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Vasten avonds Vreugde krans en tooneel stuk. . .

Page taken from "Het groote tafereel der dwaasheid : vertoonende de opkomst, voortgang en ondergang der actie, bubbel en windnegotie, in Vrankryk, Engeland, en de Ne...

$150 / ≈ €141
Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Amsterdam, 1720


[Map of Corfu. View of the city of Corfu on the foreground. ]

Very rare map of Corfu with a view of the city of Corfu on the foreground. Published in the first edition of "Viaggio da Venetia, a Costantinopoli. Per Mare, e per T...

$400 / ≈ €376
Publisher: ROSACCIO, Giuseppe.
Date: Venice, Giacomo Franco, 1598


Hydrograhica descriptio

This very rare chart is important as the first printed sea chart of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Gibraltar, also depicting the northern coast of Marocco.Willem Bar...

$4000 / ≈ €3760
Publisher: BARENDTSZ, W.
Date: Amsterdam, W.Blaeu, 1612


Leaf on vellum from a printed Book of Hours.

24 lines of printed text, surrounded by renaissance borders decorated with flowers, vases and religious scenes.From the press of the leading Parisian publisher and illumi...

$75 / ≈ €71
Publisher: BOOK OF HOURS
Date: Paris, Germain Hardouyn, c.1520-1540


[Page with imaginary towns in Hungary. ] CCLXVIII

Page with imaginary towns in Hungary (230x225mm.) This leaf is from an edition of Hartmann Schedel's Liber chronicarum or Nuremberg Chronicle. The Chronicle was published...

$500 / ≈ €470
Publisher: SCHEDEL.
Date: Nuremberg, 1493


La Saxe Contenant le Routes et les postes. . .

Fine post route map of Saxony in Germany with a splendidly engraved title cartouche. The map is centered on Leipzig. George Louis Le Rouge was active between 1740 and 178...

$75 / ≈ €71
Publisher: LE ROUGE, G.L.
Date: Paris, 1756


Mathieu Merian, l'Ancien célébre graveur . . .

Portrait of Matthäus Merian (1593-1650) by Hubert. Matthäus Merian der Ältere was a Swiss-born engraver who worked in Frankfurt for most of his career, where he also ...

$75 / ≈ €71
Publisher: HUBERT
Date: Paris, 1784


Map of the Island of Ceylon incorporating that of the Kandyan Provinces already published ... by Major General John Fraser, late Deputy Quarter Master General…

Arrowsmith’s 1856 edition of Fraser’s map of Ceylon, one of the most detailed maps published in the 19th century.“Map of the Island of Ceylon incorporating that of ...

$3000 / ≈ €2820
Publisher: FRASER, John / ARROWSMITH, John.
Date: London, John Arrowsmith, June 1856


[Title page for] Atlas Minor de Guerard Mercator. . .

Title page from a 1608 French edition of the Atlas Minor (351:11). The title page is similar to that in the Latin edition of 1607, but a slip of paper with the engraved t...

$200 / ≈ €188
Publisher: JANSSONIUS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1608


Changer à droite - Changieren rechts - Variatio ad dextram.

Copper engraving from "Neue Reit Schul vorstellend einen vollkommenen Reuter in allen Lectionen". Disciple of Georg Philipp Rugendas I in Augsburg, Johann Elias...

$500 / ≈ €470
Publisher: RIDINGER, J. E.
Date: Augsburg, 1734