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Sommaire du n°32 - Juillet 1898.

Cover binder of Les Maitres de l'Affiche n°32 (3rd year of publication). It used to contains the plates 125, 126, 127 and 128. The "Les Maitres de l'Affiche" c...

$50 / ≈ €47
Date: Paris, Imprimerie Chaix, July 1898


[Text page with Saint Appolonia, the patron saint of dentistry, Kings, Queens, Saints and Popes. Sexta Etas Mundi. Folium. CXX ].

Text page with woodcuts of Abdon & Senen, Agatha, Appolonia, Serapion, Meniacus, Victoria. With a wood cut of Apolonia (7x5cm.), the patron saint of dentistry. Becaus...

$75 / ≈ €71
Publisher: SCHEDEL, H.
Date: Nuremberg, 12 July 1493


Art arabe. - Mosquée d'El-Bordeyny.

Lithographed by Daumont. From the author's "L'Art Arabe d'après les monuments du Kaire...". Emile Prisse d'Avennes, Orientalist and Muslim convert, obsessive i...

$75 / ≈ €71
Date: Paris, 1877


'Art déco' illstration.

A beautiful art déco illustration depicting a nice landscape with a woman playing with a hind. A striking example of commercial artworks produced by the artist and graph...

$75 / ≈ €71
Publisher: PICHON, Robert (Workshop).
Date: Paris, between 1925 and 1930


ABIETUM phyllulae et pulvini.s. Tab. 137.

From his famous work 'Flora Japonica'. Von Siebold was born in Wurtzburg, in Germany, and worked for the Dutch government as a doctor in Java. In Japan, where Von Siebold...

$80 / ≈ €75
Publisher: VON SIEBOLD, P.Fr.B.
Date: Leiden, 1852


Mr. Punch on the Links.

Golfing cartoon taken from the famed English humor magazine Mr. Punch on the Links. Size of the frame : 23x25cm.THE WOMAN-HATER.After Frank Reynolds (1876 - 1953 ). He wa...

$80 / ≈ €75
Publisher: KNOX, E.V.
Date: London, Methuen: 1929


Grès Emile Muller . . .

Chromo lithographed poster, "Grès Emile Muller . . .", by CHARPENTIER, A. Plate 131, published in Maître 17, on April 1898. The "Les Maîtres de l'Affich...

$95 / ≈ €89
Publisher: CHARPENTIER, A.
Date: Paris, Imprimerie Chaix, April 1898


Casino d'Enghien.

Chromo lithographed poster, "Casino d'Enghien.", by CHERET, Jules. Plate 129, published in Maître 33, on August 1898. The "Les Maitres de l'Affiche" ...

$100 / ≈ €94
Publisher: CHERET, J.
Date: Paris, Imprimerie Chaix, April 1890


Exposition Internationale des produits du commerce . . .

Chromo lithographed poster, "Exposition Internationale des produits du commerce . . .", by WILETTE, A. Plate 142, published in Maître 17, on April 1896. The &q...

$100 / ≈ €94
Publisher: WILETTE, A.
Date: Paris, Imprimerie Chaix, April 1896


Caricature anti-cholérique La peur du mal donne le mal de la peur. (pl 1)

Caricature on hypochondria and protective measures against cholera. An overweight man seated in a chair surrounded by pitchers and bowls. In 1832, there was a devastating...

$100 / ≈ €94
Publisher: AUBERT, B.
Date: Paris, ca. 1830