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Constantinopolis. Konstantinopel.

Rare and decorative city view of Constantinople, Istanbul, Turkey. Engraved by Alexander Glaser after F.B. Werner by J.G. Ringlin drawing, published in “Europäische St...

$900 / ≈ €846
Publisher: J. G. RINGLIN / F. B. WERNER
Date: Augsburg, ca. 1740

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Tabula Asiae I.

Interesting Ptolomaic map of part of Asia Minor, Turkey and Cyprus, extending from Constantinopel to Armenia. It includes most of Cyprus. The map first appeared in the 15...

Starting Bid: $100

Publisher: RUSCELLI, G.
Date: Venice, 1574


Arabia. According to the Newest and Most Exact Observations.

Herman Moll's attractive map of the Arabian peninsular, engraved during the middle of the eighteenth century,and published in London. The map has a compass rose, grid lin...

Starting Bid: $240

Publisher: MOLL, Herman.
Date: London, ca 1750


The Philippine Islands and others of the East Indies. . .

Herman Moll's 'busy' map of South East Asia and the Philippines, published in the middle of the eighteenth century in London. The map includes numerous small islands, Sum...

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$200 / ≈ €188
Publisher: MOLL, Herman.
Date: London, ca 1750

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[Lot of 2 plates] Ierusalem civitas../ [map of Palestine + Cyprus].

Early woodcut view of the city of Jerusalem surrounded by its ancient walls, featuring the temples and mosques. From the 1552 Latin text edition of Munster's Cosmographia...

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$100 / ≈ €94
Publisher: MÜNSTER, S.
Date: Basel, 1552

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Nieuwe kaart van Tartarie.

A map of Tartary, Korea and part of Japan. The map is most notable for the confusion between Kamchatka and Iesso.Engraved by J.Keyser in 1731.

Starting Bid: $80

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$100 - $250

Publisher: TIRION, I.
Date: Amsterdam, 1731 / 1750


The Empire of China and Island of Japan. . .

The map is of interest for the use of East Sea, the sea between Korea and Japan, here called "Sea of Corea". Some interesting notations are made. From his atlas...

Starting Bid: $140

Publisher: MOLL, Herman.
Date: London, 1736


De Stad Macao.

A fine view of the city of Macao from Lappa Island showing the defenses, the forts, churches and convents: including Fort de Baare, Bon Parto, Fort St Paulo (Monte Fort)....

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$280 / ≈ €263
Publisher: VALENTIJN, F.
Date: Amsterdam, 1724

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Carte de la Mer Rouge, depuis Moka jusqu's Gedda. . . .

Chart of the Red Sea. With 3 inset maps of Shake Omare, Goofs and Gedan. D'Après De Mannevillette (1707-1780) was one of France's first hydrographers. When the first edi...

Starting Bid: $400

Date: Paris, 1753


I. Delineatio convivii a Ternatensium rege Generali Neccio exhibiti.

This famous and desirable scene from Roelof Roelofsz's narrative of a voyage by J.C. van Neck to Ternate.Theodore de Bry, a German engraver and book dealer, began a compi...

Starting Bid: $60

Publisher: DE BRY, Th.
Date: Frankfurt, Wolfgangi Richteri, 1607