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Londres - die Stedt Londen.

A finely engraved perspective view of the city of London, with people, animals and buildings in the foreground, on the south side of the river, London Bridge across the T...

$300 / ≈ €300
Publisher: MALLET, A.M.
Place, Date: Frankfurt, 1684


Wallis's Guide for Strangers Through London.

Engraved plan with original hand-coloring, with title and alphabetical list of the principal streets below. Published by Edward Wellis 42 Skinner Street.With "An alp...

$500 / ≈ €500
Publisher: WALLIS, E.
Place, Date: London, E.Wallis, ca. 1840


Vüe Perspective de l'Hospital de Greenwich prise de la Thamise.

So-called optical print illustrating a perspective view of Greenwich Hospital, illustrating its close proximity to the River Thames.In the eighteenth and nineteenth centu...

$400 / ≈ €400
Publisher: HUQUIER
Place, Date: Paris, 1760


77e Vüe d'Optique Représentant Les Cascades du Jardin de Vauxhall a Londres.

So-called optical print illustrating a perspective view of the fountains and artificial cascades in Vauxhall Gardens, London.In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries th...

$200 / ≈ €200
Publisher: DAUMONT
Place, Date: Paris, 1760


[West Central London from Booth's Poverty Map of London]

A map of West Central London, one section (of twenty) of an extended version of the incredibly influential Poverty Map, originally published in Charles Booth's 'Life and ...

$750 / ≈ €750
Publisher: BOOTH, Charles.
Place, Date: London, 1900


A view of Westminster bridge. Vue du pont Westminster.

A very decorative and extremely rare of river Themes and Westminster bridge in London, including a six-line description in French and English. Published by Jacques Chér...

$2300 / ≈ €2300
Publisher: CHEREAU, J. / AVELINE, P.A.
Place, Date: Paris, ca.1750


Londinum Feracissimi Angliae Regni Metropolis.

Very desirable and early plan of London - in a second state - shown from the Tower to Westminster, with the City already built-up and a ribbon development westwards along...

$6500 / ≈ €6500
Publisher: BRAUN, G. / HOGENBERG, F.
Place, Date: Cologne, (1572) 1577


Vue Interieure de la Bourse Royale à Londres.

So-called optical print of the London stock exchange. Daumont was a well-known publisher of optical prints, established in Paris. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuri...

$400 / ≈ €400
Publisher: DAUMONT
Place, Date: Paris, 1760


AFFAIRES D'ORIENT Départ des Grenadiers de la Garde Anglaise, à bord du Steamer transatlantique l'Orenoco. . .

Beautiful lithography of the departure of the British steamboat "l'Orenoco" from Southampton in May 1854, with soldiers leaving for the Crimean War. After a des...

$300 / ≈ €300
Publisher: LEBRETON, L.
Place, Date: Paris, Lemercier, c.1860


Vüe de la Place de Grosvenor a Londres.

So-called optical print illustrating a perspective view of Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London. The centrepiece of the 100 acre Grosvenor Estate, it was built between 1725-...

$400 / ≈ €400
Publisher: HUQUIER
Place, Date: Paris, 1760