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Extremely rare map of France, Netherlands, Southern England, Switzerland, and Northern Spain. This map was never regularly included in the Theatrum; Denuce mentions the i...

Starting Bid: $4000

Publisher: ORTELIUS, A. / POSTEL, G.
Date: Antwerp, ca 1598


Incliti Cantonis Friburgensis Tabula, autore Francisco Petro VON DER WEID. Senatore et Commissario generale Friburgi. anno Domini 1668.

Very rare 2-sheet map and the first map of the canton Fribourg (Freiburg) in a scale of Scale 1:120.000. South to the top.The area shown on the map encompasses the whole ...

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$4000 / ≈ €3760
Publisher: Von der WEID, François Pierre
Date: Fribourg, 1668

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Septima Asie Tabvla.

Trapezoidal woodcut map showing the area around Caspian Sea from Martin Waldseemüller's most important 1513 edition of Ptolemy, who was a landmark work that contributed ...

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$3600 / ≈ €3384
Date: Strasburg, J. Schott, 1513

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Neue und vollständige Topographie der Eidgnossschaft, in welcher die in den dreyzehen und zugewandten auch verbündeten Orten und Landen dermal befindliche Städte, Bischthümer, Stifte, Klöster, Schlösser, Amts-Häuser, Edelsitze und Burgställe...

The first edition of Herrliberger's work on the topography of Switzerland. - The rarest book on Switzerland rarely found complete.Illustrated with an engraved allegorical...

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$3200 / ≈ €3008
Publisher: HERRLIBERGER, David.
Date: Zurich, Johann Kaspar Ziegler, 1754-1773

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Tractus Rheni Tabula: prima, secunda, tertia tabula I-III.

A rare and very desirable set of three very early maps by Gerard De Jode, from the first edition of De Jode's 'Speculum Orbis Terrarum'. Showing the complete trajectory o...

Starting Bid: $2800

Publisher: DE JODE, Gerard.
Date: Antwerp, 1578


Carte de la Georgie et du Pays des Ossetes, Tcherkesses et Mitzdcheghi, Par Jules Klaproth (1823).

Detailed manuscript map of Georgia, based upon an 1823 map by Jules Klaproth. The map depicts the rugged terrain of Georgia and southern Russia in impressive detail from ...

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$2560 / ≈ €2406
Publisher: KLAPROTH, Jules.
Date: Paris, ca. 1823

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Serenissimae Reipublicae Genuensis Ducatus et Dominii.

Includes the coast of the Riviera from Nice to La Spezia. A most decorative and rare map because it was only included in the Vrients' editions of the Ortelius Theatrum . ...

Starting Bid: $2500

Publisher: VRIENTS, J.B.
Date: Antwerp, 1609-1641


Map of Moscovy, Poland, Little Tartary, and ye Black Sea &c. . .

A magnificent large-scale, English map of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland and the Baltic Countries and extending south to the Black Sea and the Balkans, with an ornate d...

Starting Bid: $2200

Publisher: MOLL, H.
Date: London, 1716


Vilna Lituaniae Metropolis.

Braun & Hogenberg’s historically important 16th-century view of Vilnius, depicting the city during its ‘Golden Age’. This magnificent bird’s-eye view of Vilni...

Starting Bid: $2000

Publisher: BRAUN, G. / HOGENBERG, F.
Date: Cologne, 1581


Germania Inferior. Gallia Belgica dicta, continens Hispaniarum Regis Provincias Sep. Tentrionales.

An early map of The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg by Cornelis de Jode, 1593. Title in an ornate cartouche at top left, also containing the impressum: 'Formis Horedu...

Starting Bid: $1900

Publisher: JODE, Cornelis de, after JODE, Gerard de.
Date: Antwerp, 1593