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Indiae Orientalis nec non Insularum adiacentium.

Fine map of South East Asia from India to New Guinea with Japan and the southern tip of Korea in the upper right. The map leaves the question of Torres Straits unanswered...

Starting Bid: $1100

Publisher: VISSCHER, N.
Date: Amsterdam, 1680



Uncommon map of Asia, with a curious shape for Korea. Nice title cartouche in upper left corner with an elephant and a warrior. From his atlas Oorlogs tablessen, Oft uytg...

Starting Bid: $140

Publisher: DE LA FEUILLE, D.
Date: Amsterdam, 1706


Die innere Aussicht des Castells in Batavia . . .

Showing the inside-square of the V.O.C. headquarters in Jakarta.The hand colored engraving is much perforated and the windows are cut out, a thin transparent paper is mou...

Starting Bid: $320

Publisher: ACADEMIE.
Date: Augsburg, 1750


Nieuwe kaart van Tartarie.

A map of Tartary, Korea and part of Japan. The map is most notable for the confusion between Kamchatka and Iesso.Engraved by J.Keyser in 1731.

Starting Bid: $80

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$100 - $250

Publisher: TIRION, I.
Date: Amsterdam, 1731 / 1750



Map of Asia still showing Corey as an island. Including Americas West coast.More about Western mapping of Korea maps. [+]

Highest Bid:
$200 / ≈ €188
Publisher: SANSON, N./ MARIETTE, P.
Date: Paris, 1650

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A large Draught of the East End of Java and Madura. . .

Oriented with west at the top, this large-scale and detailed chart of the Bali Strait and Java Sea, shows the eastern ends of Java and Madura, and the western end of Bali...

Highest Bid:
$400 / ≈ €376
Publisher: MOUNT and PAGE.
Date: London 1745

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Zee-Togt van den Grooten Turk Uyt het Roode Meyr Tegen de Portugy fen na Indien tot aan Kaap Comorin Ondernomen.

Map of the Arabian peninsula, with Saudi Arabia, the Indian Ocean and India and Ceylon.Although not renowned for the originality of his work, Pieter van der Aa is highly ...

Highest Bid:
$345 / ≈ €324
Publisher: VAN DER AA, P.
Date: Leiden, 1706

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Balinees watercolor on paper, fishermen.

Decorative export painting from Bali of a more than average quality.

Starting Bid: $60

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Bali, ca 1960


Balinees watercolor on paper, fisherman.

Decorative export painting from Bali of a more than average quality.

Starting Bid: $60

Publisher: ANONYMOUS
Date: Bali, ca 1960


Carte Des Isles de Java, Sumatra, Borneo.. Malaca et Banca..

Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772) was one of the most important and proficient French cartographers of the mid-eighteenth century. He was appointed the first Ingenieur H...

Starting Bid: $100

Publisher: BELLIN, J.N.
Date: Paris, 1752