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Tabula Anemographica seu Pyxis Nautica.

Impressive compass rose with a fleur de lis at the center and 32 wind directions flowing from it identified in six languages, Greek, Latin, French, Dutch, Italian, and Sp...

$3000 / ≈ €2797
Publisher: JANSSONIUS, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1650


Very fine brass astronomical equinoctial ring with two brass circles.

Very fine brass astronomical equinoctial ring with two brass circles with engraved foliage decoration, signed "Jean-Baptiste-Nicolas Delure A Paris", on the han...

$8000 / ≈ €7459
Date: Paris, undated, ca. 1690


A cordiform - heart-shaped - horary quadrant marked with Gunter scales.

A small and charming but very fine heart-shaped horary quadrant marked with Gunter scales. The scales are very finely engraved on both sides.The quadrant was a very pract...

$2200 / ≈ €2051
Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: ca. 1720-1760


Marine parallel rulers in brass.

Very fine marine parallel rulers in brass. The parallel ruler is the oldest and most traditional way to measure and trace routes and bearings. The principle is simple: t...

$1500 / ≈ €1398
Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Paris, ca. 1880


Paskaerte van het inkoomen van de Maes, tot aen 't Eylandt Roosenburgh als mede 't Inkoomen van 't Goereesche Gat.. / Pascaert van 't Eylandt Roosenburgh door de Oude en Nieuwe Maes.

A very attractive sea chart on two sheets of the mouth of the river Maas. The left sheet shows Dordrecht, Rotterdam and the fortress at Willemstad. Rghthand sheet dep...

$1500 / ≈ €1398
Publisher: KEULEN, J. van.
Date: Amsterdam, 1680


Early 19th century magnetic dry card compass with wooden bowl,

Brass dry rose marine compass, in its mahogany case. The mariner's compass, which enabled mariners to know the direction in which they were sailing, has always been one o...

$2900 / ≈ €2704
Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: ca. 1800


Inverted nautical Compass, called "mouchard" (~ "spy")

Inverted maritime compass called "mouchard" (spy) in wood and brass, signed "A Van Vastenhoud In Amsterdam". This type of compass was found in the cap...

$8500 / ≈ €7925
Date: Amsterdam, ca. 1780


Bateau Japonais. Two prints on one sheet.

Engraving of 18th century Japanese boat drawn by Lt. Blondela. Done during the expedition of comte de Jean-Francois de Galaup La Perouse in the Pacific Ocean in 1785-1788...

$100 / ≈ €93
Publisher: PEROUSE, DE LA
Date: Paris, 1812


Painting made by a sailor, signed W.Welman.

Panel from a thee-box, with a painting of a ship. Signed in lower right "Hr. W. Welman".  Complete with a naive painting of a square-rigged sailing ship rig...

$275 / ≈ €256
Publisher: WELMAN, W.
Date: circa. 1960


Hydrograhica descriptio

This very rare chart is important as the first printed sea chart of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Gibraltar, also depicting the northern coast of Marocco.Willem Bar...

$4000 / ≈ €3729
Publisher: BARENDTSZ, W.
Date: Amsterdam, W.Blaeu, 1612