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Burgundiae Ducatus.

Map of Burgundy region without text on the verso. Second state with the date 1597 removed from the title cartouche. This is the rarest Burgundy map of the four that Ortel...

Starting Bid: $200

Publisher: ORTELIUS, A.
Date: Antwerp, after 1612


Exacta novaqve descriptio dvcatvs Andegravensis qvem vvlgari nomine Le Duche d'Aniou Indigitant.

Centered on the town of Angiers. From the first edition of De Jode's Speculum Orbis Terrarum, the second general atlas of the world, after Ortelius. Engraved by Ioannes V...

Starting Bid: $400

Publisher: DE JODE, G.
Date: Antwerp, 1578


Clason's War Map Indexed of the Western Front.

Large very detailed World War I collectible map with inset of the main fortresses of the Western Battle Front. The back includes a complete index of towns villages, river...

Starting Bid: $128

Date: Denver, c. 1920


Generalkarte der Schweiz. Blatt IV.

Folding map showing the area from Mainz in the north to Bergamo and Como in the south. The map, engraved by Müllhaupt, is probably part of the 'Topographical Atlas of th...

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$40 / ≈ €38
Publisher: MULLHAUPT, H.
Date: Bern, 1873

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Kremlenagrad, Castellum urbis Moskvae . . .

Rare plan of the Kremlin, which appeared only in his Atlas Major. The map shows exceptional detail inside the heart of Moscow's inner walled fortress and the Kitai Gorod ...

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$1550 / ≈ €1457
Publisher: BLAEU, J.
Date: Amsterdam, 1662

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A delightful, small, scarce plan of Moscow, capital of Russia, based on the earlier work of Georg Braun and Franz Hogenberg. On the verso is a Magini map of Russia (Mosco...

Starting Bid: $200

Publisher: LASOR A VAREA, A.
Date: Padua, 1713


Colonia Agrippina civitas…

A wood block printed early panoramic view of Cologne (Germany). A lettered key A-Z beneath the view. From the 1552 Latin text edition of Münster's Cosmographia, which is...

Starting Bid: $32

Publisher: MÜNSTER, S.
Date: Basel, 1552


Positions occupées par les armées françaises et anglaises devant Sevastopol.

Map of the French and English armies positions in Sebastopol.Read more about The Crimean War - The Siege of Sevastopol. [+]

Starting Bid: $200

Date: Paris, 1854


Incliti Cantonis Friburgensis Tabula, autore Francisco Petro VON DER WEID. Senatore et Commissario generale Friburgi. anno Domini 1668.

Very rare 2-sheet map and the first map of the canton Fribourg (Freiburg) in a scale of Scale 1:120.000. South to the top.The area shown on the map encompasses the whole ...

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$4000 / ≈ €3760
Publisher: Von der WEID, François Pierre
Date: Fribourg, 1668

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Totius Europae Littora ... Pascaert vertoonende alle de See-Custen van Europa.

A splendid 1745 two-sheet engraved sea chart based on De Wit. Atlas der Zeevaart; Amsterdam. A most decorative and fascinating nautical chart of the continent, this beaut...

Starting Bid: $1760

Publisher: OTTENS, Reiner / Josua.
Date: Amsterdam, 1745