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Painting from a sailor / Matrozen kunst

Matrozen kunst op houtpaneel (Thee kist) aan boord geschilderd door  Hr. W. Welman. Gesigneerd rechtsonder in de golven en op de achterkant.

Starting Bid: $100

BidAsk spread:
$100 - $275

Publisher: W, Welman
Date: circa. 1960


Naufrage sur les côtes d'Afrique.

So called optical print of a shipwrecking in a storm off the African shores.In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there were many popular specialty establishments in...

Starting Bid: $120

BidAsk spread:
$150 - $300

Publisher: BASSET
Date: Paris, 1760


Pondichery - Vue de l'Eglise des Jésuites.

Lithography representing a view of a church belonging to the Jesuit order. Plate N° 11.From Souvenirs d'un voyage dans l'Inde, exécuté de 1834 à 1839, by A. Delessert...

Highest Bid:
$160 / ≈ €150

BidAsk spread:
$200 - $300

Publisher: FORTIN, MASSON et CIE
Date: Paris, 1843

1 bid  

Ware affbeeldinge wegens het casteel ende stadt Batavia. . .

A reduced version of Clement de Jonghe (1650) plan of Jakarta from 1650. The town plan has a vignette at the bottom showing Jakarta from the sea with the volcanoes Mount ...

Starting Bid: $400

BidAsk spread:
$500 - $800

Publisher: VANDER AA, P.
Date: Leiden, 1719


Ansicht der stadt Nangasaky. [Nagasaki - title also in Russian characters]

A lively scene in Nagasaki harbor. In the foreground, Japanese junks and the town of Nagasaki in the background, with the warehouses on Deshima, the trading post of the D...

Highest Bid:
$1600 / ≈ €1498

BidAsk spread:
$2000 - $3000

Publisher: KRUSENSTERN, A.J.
Date: St.Petersburg, 1810-1814

1 bid