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Portrait of Jan Maatzuiker.

Portrait of Jan Maatzuiker, Governor-General of the East Indies from 1653 till 1678. From Kok's Woordenboek . Engraved by Reinier Vinkees in 1790.

$90 / ≈ €84
Maker / Publisher: VINKELES, R.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, 1790


Les environs d'Ostende. XII.

Beautiful view of Oostende. A somewhat fanciful depiction of the harbor of Oostende, with merchant on the foreground and large vessels in the sea. The item is signed (Dre...

$750 / ≈ €702
Maker / Publisher: DREVON
Place & Date: Belgium, c. 1811


Le Chantier d'Amsterdam.

Decorative lithography representing the head quarters of the V.O.C. and shipyard in Amsterdam. The building serves nowadays as the Maritime Museum. After a painting by A....

$95 / ≈ €89
Maker / Publisher: DE CLOET / MADOU, J-B.
Place & Date: Brussels, J. B. A. Jobard, 1825


'S Lands Magazijn en Werf. [&] Het Oostindischehuis.

Two decorative lithographies on one sheet. View of the 'T Landts Magazyn , or 'Scheepvaartsmuseum' (Maritime Museum) on top. On the bottom the East Indian House , the hea...

$120 / ≈ €112
Maker / Publisher: BLOMMERS, P.
Place & Date: The Hague, 1840


Oostindische Zeemagazijn. & De Werf van Het Oostind. Zeemagazijn.

Two decorative lithographies on one sheet, illustrating the V.O.C. East Indian Arsenal and the naval shipyard.

$120 / ≈ €112
Maker / Publisher: VRIES DE, R.J.
Place & Date: Amsterdam, ca. 1840