: Paris, 1866


Tabula Asiae XI.

Attractive early woodblock map of the Indian Ocean, extending from Southeast Asia to the Ganges River and north to the Himalayas.In upper left inset panel of tiger, cocke...

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$400 / ≈ €376
Publisher: MÜNSTER, S.
Date: Basle, H. Petri, c. 1552

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Isola Ceilon.

Attractive copper engraved map of Sri Lanka showing mountains, Towns and the Rama's Bridge (Ponte di Adamo). Included in "Atlante Novissimo che Contiene Tutte le Par...

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$350 / ≈ €329
Publisher: ALBRIZZI, G.B.
Date: Venice, 1740

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Les Vrays Indes dits Grands Indes ou Indes Orientales Par N. de Fer. Geographe de Sa Majeste Catoliques et de Monseigneur le Dauphin.

Detailed map on India, Thailand, the Malay Peninsular and the south coast of China up to Macao. The map was engraved by C. Inselin.

Starting Bid: $320

Publisher: FER, N. de
Date: Paris, 1705


Colombo Harbour From Surveys supplied by Sir. John Coode. . .

Sir John Coode's highly detailed map of the Harbour at Colombo (Sri Lanka), with manuscript notations and corrections in pencil. With red pencil "INCORRECT".The...

Starting Bid: $250

Date: London, 1885 -1896


[Lot of 12 maps / views of India / Sri lanka]

[A lot of 12 maps] views of India / Sri lanka.- Carte de la Baye de Trinquemale Ceylon  (J. N. Belin) 1764- Carte Du Golphe De Bengale  (J. N. Belin) 1746- Carte des...

Starting Bid: $240

Publisher: AA, Pieter van der
Date: Leiden, c. 1720