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Art arabe. - Mosquée d'el-Bordeyny. . .

Lithographed by Daumont. From the author's "L'Art Arabe d'après les monuments du Kaire…". Emile Prisse d'Avennes, Orientalist and Muslim convert, obsessive i...

$60 / ≈ €56
Maker / Publisher: PRISSE D'AVENNES, E.
Place & Date: Paris, 1877


'Art déco' illustration.

A beautiful art déco illustration depicting a nice landscape with a woman playing with a hind. A striking example of commercial artworks produced by the artist and graph...

$75 / ≈ €70
Maker / Publisher: PICHON, Robert (Workshop).
Place & Date: Paris, between 1925 and 1930


ABIETUM phyllulae et pulvini.s. Tab. 137.

From his famous work 'Flora Japonica'. Von Siebold was born in Wurtzburg, in Germany, and worked for the Dutch government as a doctor in Java. In Japan, where Von Siebold...

$80 / ≈ €75
Maker / Publisher: VON SIEBOLD, P.Fr.B.
Place & Date: Leiden, 1852


1) Le Kakatoës à Huppe Jaune. 2) Le Lori Tricolor. Le Perroquet Vert.

Noteworthy bird print from 1839 Furne edition of the Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière by Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon.Engraved by Fournier after ...

$80 / ≈ €75
Maker / Publisher: BUFFON, C.
Place & Date: Paris, 1838 - 1839


(Des Galeres - Shipping scene)

Miniature view of a vessel, showing the various types of sails. With key list in upper left corner.From the French text edition of Description d'Univers.. (5 volumes), 16...

$100 / ≈ €94
Maker / Publisher: MALLET, A.M.
Place & Date: Paris, 1683


Actualites. [News]

A lithographic cartoon showing two tradesmen conversing. One says to the other: "Eh! Well jocker you're not working anymore!" "I have colic!" says the...

$100 / ≈ €94
Maker / Publisher: VERMIER
Place & Date: Paris, ca 1840


Toujours des sangsues!

Lithograph depicting a corpulent physician diagnoses more leeches for a young woman, who lies drained. In 1832, there was a devastating cholera epidemic in Paris.Publishe...

$100 / ≈ €94
Maker / Publisher: AUBERT, B.
Place & Date: Paris, c. 1832


Caricature anti-cholérique La peur du mal donne le mal de la peur. (pl 1)

Caricature on hypochondria and protective measures against cholera. An overweight man seated in a chair surrounded by pitchers and bowls. In 1832, there was a devastating...

$100 / ≈ €94
Maker / Publisher: AUBERT, B.
Place & Date: Paris, ca. 1830



Miniature view of a galley. From the French text edition of Description d'Univers.. (5 volumes), 1683. By Allain Manneson Mallet (1630-1706), a well travelled military en...

$100 / ≈ €94
Maker / Publisher: MALLET, A.M.
Place & Date: Paris, 1683


Huile de Calamite.

Oil to heal all ailments, only distributed by François Giramo, who alone owns the secret. Surrounded by a decorative border and the Royal coat-of-arms.With privilege of ...

$120 / ≈ €112
Maker / Publisher: Broad sheet advertising poster.
Place & Date: France, c.1790