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System of Penal Law, prepared for the State of Louisiana , comprising codes of offenses and punishments, of procedure, of prison discipline, and of evidence applicable as well to civil as to criminal cases.

The "Enquiries" of Rush and Bradford and the Pennsylvania movement toward abolition of the death penalty had a little immediate impact on the practices of other...

Starting Bid: $1200

Publisher: LIVINGSTON, Edward.
Date: New-Orleans, Benjamin Levy, 1824


Neue und vollständige Topographie der Eidgnossschaft, in welcher die in den dreyzehen und zugewandten auch verbündeten Orten und Landen dermal befindliche Städte, Bischthümer, Stifte, Klöster, Schlösser, Amts-Häuser, Edelsitze und Burgställe...

The first edition of Herrliberger's work on the topography of Switzerland. - The rarest book on Switzerland rarely found complete.Illustrated with an engraved allegorical...

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$3200 / ≈ €3008
Publisher: HERRLIBERGER, David.
Date: Zurich, Johann Kaspar Ziegler, 1754-1773

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Allgemeine Historie der Reisen... (including rare Australia map!)

Famous work from the Arkstee and Merkus series, by Schwabe. 1st edition from 1754, with 11 folding maps and plans, and 15 further plates. Includes the important map of Au...

Starting Bid: $880

Publisher: SCHWABE, J.
Date: Leipzig, 1754


Geographie Universelle dite de Crozat.

A nice geographical dictionair with maps of the world and the continents and  maps of European countries. Lacks the maps of France and of the Turkish empire.

Starting Bid: $100

Publisher: Crozat.
Date: Paris, 1823